Case Study


Protecting the most crucial aspect of an organisation’s infrastructure

The Extensive Cybersecurity Challenges of the Mining Industry

Resolute Mining is a successful gold mining company with more than 25 years of continuous production. The Company is an experienced explorer, developer, and operator, having operated nine gold mines across Australia and Africa which have produced 8 million ounces of gold. Resolute currently operates two mines, the Syama Gold Mine in Africa and the Ravenswood Gold Mine in Australia and is one of the largest gold producers listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

The company operates in two different types of bipolar environments. Some of the people working for them work in big city environments while others work in extremely remote locations. The people working in these locations have very limited access to IT infrastructure and support.

In the mining industry people are required to have a vast and broad mix of skills. A large proportion of contractors who arrive on site have their own devices and they use these devices to connect with Resolute Mining’s network. In order for operations to run smoothly and efficiently, all employees and contractors have to be able to stay connected with their colleagues, partners, suppliers and other relevant subsidiaries at all times.

Given that mining is a task that requires extensive communication, there is a need for flexibility, speed and information sharing. Whilst prioritising security by protecting its data and ability to be continually connected, Resolute Mining has to maintain versatile and swift network systems.

Does Security Have to be Compromised in Order to Ensure Productivity?

In the past, Resolute Mining has experienced severe security breaches in the form of virus attacks that when undetected. This resulted in the loss of productivity and extensive damage to the network. Although it did not cause significant financial losses to Resolute Mining, it rang alarm bells and they realised that in order to prevent a catastrophic cyberattack, they have to protect their networks better.

The solution had to be simple but incredibly effective. IT consultant Michael Traub realised that Resolute Mining had to switch its existing security provider since Resolute Mining had a sizeable number of independent contractors and their teams of subcontractors who arrive on the site with their own devices. In order for them to operate, they have to be able to connect onto Resolute Mining’s networks and systems so that they can start work straight away. He therefore feels that network security is absolutely essential for people to be able to work productively, flexibly and without interruption.

The Solution

Resolute Mining selected Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business to protect its systems and dispersed workforce, combined with application, device and web control, mobile security and Mobile Device Management. It chose Kaspersky Lab because of its world-class multi-layered anti-malware protection. Later the company upgraded the solution, bringing additional protection and systems management features – such as patch and vulnerability management on a simple and robust automated platform – to its overall package. The vulnerability scanning and patch management technologies helped Resolute Mining eradicate vulnerabilities within operating systems and application software, while data encryption helps to safeguard confidential business information. Resolute Mining also selected Kaspersky Lab’s virtualisation security solution for world-class protection of its virtual servers.

Once these measures were put into place, Michael Traub noticed that they were in fact extremely effective. There had been a significant reduction with virus. The networks were strong and reliable yet not noticeable to the every day user since it was operating in the background. Since less time is spent on addressing cyber issues, more time was spent on higher order work.

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