Australia publishes blueprint on the use of data in planning transport network

Australia recently announced the launch of the National Infrastructure Data Collection and Dissemination Plan (Data Plan) which sets out how data can be more selectively gathered and used to guide better decision making by the government, industry and individuals.

The blueprint is part of the Australian Government's agenda for providing the infrastructure Australia needs to continue competing effectively in an ever changing, complex and demanding world.

The Data Plan identifies infrastructure data and information gaps and outlines priority projects aimed at better utilising data to help with infrastructure investment decision making and monitoring the performance of Australia's infrastructure networks. It summarises priority projects aimed at addressing infrastructure data and information gaps.

Projects that are part of the Data Plan involve the collection and use of new and innovative infrastructure data generated by public and private transport and logistics industry enterprises.

One example of the projects is an interactive online Infrastructure Performance Dashboard that summarises transport, telecommunications, water and energy data is also being implemented to provide infrastructure users and decision makers with a better understanding of how these infrastructure networks are performing.

The government is also developing new freight performance indicators as part of the Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities and have published a freight performance dashboard.

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) developed the Data Plan with assistance from an expert Steering Group made up of infrastructure and transport experts from the public sector, industry and academia.

The National Infrastructure Data Collection and Dissemination Plan (Data Plan) and further details on the project are available here.

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