Credit: Land Bank of the Philippines

Credit: Land Bank of the Philippines

Police clearance applicants in the Philippines can pay online through Land Bank's e-payment channel

According to the announcement made by the LANDBANK, it recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Philippine National Police (PNP) that will provide police clearance applicants the option of paying for their fees online. PNP will be allowed to use the Land Bank Link.Biz Portal, which is an e-payment channel.

A recent signing of a MoU between the Land Bank of the Philippines (Land Bank) and the PNP will pave the way for police clearance applicants to be able to pay their fees online.

Under the signed MoU, the PNP will be able to avail of the Land Bank Link.Biz Portal. This is an e-payment channel that accepts payments of fees, dues and charges from clients of enrolled merchants from both government and private institutions. Through this service, the client avoids the hassle of lining up and waiting for hours in order to pay for their transactions.

Some of the benefits that the  Land Bank Link.Biz Portal aims to deliver clients include providing convenience and efficiency to all involved institutions as well as safer and faster delivery of funds. It will also decrease the direct and indirect costs associated with physical cash or distribution of in-kind goods.

Another aim is to be able to establish accountability and tracking of financial flows, resulting in less corruption and theft. Lastly, it will help ease lobby traffic and save on operation costs.

For this to happen, the Land Bank Link.Biz Portal will have an interface with the PNP’s National Police Clearance System (NPCS) website. This website is where applicants can set an appointment and pay for their police clearance applications online.

The NPCS is a secure centralised system that provides a comprehensive and technology-based criminal record check.

The MoU was signed by PNP Chief Oscar D. Albayalde and LANDBANK President and CEO Alex V. Buenaventura at Camp Crame, Quezon City on 4 June 2018. Other people present during the signing include Land Bank Senior Vice President Leila Martin, PNP PDir for Investigation and Detective Management Elmo Francis Sarona, and other senior officials from both Land Bank and PNP.

Mr Buenaventura said, “Applicants will soon experience hassle-free and secure payment for their police clearance applications. We welcome this new partnership with the PNP as part of our continuing efforts to provide efficient and secure channels for government fee payments.”

The new NPCS will undergo at least two months of pilot testing in five identified police stations in the Quezon City Police Department. Gradual implementation will soon follow in 174 police stations.

People who can avail of this payment option are Land Bank account holders. Applicants who are maintaining peso accounts with any BancNet-member bank can also avail of this option. Users of the accredited payment channel G-Cash can also avail this.

The Land Bank Link.Biz Portal was piloted in 2017 with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for tax payments. Land Bank has since expanded the available services, with more partner-agencies now using the Land Bank Link.Biz portal as an alternative payment channel for their clients.

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