Image Credit: Australia Post

Image Credit: Australia Post

Australia Post launches Tech Academy to grow tech and digital capabilities by developing talent

Australia Post has launched a dedicated Tech Academy, considered a first in Australia, which is available to anyone with a keen interest in a career within the evolving tech sector.

According to the announcement made by the company, the two-year development program is aimed at training emerging talent from a diverse background, even the return to work parents and people with non-technical skills.

Australia Post has teamed up with educator Coder Academy in order to provide 20 successful applicants on the job training and industry placements with the organisation’s tech and digital spaces.

The program will be commencing in February 2019. The program will provide its associate trainees with a 12-week tech boot camp; a two-week placement across Australia Post’s retail and operations sectors; and 4 five-month tech rotations.

The four rotations in over 2 years will have the associate trainees: work in a business IT team; learn from specialist IT teams such as Information Security Office, Technology Simplification, Performance and Operations, Workplace Testing and Service Management, and Strategy and Architecture; become a Business Analyst or Project Manager; and one rotation in the business area of the trainee’s choice.

There will be opportunities for ongoing employment for the trainees within a tech or digital team at the conclusion of the two-year period.

Australia Post is very proud of its Tech Academy because it is the first of its kind in the country. It will nurture new talent and enable people to build their skills across emerging technologies.

The tech industry is continuously growing and the demand for talent is increasing. Because of this, meeting employment shortages within the sector has become increasingly challenging. The program aims to address just that.

It is open to anyone, regardless of technical backgrounds, whether the individual is a return to work parent, or they are veterans. Even mid-career professionals and graduates are welcome to apply.

It aims to remove the barriers for individuals looking to commence a career in technology as long as the individual is an innovative thinker passionate about tech and excited to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

The company is looking to grow its tech and digital capabilities by developing talent in emerging technologies such as machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

The company wants to be at par with companies abroad. They, too, would like to receive high acclaim for their ability to deliver a workforce that is in line with future organisational needs and diversity.

The objective for this program is to set the standard across Australia, and will attract people who want to learn and have a sense of community.

This will greatly improve the way the products and services are delivered to the customers.

Applications for the Australia Post Tech Academy will close on 02 September 2018, with the first intake beginning in February 2019.

Australia Post is a government-owned business, with the Australian Government as the only shareholder through the Minister for Communications and the Minister of Finance. It is governed under the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989.

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