Image Credit: Ateneo de Manila University

Image Credit: Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University signs MoA to build blockchain education and research laboratory

Some may find the emerging blockchain technology to be daunting and can be a challenge to analyse, understand and adopt data. On the contrary, blockchain is a technological innovation that will allow data to be more widely accessible.

Secure data access with greater efficiency and speed, moreover, is made possible with blockchain. With the new Ateneo MediXserve Blockchain Education and Research (AMBER) Laboratory, more people may understand the technology better.

According to the report released, Ateneo de Manila University and MediXServe signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) to build AMBER Laboratory on 08 August 2018.

AMBER Lab, the first university-based blockchain research laboratory in the country, will help support the introduction of blockchain technologies in developing countries.

It will serve as a think tank, a research centre and also an incubation centre for blockchain-based startups.

Blockchain is a distributed data-based technology that makes mass collaboration possible. It is able to address the challenges of transparency, speed and red tape in business transactions with the use of a peer-to-peer transaction system.

The collaboration between the two is not just for profit but it also aids the vision of defeating poverty. The laboratory is aligned with the University’s goal of combatting poverty. The goal, though an ambitious one, is what the University aims to achieve and would keep getting at it.

MediXServe shares the University’s sentiment on blockchain technology as being for the poor, that it was created with the hope of helping the powerless, the underserved.

Image Credit: Ateneo de Manila University

Because it is a new technology, blockchain technology would need a “village to build this research”. Dr Regina Estuar, who also serves as the Director of the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Centre, will be heading this so-called ‘village’.

As head of the centre, Dr Estuar will assist in realising the vision that blockchain technology is for the underserved. It is very transparent and it makes everything secure.

Furthermore, blockchain lessens the transaction processes and red tape. It eases up a lot of things and the underserved will be served better with that.

The AMBER Laboratory will be housed at the School of Science and Engineering. The University’s foray into blockchain technology is congruent with its mission to do more for others. In essence, that is the reason why the University ventured into it. It is a big task and there is a lot that needs to be done.

MediXserve was founded with a mission of bringing affordable healthcare to everyone especially in developing countries and within reach by providing a blockchain powered healthcare platform.

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