Credit: Department of Information and Communications Technology

Credit: Department of Information and Communications Technology

2018 National ICT Month celebrates the Philippines as a thriving nation

An announcement from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) highlighted the 2018 National ICT Month this June with the theme “Thrive Through Disruption: Inclusivity, Empowerment, Sustainability.” A line up of events addressing the 3 key messages in the theme is available for the people to learn from and participate in.

DICT is putting the spotlight on the government’s efforts in its vision of a thriving nation in spearheading the 2018 National ICT Month celebration this June.

This year celebrates the 10th National ICT Month since the declaration of Proclamation No. 1528, series of 2008, which declares the month of June as National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Month in the Philippines.

The DICT focuses on three key messages through this year’s theme, “Thrive Through Disruption: Inclusivity, Empowerment, Sustainability.”

There is a need to bridge the digital divide, which the Department recognises. To address issues on inclusivity, the DICT has intensified its efforts widening the reach of ICT, the marginalised sectors included.

The Department is targeting women, senior citizens, differently-abled people, and those who are with less access and knowledge on ICT to participate in the various Tech4Ed conferences and women’s ICT trainings lined up across the month.

Meanwhile, more and more people are being served all over the country as developments on the Free Internet Access in Public Places Program or Pipol Konek and the National Government Portal, are continuously progressing year-round.

Empowerment is being promoted by the DICT through upskilling and reskilling of the Filipino workforce. At least nine Rural Impact Sourcing technical trainings (RISTT) are scheduled to be held in various parts of the country.

Memorandum Circular No. 001-2018 was issued by the DICT to urge other organisations’ participation. The Department is calling on government agencies to support the celebration, as well as to reinforce the advocacy of streamlining programs and projects for full government interoperability and sustainability.

The National ICT (NICT) Summit 2018, happening in Davao on 21 June 2018, will be the highlight of this month-long celebration. Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is expected to attend and deliver his keynote speech to industry leaders.

Moreover, representatives of DICT are scheduled to talk about Inclusivity in ICT and Digital Consumer Protection. The Department is serious about its crucial mandate of ensuring and protecting the rights and welfare of consumers and business users in matters relating to ICT.

The NICT Summit will also provide an avenue for discussion of other government initiatives such as e-Government, National ID, Cybersecurity, and Data Privacy.

In addition to the theme-related activities, the DICT is about to embark on a new milestone with the scheduled ceremonial signing of the monumental Tripartite Agreement with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) at the Philippine International Convention Centre (PICC) on 8 June 2018.

The signing will pave the way for the government to utilise NGCP’s spare optical fibre at no cost, which will help address the growing need for faster and more affordable internet connectivity.

NGCP is a privately owned corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country's state-owned power grid, an interconnected system that transmits gigawatts of power at thousands of volts from where it is made to where it is needed.

TransCo is a government agency created under Republic Act No. 9136, known as the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001. TransCo operated and managed the power transmission system that links power plants to the electric distribution utilities nationwide.

The DICT has released a full calendar of events for the 10th National ICT Month.

A recent announcement from the DICT expressed how Camarines Sur is now the Philippine province with the highest number of towns connected to the internet because of Pipol Konek.

An earlier announcement from the DICT promoted ICT-enabled jobs as a high value economic activity in rural communities through the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT) program.

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