Credit: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Credit: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

HKUST establishes laboratory to support research on environmental health technologies

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) recently partnered Chiaphua Industries Limited (CIL) to open the HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory of Innovative Environmental Health Technologies. The Joint Lab aims to nurture cutting-edge research in environmental health technologies to enhance the quality of the environment as well as health and well-being of individuals and communities.

The establishment of the Joint Lab will provide a platform for translating conceptual ideas and laboratory research on innovative environmental health technologies into tangible products that address urgent community needs, creating tremendous societal and commercial value at large.

The Joint Lab will not only strive for research excellence, but also actively engage in the areas of technology translation, product conceptualization, scaling-up and manufacturing, quality assurance and user experience. The Joint Lab will also provide HKUST postgraduate and undergraduate students with invaluable training on lab research, product development and field test studies to enhance their career opportunities and entrepreneurial skills.

Acting President of HKUST Prof Wei Shyy believes that the Joint Lab marks a major step forward in our concerted effort to drive research and innovation. It will integrate the strong industry experience of the industry partner and research expertise of HKUST to further extend both parties’ global impact by delivering more ground-breaking products for the health of the society and the environment.

In the next two years, the Joint Lab aims to translate three HKUST technologies into viable commercial products. The longer-term goal is to develop next-generation smart technologies through innovation in materials to improve our health and environment and to address the needs of a greying population and emerging health threats. It will receive funding from HKUST’s industry partner for the coming five years.

The team will work closely with the Hospital Authority, Centre for Health Protection, Water Supplies Department, Drainage Services Department, and also non-governmental organisations including Haven of Hope Christian Service to create better products and to assess their performance under practical use situations for making enhancements.

The Joint Lab will also establish a global network of partners including the Guangzhou State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease, Advanced Microscopy Laboratory in Spain, Kobe Centre for Membrane and Film Technology in Japan, and Virus Research Center, Clinical Research Division, National Hospital Organization, Sendai Medical Center in Japan to further strengthen the capability of the laboratory.

The HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory of Innovative Environmental Health Technologies will be led by Prof King Lun Yeung, Prof Joseph Kwan, and Dr Wei Han from the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering and Division of Environment & Sustainability (ENVR).

The opening ceremony was followed by an introduction session on HKUST’s research projects, with students giving demonstrations of the smart disinfection technologies developed at HKUST.

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