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Redeveloped whole-of-government website launched by Western Australian Government

The State Government of Western Australia (WA) launched the redeveloped whole-of-government website,, earlier this week.

The website aims to bring government online services and information closer to Western Australians by making them easier to find and access. More than 600 online services, including information and data, are now available through the single entry point website -  

The website was developed after consultation with the public using a test website, and in collaboration with government agencies who deliver the bulk of services to the community.

A Government Digital Services Portal Program was a major initiative in Western Australian’s Digital ICT Strategy, introduced in 2016. Stage 1completed in July 2017 delivered an initial Alpha (prototype), called myWA (now re-branded to ServiceWA), designed to engage public and industry feedback and input into the design.

The simple, modern design aligns with accessibility best practice requirements and allows for the easy downloading of information in case of poor internet connectivity, so all Western Australians can search for services and information easily and at their convenience.

Innovation and ICT Minister, Dave Kelly, said,"The McGowan Government is committed to making it easier for Western Australians to engage with government services when they want and where they want. This new digital service is here to complement existing telephone and over-the-counter services, not replace them.”

The final report of the Service Priority Review in WA, which was released in December, recommended “Increase online service delivery to provide multiple channels for delivering transactional services”. The suggested lead for this was the DPC, who should Undertake a feasibility study for implementation of a whole-of-government multi-channel transactional service delivery model.

The press release cites single entry point websites from the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, as examples of best practice in other countries.

There have been similar initiatives in several Australian states to provide a one-stop shop for state government services. Service NSW was already delivering over 900 services from more than 40 New South Wales Government agencies in 2016. In Feburary 2016, it launched a ‘tell us once’ digital account.

Access Canberra brings together ACT Government shopfronts, call handling, online services and regulatory functions in a single unified service.  South Australia’s Service SA  provides access to a range of government services, including a variety of registration and licensing, either online, over the phone and in person. Smart Service Queensland also aims to provide a primary point of contact for citizens to access Queensland Government services. Victoria is in the process of creating a new whole-of-government agency – Service Victoria – that will act as a central access point for members of the community accessing Government services. In November 2017, the state government introduced a bill to allow the new agency to be able to process and handle high volume Government transactions such as car registration, birth certificates, fishing licences and many others as Service Victoria grows.

At the federal level, the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) The DTA is coordinating work on a number of whole-of-government digital platforms that will help agencies deliver services to their customers — like identity, change of address and payments to government. The DTA’s analysis identified that agencies could potentially save about $100 million per year by implementing four whole-of-government platforms and it is leading work on testing and delivering these platforms.

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