New Zealand Government launches initiative to benefit electric car drivers

A new initiative providing electric car drivers with real-time information about where they can find reliable charging stations around the country was launched by Associate Transport Minister Ms Julie Anne Genter.

According to the announcement made by the New Zealand Government, EVRoam is a live database, which is being collated by the NZ Transport Agency from real-time data being fed directly from all safe and monitored public charge points and charging station operators such as Chargenet and Vector.

From there, EVRoam would then freely distribute this information as widely as possible. It can be through to dozens of other websites and applications in order to inform drivers with reliable data on charging stations through all available channels.

Associate Minister of Transport Ms Julie Anne Genter explained that this initiative was about providing people with the practical tools to confidently drive and electric car all over the country and to remain reassured that they have the power to go the distance.

An important function of EVRoam is letting the drivers know if a charging station is active and available for use. This would assist the drivers in planning their journeys.

Moreover, EVRoam only identifies reliable charging station that meet government guidelines which will reassure drivers and make them feel more secure. Government guidelines include having a consistent plug type and being monitored.

For access to the real-time data, it will be made available on the Agency’s journey planner website. It can also be viewed at other third party platforms such as Google Maps, TomTom and the Automobile Association’s website.

As of current, there are 117 active rapid charging stations found nationwide. Add to that count, are 19 more that are under construction, and 42 planned sites.

On average, the country now has an electric vehicle rapid charging stations every 75kms on almost 80% of the state highway network. This is considered quite an achievement.

Ms Genter concluded that initiatives like this are part of the Government’s commitment to making sustainable transport an easy option for all New Zealanders.

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