Credit: eHealth NSW

Credit: eHealth NSW

eHealth NSW uses electronic medical record to improve digital diabetes management

Australia’s eHealth NSW recently announced that it has made significant steps to use new electronic medical record (eMR) functionality to support better care for patients with diabetes.

At the moment, one in five acute-care hospital admissions requires diabetes management. At the same time, insulin represents one of the top causes of medication errors and adverse events. The complexity of prescribing and administering insulin is an ongoing challenge for many healthcare professionals.

According to the press release, eHealth NSW is in partnership with the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and Local Health Districts in the latest development of eMR to monitoring and review patient treatment.

In early March, the ACI announced approval and support for the Insulin Design Focus Group’s new Glucose Management View solution to be made available within the eMR. The ACI’s Endocrine Network expects that the new medication management toll available within the eMR will result in safer prescribing and administration of insulin

In the same month, the Glucose Management View successfully went live in South Eastern Sydney Local Health District.

Credit: eHealth NSW

The Glucose Management View in the electronic medical record provides clinicians with a consolidated view of a patient's diabetes management, supporting safe and consistent ongoing treatment and monitoring throughout the patient's hospital stay. It uses information from other tools in the electronic medical record to show the relationship between a patient's diabetes medications and related pathology results over time.

Clinicians can view clinical information in tabulated or graphical views. The two graph options are the insulin timeline and the blood glucose and ketone graph, of two tables, the Diabetes Management table and the table showing non-insulin diabetes medications. This allows clinicians to identify and manage variances in blood glucose levels, especially before and also between meals.

In hospitals, recently admitted patients will only have the minimal blood glucose levels series available in the Glucose Management View. More comprehensive clinical information will be available for long stay inpatients or patients readmitted within the last 14 days

The eMR Connect team is now planning the rollout of the Glucose Management View, which was originally developed in partnership with Sydney Local Health District, across other LHDs.

It will also apply the ACI Endocrine Network’s strong recommendations that: all sites currently live with eMeds should prioritise the implementation of Glucose Management View as soon as practicable; and all sites yet to go live with eMeds should prioritise the addition of Glucose Management View to their scope.

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