Digital assessment tool providing personalised action plan for small businesses in New Zealand

A free online tool was launched on May 5 by the New Zealand government to help small businesses compare their use of technology to other businesses in the sector.

The tool guides the user through four sections (website, people, marketing, tools), with up to 35 multi-choice questions, to see how online technologies can help their business. Based on the assessment, they are provided with a personalised action plan to help improve productivity, optimise their online presence, and gain a competitive edge.

The tool was jointly developed by social enterprise, Digital Journey and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

This tool builds on the existing Digital Journey Assessment tool, with more personalised questions, in-depth reporting, up to date resources, and clear recommendations. Digital Journey found in a survey last year that 92 per cent of businesses saw productivity improvements after completing the Digital Journey Assessment tool, currently available on their website.

Welcoming the launch, Small Business Minister Jacqui Dean said, “Digital technology brings a world of new opportunities to New Zealand’s small businesses, and as a Government we are focused on supporting them to get the most out of our fast growing digital economy.”

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