Prefabricated Data Centers: Using the Google Paradigm to Make Things Easier for Data Center Operators [OG Partner]

Prefabricated data centers are growing in popularity as time-to-market and right-sizing infrastructure to match application load become important issues. Arun Shenoy, Vice President of Schneider Electric’s IT business in the UK and Ireland, is convinced that a prefabricated approach can provide data center operators with a much more ‘user-friendly’ experience than they have previously enjoyed. At a recent conference I asked why prefabrication is a good thing for customers. “Over the last 15 years we’ve become quite comfortable with the growth of one particular company, namely Google,” he said. “Google has grown from being a very small Silicon Valley start-up to becoming essentially the world’s largest creator of infrastructure and an organization that touches almost every part of our daily lives. I think we’ve come to understand that there is a concept of a Google-like experience. Google has become very, very good in terms of harnessing technology and creating infrastructure that very much suits its environment.” Read more by downloading below. 

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