Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation signs MoU to boost Malaysia’s cybersecurity industry

The collaboration between Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata) was made official by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which aims to boost the nation’s cybersecurity industry by strengthening talent development as well as futureproofing innovation.

According to the report released by MDEC, the public-private partnership was established due to the fast-growing opportunities for Malaysians that arise from the growing digital economy. The partnership will benefit institutes of higher learnings (IHLs), startup communities and government agencies.

MDEC Chief Operating Officer Dato’ Ng Wan Peng explained that strengthening the cybersecurity industry is crucial for futureproofing Malaysia’s Digital Economy. Malaysia is one of the top 3 ASEAN countries that are expected to contribute or make up 75% of cybersecurity services market share by the year 2025.

She added that there is a huge opportunity to capture a significant portion of the export market across ASEAN which is expected to be worth RM 10 billion by the year 2021. And so, it is essential to drive partnerships with one of the leading telecommunications groups in Asia, which is Axiata. The 350 million customers that it has will make a good testbed to futureproof cybersecurity innovation.

Axiata President & Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim explained that there has always been a longstanding partnership and mutual cooperation with MDEC. The MoU signifies Axiata’s commitment to work with MDEC in order to drive the transformation of Malaysia into a world leader in cybersecurity and digital resiliency.

Axiata will leverage on its pool of experts, technologists and innovators to impact national policies, build capacity, develop local talents, share solutions, exchange information and build on experiences to make a meaningful difference in the markets.

He furthered about Axiata’s commitment to talent development and will support MDEC’s initiatives in creating future cybersecurity talents through industrial and upskilling internships. Axiata will also be providing mentorships in developing cybersecurity solutions.

Under the MoU, MDEC identified four cybersecurity areas that Axiata will need to focus on: Development of Cybersecurity Capacity; Mentoring Program for Cybersecurity Innovation; Local Solution – Piloting Adoption; and Community Experience Exchange.

Development of Cybersecurity Capacity will be supported by Axiata through cybersecurity student internship mentoring programmes at MDEC Premier Digital Tech Institutes of Higher Learning. This will produce industry-ready talents, which will raise the nation’s cybersecurity preparedness.

Axiata will support Mentoring Program for Cybersecurity Innovation by providing professional mentorship to entrepreneurs in developing cybersecurity solutions. Axiata will be sharing domain knowledge in the telecommunication sector and will be providing guidance to potential startups and entrepreneurs.

As for Local Solution – Piloting Adoption, Axiata will be supporting the pilot of solutions to futureproof cybersecurity solutions. The goal is to ultimately help in the adoption of local solutions and possibility to penetrate export market across ASEAN.

The Community Experience Exchange will be done through roundtable discussions involving CISOs and CIOs of industry to help MDEC gauge and understand cybersecurity issues and challenges. The interaction platform will encourage the engagement of the cybersecurity community with Axiata representing the telecommunication industry.

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