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To provide platforms that enable the sharing of ideas, knowledge and expertise, and bring Digital Executives together to grow and learn from their experience of engagement with OpenGov


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OpenGov is a content platform, dedicated to sharing ICT-related knowledge and information between governments, primarily focused on the public sector in the Asia-Pacific region. We help governments become more Efficient, Agile, Transparent and Secure, so as to improve the lives of their citizens.

OpenGov has over 20 years’ experience in the sector. We interact regularly with hundreds of Government ICT officials across across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In the process, we have gained a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by Government CIOs in a rapidly transforming world. We bridge the intersection between Information and Communication Systems (ICT) on one side and government agencies, healthcare and education sectors on the other. We leverage our network and expertise to assist CIOs in their journey, exploring solutions to complex problems and finding best practice examples.

OpenGov organises C-level conferences across the region, where valuable insights are shared by public sector leaders from around the world. Our pioneering roundtable format, which is rapidly becoming the industry norm, encourages many-to-many exchange of experiences among delegates and speakers. It enhances learning and enables true collaboration. Participation from the private sector is included, introducing fresh perspectives.

We also arrange customised Breakfast Dialogues, facilitating intensive, in-depth analysis of current trends and specific issues. Our team has been a past winner of the “Best CEO Level Conference in Asia” award.

Our digital platform features interviews with officials and executives from the public sector ICT arena and opinion pieces from thought leaders. We publish reports on digital transformation projects and highlight successful government initiatives.


OpenGov Asia is the proud winner of
A Rotary Singapore-ASME Award – Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017
SMEs Asia Awards 2015/2016
Sparks’s Award – Best Event of The Year by Media Owner 2017
MPAS Award – Event of The Year 2017