Credit: Government of Dubai

Credit: Government of Dubai

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development harnesses AI for intelligent industrial innovation

As recently announced, the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is participating in the Dubai 10X initiative through the Dubai 3i project.

The Dubai 3i project aims to create a future regulatory framework for an innovative and intelligent industrial sector. The initiative seeks to create an innovative industry sector outside the traditional framework by: (1) providing live data on industrial opportunities, (2) enabling industries to harness the latest technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), big data and 3D printing, and (3) transforming the industry to be less labour-intensive and more technology-intensive.

According to the official press release, the Dubai 3i initiative will be a “single point of facilitation” providing complete support to industries and will seek to establish Dubai as an incubator for all modern industries, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and exporters.

The Dubai 3i initiative aims to create a suitable future government environment for new industries based on AI and smart industry.

Mr Sami Al Qamzi, Director General of DED, said: "Dubai is racing ahead against time in everything it offers. Through the Dubai 3i initiative, we have set strategic and achievable objectives towards building a new and innovative industrial sector for the next 10 years and we aim to create a future government environment suitable for industries based on artificial intelligence in the emirate rather than being a routine government department.

"The Department of Economic Development does not deal with challenges as challenges, but we look at them as opportunities to communicate with our customers and find suitable solutions for them. We adopt strategies and reform them as needed, and we have created a work team led by Dubai Exports, which is one of our agencies, to co-ordinate with the industrial sector, and address the current and future needs of the sector in co-operation with local and federal agencies,” he added.

The Dubai 10X initiative aims to enable government entities in the emirate to foresee global trends in all sectors and position Dubai as the city of the future. Recent new initiatives aligned with the Dubai 10X initiative include the “Police without Policemen” project, the Human Genome Map, Rammas AI platform by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and gateless border using biometrics and blockchain.

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