Universitas Gadjah Mada student develops app that uses GIS technology to boost tourism economy

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) student Ms Brigitta Maria Ledha won an opportunity to attend the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California for her smart tourism application, called LUNGO! Jogja. This will give her the chance to showcase her application to around 15,000 visitors from around 150 countries.

According to the announcement made by UGM, LUNGO! Jogja is an online application that aims to give tourists travel recommendations all over Yogyakarta.

Ms Brigitta wished to offer a different tourism experience to visitors who are coming to Yogyakarta. They will be given useful travel tips based on their preference and budget.

She explained that her application was inspired by constant visits from her family. Every time her family pays here a visit, they would insist that she should be their tour guide around the area. And although she had recommended several places for them to see, their reactions were different since they had different interests.

This was why she developed an application which would help travellers plan their trip based on their preference.

The 2018 Esri Young Scholar Award Competition challenged participants to create an application that would be able to highlight geospatial studies, more specifically, the creative use of GIS technology as a response to the daily challenges being faced by society.

Ms Brigitta shared that her application was a response the need of travellers to get tourism recommendations that are catered to their preferences.

Participants presented their designs to juries during the event, to which Ms Brigitta won her chance to fly to the US and present her LUNGO! Jogja app.

Esri Indonesia Chief Executive Officer Dr A. Istamar said that the designs they had received proved that talent of the younger generation in Indonesia, when it comes to mapping, was growing.

There is an increasing need for geospatial sciences such as Big Data Analytics, Field Mobility, and 3D Analysis in universities. Thus, the students should be driven to find more ways wherein spatial technology can provide a solution to real issues faced by society.

He furthered that Ms Brigitta’s application did just that. LUNGO! Jogja was able to demonstrate how GIS technology can solve problems among people and the business sector.

One of the judges during the competition was Nazib Faizal, ST, MSc, Head of Sub-Directorate of Data Analytics and System Development in the Public Works and Housing Ministry. He affirmed that Ms Brigitta’s application addressed and important issue in the ecotourism sector.

He concluded that this project had made them realise how GIS technology can boost user experience. This will help in opening more tourism opportunities as well as new investments.

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