Defence Innovation Ecosystem (Credit: Defence Innovation Hub of Australia)

Defence Innovation Ecosystem (Credit: Defence Innovation Hub of Australia)

Australia Defence Innovation Hub delivers more innovative technologies and jobs

On Feb 28, Australian Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, announced the latest investments of Defence Innovation Hub.

The 5 innovation contracts will sustain jobs across the Australian defence industry and innovation sector and help to give Australian Armed Forces the edge in battle.

The Defence Innovation Hub is a key initiative of the Australian Government bringing industry and Defence together to undertake collaborative innovation activities from concept through to introduction into service.

The five innovation contracts announced are worth A$5.3 million in total. They include:

(1)    A$2.3 million for a BAE Systems Australia project to explore the potential use of laser technology to detect low intensity signals.

(2)    A$1 million for a Zangold project to develop a portable improvised explosive detector to assist with the detection of homemade explosives, chemical warfare agents, narcotics and gases.

(3)    A$779,000 for Nova Defence to explore the development of a low-cost, high-speed direct mobile ground target that could be used as a realistic direct target for air and ground based defence systems.

(4)    A$770,000 for XKG Technologies to explore the development of a more easily transportable and efficient modular hybrid power generation system.

(5)    A$441,000 for Data61 to continue the development of their multi-award winning Cross Domain Desktop Compositor technology, allowing users to view and work across multiple Defence networks from a single monitor, while maintaining the integrity of each network.

BAE Systems Australia is the first defence prime company to be awarded a contract by the Defence Innovation Hub since it was launched in December 2016 as part of the Defence Industry Policy Statement.

According to Minister Pyne, the defence capabilities of Australia rely on its capacity to develop new tools, systems and approaches to managing emerging regional and global threats.

“Providing our troops with the latest in innovative defence technologies will ensure we remain resilient to these threats, and our defence industry plays a crucial part in helping us achieve this,” Minister Pyne said.

As the Australian Government invests A$200 billion to modernise the country’s defence capabilities, the Defence Innovation Hub continues to receive an enthusiastic reception from businesses, large and small, and research organisations from across Australia.

Industry and research organisations can continue to submit proposals through the Defence Innovation Portal at the Centre for Defence Industry Capability.

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