Credit: Dubai Government

Credit: Dubai Government

Dubai Police launches eCrime platform to tackle cybercrime

According to a recent announcement, Dubai Police has launched the eCrime platform to receive e-crimes reports from members of the public in a smooth and convenient method through the website.

The new digital service allows members of the public, private and public entities to report issues and crimes in the cyberspaces including suspicious e-mails, social media related issues, internet calls, hacking, online bullying, and cyber extortion.

The eCrime platform is designed to serve the public and facilitate the process of receiving complaints and contribute to the rapid response by the departments and police stations according to their jurisdictions.

Colonel Saeed Al Hajari, Director of Cybercrime Department at Dubai Police, explained that the online platform only requires seven simple steps to submit a report. The first step begins by determining whether the complaint relates to cybercrime or online service, the complainant then enters their ID card and contact number, then confirms the contact number via a text message on their mobile phone, followed by filling in some personal data, and identifying the whereabouts of the defendant and then filling the details of the complaint, and finally submitting the claim.

The announcement of the launch was made by Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police. The launch was held in cooperation with the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) and Dubai Electronic Security Center at the Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference.

According to the press release, Major General Al Marri emphasised that the Dubai Police is keen on providing innovative services in line with the strategic directions of the UAE and the future plans of the Government of Dubai in the field of smart services, pointing out that digital service provided by the Dubai Police is available to all members of the society in an easy and smooth way to report cyberspace suspicious activities. He also highlighted that the digital service is launched in accordance with the Dubai 2021 Plan.

Dubai Police has been launching technology-driven projects to improve its services to the public. These initiatives include the artificial intelligence-based surveillance programme Oyoon to create an integrated security system, “Police without policemen” project to deploy latest technology to scale up operational efficiency, and the deployment of Android Emergency Location Service to produce a more reliable emergency location and reduce response time.

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