Indonesia to build telecommunications towers to provide access to Seruyan

According to the announcement made by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, there are still areas in the Seruyan region that are not reached by cellular network.

The 13 units of cellular telecommunications towers, to be built by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics in Seruyan District, Central Kalimantan, will ensure that the area has better access to mobile networks.

Seruyan Regional Secretary Haryono explained that the construction of telecommunications towers, otherwise known as base transceiver station (BTS), with a budget allotment of billions of rupiah, will be done on areas in Seruyan with no access to mobile networks. These blank spots are mostly found in the upstream areas.

The upstream areas that remain to be inaccessible include Seruyan Tengah Subdistrict, Seruyan Hulu Subdistrict, and Suling Tambun Sub-District.

He expressed the significance of the 13 towers as being connected will encourage the acceleration of development in Seruyan. Hopefully, more towers will be built in the future to gain more reach.

He added that having access to telecommunications will not only provide communication among residents from within and outside the Seruyan area, but it will also maximise the potential of the resources found in the area of vicinity.

He explained that the Suling Tambun sub-district, one of the sub-districts in the upstream region of Seruyan, has abundant natural resources. Some of which are rubber and rattan.

The limited access to telecommunications networks in the area, however, prevents people from having an easy access to the market. Moreover, various commodities produced by the region lacked proper marketing, which again is attributed to the lack of communication access.

The building of 13 towers will solve issues such as where can the sellers meet possible buyers, how buyers will be able to meet with the selling community, as well as what the commercially accepted price for the product is.

Not having accessible communications in the region will also provide problems for the government, especially in situations wherein they need to react quickly. Governments are now required to respond and move quickly, but not having proper means of communication will prove to be an obstacle.

Seruyan Regional Secretary Haryono expressed that hopefully the BTS development plan by the central government for the region will be successful so that there will be no more districts labelled as blank spots.

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