Australian Defence signs AU$12.1 million contract to develop first stage of Short Range Ground Based Air Defence project

Featured image above: Department of Defence and Raytheon Australia representatives in attendance during contract signature for the Short Range Ground Based Air Defence project Risk Mitigation Activity, at Victoria Barracks Melbourne. Credit: Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

Australia’s Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today announced that a AU$12.1 million contract has been signed with Raytheon Australia for the first stage of the Short Range Ground Based Air Defence project, which is worth up to AU$2 billion. “This will include Risk Mitigation Activities to inform the final system configuration, which will create up to 10 new jobs,” said Minister Pyne.

“The year-long Risk Mitigation Activity will examine the system’s use in an Australian context.”

“The Government has committed to the highly successful National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS), which will be adapted to Australian requirements.”

“Importantly, this work will investigate potential capability enhancements to inform the NASAMS’s final system configuration, including integration with existing Australian Defence Force equipment.”

“This will include integration testing with CEA Technologies’ phased array radar system and Thales Australia’s Hawkei and Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles.”

“The Short Range Ground Based Air Defence system will provide the inner most layer of Australia’s enhanced integrated air and missile defence capability, operated by Army’s 16th Air Land Regiment.”

Australian Defence will use Raytheon’s work to complete a detailed analysis prior to returning to Government for final consideration in 2019.

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