IMDA enhances speed test and interactive report for IMconnected mobile app

IMDA has recently released an update to its free IMconnected mobile application. The refreshed app continues to identify areas for improvement in Singapore’s local mobile networks and features a new speed test for higher data volume.

As reported earlier, IMconnected is a mobile application that utilises voluntary crowdsourcing to understand the experience of mobile broadband users. It gathers usage experience anonymously from users’ mobile phones, including aspects such as broadband speed, latency and coverage on mobile cellular networks such as 3G and 4G, as well as on Wi-Fi networks. This allows IMDA to have a better understanding of mobile broadband performance and provides information on consumers’ usage experience.

Since the start of the pilot in October 2015, the IMconnected app has gathered millions of data points. It has helped to identify areas with high utilisation as well as potential cellular blind spots. The results are shared with mobile telecommunication operators with the aim of improving mobile coverage to benefit consumers.

The update features the following new functions:

(1)    Interactive report

According to IMDA, data points collected from the app will be presented as an interactive report, instead of the current static report, on the IMconnected website. The IMconnected webpage features a new unified dashboard which allows users to view reports across operators and technologies, and observe trends over selected time periods seamlessly. The increase in information transparency will help consumers make informed decisions on their mobile broadband plans.

(2)    Enhanced speed test

The updated IMconnected app now gives users the choice of two different speed tests, Lite and Full, depending on the usage experience they would like to test. A pop-up screen will inform users of the maximum data volume that will be utilised before the start of each test.

The Lite test is recommended for users who would like to determine their network speeds using a lower data volume while the Full test allows users who use more data intensive applications to determine their network speeds using higher data volume.

The Lite test uses up to 20 MB of data, with a maximum of 10 MB of data used for each uplink and downlink direction. The results are relevant to users who perform less data-intensive functions on their devices, such as web browsing and social media usage.

The Full test uses up to 300 MB of data, with a maximum of 150 MB of data used for each uplink and downlink direction, to better reflect the high speed performance and capacity of the networks in handling data-intensive uses.

The IMconnected is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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