Electronic transaction system reduced administrative procedures for Vietnam Social Security agency from 114 to 28 over 2 years

Việt Nam News reported that the Vietnam Social Security agency has significantly improved its services for people covered by social insurance, through the application of information technology and enabling electronic transactions for both organisations and individuals in all areas of the sector.

An electronic transaction system for declaration, remittance and settlement procedures for social, health and unemployment insurance was implemented in 2015. Over two years of operations, the system has reduced the number of administrative procedures from 114 to 28. Applicants submit forms and settle service payments online, and transaction results are available either online or sent by post.

Nearly 500,000 public and private organisations and companies throughout the country have accessed the electronic transaction system, since 2015 when the system was set up. And over 28.6 million applications have been received and resolved via the system.

Since last year, the Vietnam Social Security’s IT system operation centre has also been using other information systems for health insurance assessment, which have helped connect 12,241 health facilities in the country.

Nearly 12 million data items in medicine catalogues as well as medical materials and technologies have been standardised. The system also enables the automatic detection of indicate possible abuse of the health insurance

Nearly 11.4 million people (12% of population) had compulsory social insurance, as of the end of September, while the number of people with voluntary social insurance in the country stood at 243,000. More than 79 million people in the country have health insurance, accounting for 84.9 per cent of the total population.

Read the article on Việt Nam News (published in Hanoi by the Vietnam News Agency, the news service of the government of Vietnam)  here.

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