Unified Communications Technology simplifies and eases the access for consumers to enjoy the Financial Information Service in Australia

Financial Information Service (FIS) Officer Jamie King has been offering FIS appointments via video conferencing for almost a year now, and says that it has revolutionised the way he provides services to customers.

The Financial Information Service (FIS) is a free, confidential service that provides education and information on financial issues to all Australians.

Previously, Jamie King who was the based in Swan Hill and being the only FIS Officer in North-western Victoria, had to travel a five hour round trip each fortnight to the Mildura Service Centre just to hold FIS appointments and seminars.

However, there have been recent improvements made to the system which can help rural and remote customers to access their services with greater ease.

Making use of the state of art technology and assimilating it into their system, it can now ensure that Jamie can provide his services to his customers more efficiently from Swan Hill while still being able to meet with customers when needed.

This thus helps to save both his and the customer’s time and reduces the inconvenience of having to make such a long trip down to the Mildura Service Centre.

Asides from allowing FIS Officers to provide assistance to customers over the phone , the video conference technology adds an extra element of customer service which mere phone calls cannot provide.

This service is especially favourable to those who have forms or documents they require assistance with. This is because by being able to view the customer’s facial expressions on the screen, it allows the FIS officers to accurately know if their customers have understood them and further explain in details is they are still unsure.

In addition, with the word spreading quickly such that the community gets wind of this great service that they are offering, it helps to ensure that the service can still be smoothly provided in situations where their customers are not all situated in the same place.

“I still travel up to Mildura about once a month to meet with customers face-to-face, but the video conferencing technology saves them having to wait up to a month for an appointment when they don’t need to,” said Jamie.

Ultimately, weaving contemporary technology into their Financial Information Service is a win-win situation for both the officers and the customers as it is cost efficient, dynamic efficient and time efficient.  

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