Image credit: University of Adelaide

Image credit: University of Adelaide

State Government of South Australia investing AU$7.1 million in University of Adelaide’s new Institute for Machine Learning

The University of Adelaide is establishing an Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), to research the capacity of machines to learn, and to help deliver fourth industrial revolution for Australia.

Applications of machine learning include driverless cars, speech recognition and effective web search. The fourth industrial revolution is described as the range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds.

The State Government of South Australia (SA) will invest AU$7.1 million towards establishing the institute, including AU$1.5 million prioritised for defence capability research projects. 

AIML will be the lead tenant in a new innovation incubator to be established in the Women’s Health Centre building on the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site. The 2440 square facility will become home to more than 200 creative thinkers, researchers and start-ups attracting the world’s best and brightest to come to work and study in South Australia. 

The objectives of the Institute include:

  1. Upskilling South Australian workers in artificial intelligence (AI) and its application to the workplace.
  2. Building new AI-enabled defence capabilities.
  3. Supporting cost-effective adoption of Artifical Intelligence by South Australian Government agencies.
  4. Directly supporting local South Australian businesses to develop new products based     on Artificial Intelligence.

The Institute will provide solutions for government agencies to improve productivity, efficiency and service delivery for South Australians. It will dedicate a minimum of 18,000 research hours over the 5-year agreement for projects which help the Government to improve productivity, efficiency and service delivery for South Australians. 

The institute will build on the university’s world-leading Australian Centre for Visual Technologies, known globally for its work in areas such as pedestrian detection for driverless car technology, transforming 2D images to 3D, used in augmented reality, tracking re-identification, used in video surveillance and overhead image classification, used in defence and agriculture.

Science and Information Economy Minister, Kyam Maher, said, “ Our Government’s investment will be used to establish the institute, and attract and retain world-class researchers – including local and international PhD students – to further leverage the University of Adelaide’s existing, world-leading expertise.”

“Securing Australia’s first Institute for Machine Learning as the first of the major new tenants for the old Royal Adelaide Hospital shows the huge potential for new research and innovation activities on the site. It’s an important demonstration of confidence in the development potential of the cherished heritage buildings at the front of the site, as well as a welcome boost for the East End of the city,” commented Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Stephen Mullighan.

University of Adelaide Interim Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mike Brooks, added, “The Australian Institute for Machine Learning will assist South Australia to navigate the changing global economy which is being transformed by artificial intelligence. The United States, Canada and the UK have all adopted a national strategy to fast-track the development of an artificial intelligence-enabled economy. China’s President has declared artificial intelligence and machine learning to be a top priority in the years ahead, and the eminent Shanghai Jiao Tong University is very keen to partner with us in this domain. Through the Institute, South Australia has the opportunity to lead the nation in the development and implementation of a strategy to create a vibrant ecosystem of high-tech businesses and highly productive workers.”

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