Australian Research Council opens research hub to transform industrial processes that use separation technologies

There is a new Australian Research Council (ARC) Research Hub that will focus on research accelerating Australia’s manufacturing capabilities in separation technologies and machinery.

Called the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Energy-Efficient Separation, the hub will train the next generation of industry-ready researchers in this important growth area.

According to the report released by ARC, ARC Chief Executive Officer Professor Sue Thomas welcomed the official opening of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Energy-Efficient Separation at the Monash University, which was led by Professor Xiwang Zhang.

It will be receiving A$ 4 million over 5 years through the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme. This is a part of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program.

Professor Thomas explained that advanced separation materials, innovative products and smart processes that reduce the energy consumption of separation processes being used by many important Australian industries, are being developed by the Research Hub.

The Hub is collaborating with many partners as they look for methods to significantly cut operational costs for industry through lower electricity consumption and be able to deliver improved products.

She added that the potential financial value of this ARC Research Hub to Australia is enormous because many of the country’s key industries like water, mining, chemical, oil and gas use separation processes that can be transformed to become more energy-efficient with improved technology.

Aside from delivering transformation for Australian industry, the ARC Research Hub will also be used as a training platform. It will create a multi-disciplinary training capability that will supply a highly trained workforce in order to meet the future needs of the country’s advanced manufacturing sector.

It will particularly focus on separation technology which can be a growth area in which Australia can potentially lead the world.

A joint research activity between the Australian higher education sector and industry is being fostered by the Industrial Transformation Research Hubs scheme. This is designed so that strategic outcomes that are not independently realisable can be worked on together.

Researchers based at Monash University will work be able to work collaboratively with many major universities, research organizations, corporations and companies.

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