Innovation Room to produce digital workers as Indonesia welcomes new industries

An announcement made by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics highlighted the Innovation Room built by the Ministry of Manpower to facilitate creative young people who will become the future industry backbone of Indonesia.

The Ministry of Manpower built an Innovation Room in order to facilitate creative young people, similar to the co-working space facility that was provided in the Ministry of Labour Employment building, which was designed to help young people in developing digital and ingenious business projects.

During the inauguration on 28 June 2018, Minister of Manpower M. Hanif Dhakiri said, “I invite creative young minds and millennials, with big dreams to come in droves and take advantage of this facility.”

This Innovation Room will hold the future industry backbone of Indonesia. The Minister added, “The Innovation Room also manifests the Ministry of Manpower’s commitment in improving the quality and capacity of the young workforce as we welcome the new industries and be able to compete globally.”

Looking forward, Minister Hanif believes that the facility will be able to produce digital workers for new professions that have not been introduced in the schools.

He mentioned, “For example, UI / UX Designer who will design applications that are pleasing to the users, as well as social media marketing, digital marketing, data scientist, and so on.”

The Minister of Manpower also added that updates on latest technologies and industry insights should be offered through programs in the Innovation Room. This will educate the youth on knowledge related to production and process technology so that they will eventually create prototypes, test and demonstrate, duplicate and adapt technology that is needed.

The creation of the Innovation Room will support Indonesia’s potential as a start-up country. Start-up rank data as of 22 June 2018 shows that there are a total of 1,830 start-ups in Indonesia, making it the 6th in the world.

Furthermore, Minister Hanif explained that the Innovation Room development is based on a broad understanding of Indonesia's potential as a country with a high start-up rate. "A total of 1,830 start-ups based on start-up rank data as of June 22, 2018. With these numbers, Indonesia ranks 6th in the world," he explained.

He predicted that the number would increase because the potential for Indonesia’s internet use is very high. Data from the Indonesian Internet User Survey and User Identity Survey of 2017 conducted by the Association of Internet Service Providers Indonesia showed that the number of internet users in Indonesia have reached 143.26 million or 54.68% of its total population.

He added, “The Internet users in Indonesia are dominated by young people, aged 19-34 years, which accounts for 49.52% of the total number of internet users.”

Minister Hanif encouraged banking partners and venture capitals to collaborate with the creators of the said Innovation Room.

He added, “We hope that through this collaboration a lot of new creativepreneurs will be born. Moreover, this collaboration will bring forth a beautiful job model that was started by the Ministry of Manpower.”

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