IMDA launches GoSecure to boost cybersecurity capabilities of local ICT companies

IMDA encourages the adoption of digital solutions by different sectors to drive digital transformation. With increasing digital adoption comes the need for ICT solution providers to strengthen the reliability of their digital solutions and products.

As announced on 21 May, Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) launched GoSecure programme to increase the cybersecurity capabilities of Singapore’s local ICT companies and improve their product security posture at a nominal fee starting from S$6,500.

GoSecure is designed for Singapore and Singapore-based digital solution companies to benefit from Security-by-Design Consultation and Vulnerability Assessment Testing. The programme is supported the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore. CSA will assist to establish the Security by Design curriculum and review the quality of Vulnerability Assessment process during the initial phase.

Security-by-Design Consultation

Through a consultation process, ICT companies will acquire knowledge on how best to approach and design their software from ground up in a way that will be as secure as possible. ICT companies will also undergo exercises such as Threat Risk Assessment and Critical Design Review to help them better appreciate any potential weaknesses of their solutions.

Vulnerability Assessment Testing

Through Vulnerability Assessment Testing of products or solutions, ICT companies will be able to define, identify, classify and fix discovered security vulnerabilities in their product.

Through the GoSecure programme, ICT companies will be able to: (1) incorporate cybersecurity considerations during solution development, (2) identify and resolve vulnerabilities in their solutions, and (3) gain access to vulnerability assessment services that will help guide them in addressing advanced security threats and vulnerabilities.

IMDA is partnering Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to administer the programme. Under the partnership, IMDA will co-fund the manpower, software, and hardware requirements to execute the programme.

To allow SIT students and interns to benefit from the exposure to commercial industry projects, SIT will launch a Corporate Mentorship Scheme for experienced industry professionals to provide guidance to SIT students conducting the Vulnerability Assessment Testing.

The programme is expected to benefit 200 ICT companies over a 2-year period from July 2018 to June 2020.

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