Collaborations launched in Singapore to explore sustainable energy solutions and digitalisation for maritime industry

Collaborations launched in Singapore to explore sustainable energy solutions and digitalisation for maritime industry

Above photo: NTU and SMI launch research centre to develop sustainable energy and maritime solutions/ Credit: NTU (from NTU's Twitter page)

At the annual Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) Forum on
October 31, several initiatives were launched
to deepen research capabilities for a
stronger maritime innovation ecosystem.

SMI is a joint
effort by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Agency for
Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and the Economic Development Board
(EDB) in partnership with local Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). SMI
charts maritime research strategy and promotes greater industry-academia
R&D collaborations to be undertaken in Singapore.

NTU and SMI launch S$15 million research centre to
develop sustainable energy and maritime solutions

Chairman of the Board and Governing Council of SMI, Mr. Wong
Weng Sun announced the establishment of the new Maritime Energy and Sustainable
Development (MESD) centre of excellence by Nanyang Technological University
(NTU). Guest-of-Honour, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health, Dr.
Lam Pin Min, witnessed the signing of the agreement between NTU and SMI at the

MESD will be operational by the end of this year and it will
focus on future port and shipping applications in three key areas – energy
management, emissions management, and sustainable maritime operations.

The centre will be jointly funded by SMI up to S$10 million,
with NTU contributing S$4 million. Another S$1 million will come from NTU’s
industry partners.

Professor Lam Khin Yong, NTU’s Acting Provost, Chief of
Staff and Vice President for Research, said, “Most international trade and key
economic activities depend on the movement of goods that involve ships using
heavy fuel oil and other fossil fuels. This partnership will see the
development of greener solutions for the shipping industry so as to cut down
emissions for a more sustainable maritime industry. It will also groom future
maritime researchers who will continue to push the boundaries of innovation.”

MoU between Jurong
Port and NTU to testbed energy solutions for ‘Next Generation Multipurpose
Port’ under Living Lab programme

NTU signed a five-year memorandum of understanding (MoU)
with Jurong Port to jointly pursue research and development in areas such as
Smart Multi Energy Management Systems, Alternative Energy Source Applications
and Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

Other components of Jurong Port’s Living Lab programme
include collaboration with industry partners to develop and test solutions in
areas such as Multipurpose Port Productivity, Internet of Things, Data and
Visual Analytics, Safety and Security Enhancements.

Mr. Ooi Boon Hoe, Chief Executive Officer, Jurong Port,
said, “We are delighted with this partnership with NTU. It forms the inaugural
component of Jurong Port’s Living Lab programme to test bed solutions for our
journey towards a ‘Next Generation Multipurpose Port.”

“Jurong Port’s Living Lab will join MPA as well as PSA
Living Labs to help drive transformation of the maritime sector as part of the
Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map. We look forward to collaborate on
impactful research programmes as part of the MPA-JP MoU, that will leverage new
technologies to ensure Maritime Singapore stays competitive as a world class
port and international maritime centre”, said Mr. Andrew Tan, Chief Executive
of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

MoU between MPA and
Shell Shipping & Maritime to advance clean fuel technology,
remote/autonomous technology and digitalisation

(L-R) Mr. Nick Potter, General manager, Asia Pacific-Middle East, Shell Shipping & Maritime; Senior Minister of State for Transport and Health; Dr. Lam Pin MinMr. Andrew Tan, Chief Executive of MPA/ Photo credit: MPA

MPA and Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd. (Shell) signed a
MoU for co-operation to promote research and innovation in areas such as Clean Fuel
Technology, Remote/Autonomous Technology and Digitalisation.

Under the MoU, MPA in partnership with Shell, will
collaborate on developing innovative solutions to reduce emissions in the port
and exploring greater use of automation in the port. The collaboration will
also support the study and development of digitalisation efforts, including
electronic data exchanges among various stakeholders, to enhance safety,
efficiency and security of maritime communication.

“Singapore will continue to invest in future capabilities to
build up a strong maritime cluster to generate good employment opportunities
and stay ahead of the competition. We are pleased to work with industry
partners like Shell to drive the digital transformation of the maritime
industry in Singapore in the areas of electronic data interchange, automation,
intelligent systems and cleaner energy,” said Mr. Andrew Tan.