Image Credit: Ministry of Communications and Informatics

Image Credit: Ministry of Communications and Informatics

Ministry of Communications and Informatics highlights significance of cybersecurity in the utilisation of ICT in Indonesia

An important issue concerning the ASEAN countries is the security of the digital sector which can affect the national strategic interests and the community. In order to guarantee the optimal utilisation of ICT, addressing the issue of cybersecurity is the key, especially with the onset of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

According to the report released by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, they have prepared the Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIPP) framework for Indonesia. The Information Security aspect covers risk mitigation, incident response and information recovery.

During the ASEAN CISO Business Forum at the Pullman Hotel in Central Jakarta, Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara explained that the CIIP encompasses the banking, financial, transportation, and energy sectors. Not only that, but Indonesia also has the Body Siber and the State Code (BSSN) acting as governing agencies that regulate and supervise the digital sector.

As of current, Minister Rudiantara described that his Ministry is focused on building high speed internet infrastructures in order to connect all the areas of Indonesia. The Palapa Ring Project and the satellite for high speed internet are the programs that address the issue of connectivity. Hopefully, all areas will be included and connected by the year 2019.

Connectivity to the internet is very useful, he added, as this will widen the reach of public services, especially for education, and health and safety. He explained that there are still thousands of schools, hospitals, districts and villages in Indonesia that remain to be disconnected.

If the country wishes to utilise the developing technologies of IoT and Big Data, then connectivity is a very essential aspect to focus on.  Minister Rudiantara explained that in order to fully leverage on both, which run on a cyber network, then the country should be connected and protected.

Minister Rudiantara proceeded to highlight the importance of big data utilisation in the health sector. With the information that Big Data has gathered, the pharmacology industry can determine which medicine is most used by the people of Indonesia so that they can produce more quantities of it.

The Minister of Communications and Informatics reassures the people that his Ministry, together with other stakeholders and the government will support all efforts to maintain cybersecurity in Indonesia so that they can maximise internet connectivity and utilise emerging technologies like IoT and Big Data.

A recent announcement released highlighted how Eastern Indonesia will also be gaining access to the internet, just like the people from Western Indonesia, as the government’s commitment to provide infrastructure and telecommunication will soon be implemented in the region.  

An announcement released earlier explained that the annual funding of RP 2.5 million that they manage is for the construction of telecommunications infrastructure, which is used in widening the coverage of broadband internet.

In an even earlier announcement, the report discussed that the residents of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Maluku can access fast internet by the end of September 2018 because he guarantees the completion of the central package of the Palapa Ring by that time.

An earlier announcement was released detailing on how the Palapa Ring Project was one of the national projects stipulated in Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2016. The announcement highlighted that the project aims to connect all districts and cities in Indonesia, even those which are located in areas where it might not be commercially viable for telecom operators to lay cables.

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