Redesigned Department of Human Services website indicates increased engagement and improved user experience

Featured image: Screenshot of the updated website. 

Initial analysis of the new Department of Human Services website has shown that more people are using the online service to easily find the information they need.

Since the updated website went live on August 27 there has been a 7% increase in the number of pages viewed during each session as well as a 2% increase in the time spent on the website.

Encouragingly, the improved search function is directing people to the information they need faster and more easily:

  • There was an 150% increase in the proportion of people using search and a 23% in the number of searches overall;
  • a  44% increase in the average number of pages people viewed after running a search, suggesting they are finding the information they need; and
  • a 9% reduction in the number of people using the website that finished their browsing on the ‘phone us’ page.        

The redesign is making it easier for people to access information and services online and is part of the Australian Government’s ongoing commitment to improve services and reduce the need for people to call or visit a service centre.

Minister for Human Services, Alan Tudge said these changes have already made significant improvements for users.

“The website redesign is making it easier and faster for people to find the information they need, when they need it,” Minister Tudge said.

“On many occasions people call the Department when they simply do not need to because the answer to their question is readily available on the website.

“By improving the usability of the website, we are reducing the need for people to call or visit a service centre, which, over time, will help reduce wait times.”

The website reform is one part of the Government’s service delivery transformation which also includes the billion dollar Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) programme, a new  AU$600 million telephony system, streamlining claim processes, 250 new call centre staff and other measures to reduce call wait times.

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