Code::XtremeApps:: (CXA) hackathon 2017 officially opens for registration

The Code::XtremeApps:: (CXA) hackathon this year looks to challenge minds and inspire innovative solutions with the theme “My Smart City: Connecting Our Senses”. The focus will be on the sharing of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and data. CXA is a hackathon jointly organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and the IT Standards Committee (ITSC).

Participants will be challenged to solve real problems from organisations across various sectors – Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), PSA Singapore and Suntec City - through IoT technology and standards. The aim is to discover new and innovative solutions that give them competitive advantage in the businesses and services that they are operating on, and thus help spur Singapore to becoming a Smart Nation.

Registration is now open and the competition will be held from the 14th to 15th of July 2017.

What’s different this year is the additional time given to participants prior to the 24-hour final hackathon. Participants will now have the opportunity to develop better and more complete solutions for this challenge.

CXA has three main tracks - a 24-hour School and Open Category, as well as a 3-hour Junior Category to get the young ones interested and exposed to tech and inventing.

School and Open Category

Both the School and Open Category feature the 24-hour Hackathon where participants are required to develop solutions within 24 hours.

The School Category is available for students ranging from secondary up to preuniversity or equivalent. Participants in the School Category will stand to win a total of  $4,500 cash prizes (for the top 3 teams).

To sign up for the School Category, please download the registration form and e-mail to

The Open Category is available to enthusiasts of all ages. Participants in the Open Category will stand to win a total of $18,000 cash prizes (for the top 3 teams). All open category teams which qualify to the final round would be eligible for the special book prizes.

To sign up for the Open Category, please download the registration form and e-mail to Unique to this year’s Hackathon, the challenge statements will be released a full 6 weeks before the 24-hour competition on 2nd June 2017. Pre-event activities will include IoT training sessions, challenge statement briefings and even special arrangements, such as port visits organized by PSA Singapore. Teams will be encouraged to build solutions using technologies such as a standards-based platform to share data. Each team will be required to complete at least one challenge statement.

The School and Open category competition will be held from 14th and 15th of July.

Junior Category

The Junior Category is open to students of Primary School (age 12 and below) is in line with the Digital Maker Programme to nurture a new generation of digital natives to be creators and makers. It features a three-hour competition using micro:bit to create solutions to solve a challenge. The micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codeable microcontroller with various features like motion detection and Bluetooth technology.

Participants will use micro:bits to experiment, explore and learn in a fun and educational way. They will learn basic coding and making to solve daily problems. In addition, every participant will get to bring home a micro:bit at the end of the competition.

The Junior Category competition will be held on 15th of July. Participants in the Junior Category will stand to win a total of $3,600 cash prizes (for the top 3 teams).

To sign up for the Junior Category, please download the registration form and e-mail to        

There will also be 2 special prizes for this year’s CXA hackathon: A special Security by Design prize, sponsored by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, will be awarded to the team that best demonstrates their approach and implementation of ‘Security by Design’, or how it has incorporated security considerations upfront in the design of their project. The special Security by Design award is a $1,000 cash prize.

A special Best & Innovative by Design prize, sponsored by PSA Singapore for tackling their problem statement, will be awarded to the team that best demonstrates anything that is new, useful, and valuable in terms of increasing revenues, reduced costs or both, will be awarded with $2000 cash prizes.

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