Singapore Traffic Police to launch Mobile Speed Cameras this month to ensure greater road safety

This week, the Singapore Traffic Police launched new Mobile Speed Cameras (MSC) in tandem with their Annual Road Traffic Report.

These large bright orange 3.7-meter-tall cameras will work in line with the existing laser cameras and digital speed enforcement cameras to deter speeding and identify speeding vehicles.

In the Annual Road Traffic report, it was noted that there was a total of 152 road fatalities in 2015, down from 155 in 2014. The number of speed related accidents fell to 1197 in 2015, from 1363 in 2014.

With the new Mobile Speed Cameras and other initiatives to drive safer driving practices, it is expected that the road traffic incidents will continue to fall.  

Compared to the other cameras deployed by the Traffic Police, the MSCs have their own power source, which enables MSCs to be deployed to new locations with ease.

“This is an important device as it complements some of our current enforcement operations,” stated Sam Tee, Assistant Commissioner, Singapore Traffic Police, “Our current fixed camera takes a long time to deploy, about six months. Our mobile speed camera we are able to deploy within a week because it has its own power source.”

It has been emphasised by Assistant Commissioner Sam Tee that the MSCs are just as powerful as the other cameras. They can detect up to 32 vehicles in one sitting and can withstand inclement weather.

By introducing these mobile speed cameras, the Singapore Traffic Police hope to ensure greater compliance with vehicle/road speed limits.

They will continue employing several efforts to encourage safer driving practices on the roads, including their safe driving courses and checkpoint road safety billboards.

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