Credit: eHealth NSW

Credit: eHealth NSW

eHealth NSW’s electronic records for intensive care improves access to ICU patient information

Australia’s eHealth NSW announced that Sutherland Hospital is the latest to welcome its Electronic Record for Intensive Care (eRIC), giving clinicians better access to valuable information on patients being treated in its Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

This means that South Eastern Sydney LHD now joins Mid North Coast and Northern NSW LHDs in having introduced eRIC across all of its ICUs.

Replacing paper forms, eRIC is an electronic Clinical Information System that integrates ICU patient data to improve patient safety and provide better clinical decision-making.

With eRIC, ICU clinicians have full visibility of the patient data electronically, which is stored in one location. 

The patient data also automatically populates, providing easy access to a multitude of information including pathology and imaging, as well as policies and patient assessment charts.

Dr Grant Eruini-Bennett, ICU Director at Sutherland Hospital, said eRIC is providing more time for clinicians to care for a patient.

“Less time will be spent recording, allowing clinicians to spend more time on direct patient care by the bedside,” Dr Eruini-Bennett said.

eRIC also provides improved access to patient medical record including past admissions. Through the electronic access of this information, it allows for better data collection and benchmarking.

Phil Marshall, eRIC Clinical Change Manager at Sutherland Hospital, welcomed the increased safety and efficiencies eRIC has delivered.

“With eRIC, we are able to access patient information from anywhere in the unit and medical officers have better access to prescribing information, rather than needing to locate the one paper National Inpatient Medical Chart (NIMC),” said Mr Marshall.

eRIC is now live in 169 ICU beds throughout 9 hospitals across NSW, 7 of which transitioned from paper-based charting to electronic, including Sutherland in South Eastern Sydney LHD.

The next go-live of eRIC will take place at John Hunter Hospital and Wollongong Hospital in mid-June.

A further 8 go-lives are scheduled throughout 2018 and ongoing deployment discussions continue with other LHDs for potential go-lives in the latter part of the year.

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