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Customer Testimonials

I'm impressed most with the innovative format of the event, gamification, and the interactive engagement with the participants. OpenGov client handling was very good and staff member were very supportive. - Edvance
I am impressed with how OpenGov can get participant to move, think and talk. In addition OpenGov client handling is good. - Tenable
It is an interesting event and well organised! - Tenable
I am impressed with the interactive response from the participants which is different from other events I have atended. - Splunk
Overall the  event was very good. OpenGov staff member was very responsive. - CyberArk
The event was very good. I'm impressed with the interactive discussion with delegates and the  format of the event. - CyberArk
OpenGov has provided a very positive experience, please invite Leidos for future events.  I'm impressed most with the 1-1 introduction and a lot of delegate to vendors.This event differ from others in term of the 1-1 introduction and how OpenGov staff continuously tried to make connection. OpenGov client handling is amazing. - Leidos Australia
OpenGov is a well organised events. The OpenGov Gamification Table, panel discussion and presentations were quite engaging and the good list of delegates too.- Polycom
This is by far the most refreshing and productive event I have participated to date.I'm most impressed with the friendly and intimate discussion and compare to other event the format is good and the atmosphere is better. OpenGov client handling is fantastic!  - IDC Solutions
The exhibition layout was great. I'm impressed most with the 1-1 introduction and a lot of delegate to vendors.This event differ from others in term of the 1-1 introduction and how OpenGov staff conntinously tried to make connection. OpenGov client handling is amazing. - Leidos Australia
Well Organised event, interesting topics and good panel discussions and presentations. OpenGov client handling is excellent! - Polycom
Good event organisation and the topics are very interesting. - Bentley Systems
It is a great event overall. Lots of value from Gamification sessions. I'm impressed most with the calibre and variety of speakers of this forum. OpenGov Client handling were good. - Polycom
Event is excellent, impressed with opening remarks by mohit and well organised. OpenGov Client handling is excellent. - Kaspersky Lab
Good event, what we needed most is to get quality attendees and OpenGov has delivered it! I'm impressed with the quality of attendees and compare to other event I like this program and its more precise. OpenGov client handling is perfect. - Kaspersky Lab
Good Turnout! I'm impressed with the quality of delegates-high ranking! - Kaspersky Lab
OpenGov event has provided me an excellent experience. - Kaspersky Lab
I'm impressed  most with the ongoing communications from the OpenGov team to execute the plan successfully. - SAS New Zealand
‍OpenGov event has provided a  very good experience. The event was well planned, regular communication from the team and goos connections. - SAS New Zealand
‍OpenGov event is excellent and I'm impressed most with the OpenGov gamification table. - Citrix
OpenGov event has provided a very good experience. - Marklogic
The event was well organised. The gamification table is very refreshing. The event is excellence overall. I'm impressed most with the content of the speakers - Nutanix
Thank you so much for  such dedication and hardwork on this event. One of the most successful event so far. I'm impressed most with the gamification format and love the session as we can see the delegates are enjoying themselves very much through the effective participation.OpenGov event has provided a good experience. - Hitachi Vantara
‍OpenGov event has provided a very good experience. I'm impressed most about the gamification table format and activities carried out by the vendors. This event differ in term of providing a super engaging environment and OpenGov client handling is great. - Kaspersky Lab
I'm impressed most with the number of C-levels attended the event. This event differ in term of proving quality delegates. OpenGov client handling is world class! - CyberArk (C/O) Roots Asia Pacific
OpenGov event has provided a good experience. - Qlik
I could not have attended a better function than this. The OpenGov gamification table was good as it encourages  interaction - Adobe
Good event to get some exposure on the government vertical. I'm impressed most with the quality of the delegates. - Opentext
OpenGov event has provided a good experience. - eG Innovations Pte Ltd
OpenGov event has provided a very good experience and the event differ from other in term of providing audience who interested to learn more about new technology. - OutSystems
OpenGov event is fun and interesting to engage and prospect. I'm impressed with the OpenGov gamification table format. OpenGov client handling is excellent and has given us a great support in the event. - Cohesion Network Technologies Pte Ltd
I'm impressed with the spacious exhibition area and OpenGov client handling was good and very responsive. - Denodo
OpenGov event is good overall. - SAP Asia Pte Ltd
OpenGov gamification table format provided a good conversation with delegates.  OpenGov client handling is good. - ServiceNow
OpenGov event was excellent and participants were very engaged, in addition to providing insightful experiences, were open to learn more. - Dell Technologies
OpenGov event is excellent and I'm impressed with the interaction throughout the event. OpenGov client handling was good. - Dell EMC
OpenGov gamification table allowed us to engage withh all participants and was useful for us. I'm impressed with the number and quality of attendees. This event is different from others expecially in term of providing targeted audience and 1-1 meetings are valuable. - Dell EMC
Very good audience quality and agenda. I'm impressed most with the gamification activity and quality of audience. OpenGov client handling was very good. - VERTIV
OpenGov event was very good. - Arista Networks
The event format was good and has sufficient time for discussion. I'm most impressed with the event due to its focus on public sector. OpenGov Client handling were great. - Red Hat
OpenGov has provided a leading government centric event. - Adobe
OpenGov event has provided a good experience and I'm impressed with the gamification format. - Schneider Electric
The event as a whole was very good. Mohit managed a smooth discussion flow and drew insights across all the delegates.  His finesse in moderating the session is a key factor for success. - Cloudera
Overall the forum was good. - Questronix Corp
I'm impressed most with the number of attendees for this forum. - Questronix Corp
Overall the forum was good. I'm impressed most with the level of attendees. - Lenovo
Overall the forum was very good. - Lenovo
This event has provided a good quality leads among delegates. I'm impressed most with the early preparation for this event and accommodating contacts. OpenGov client handling was very good. -  Lenovo
This event is a good venue for networking and able to capture end-user pain-points. I'm impressed most with the level of attendees. The rountable format was very effective. OpenGov client handling was excellent. - Lenovo
The event was very good, very relevant to our products and services. I'm impressed most with the format of event, intimate discussion with delegates and attendees are from the decision makers level. OpenGov client handling was excellent and very accommodating. - Questech Co Inc
Overall the forum was very good and OpenGov client handling was excellent. - SAS Institute, Inc
I'm impressed most with the agenda of the forum. - Microsoft Philippines Inc
The event gamification format was fun and informative. - Microsoft Philippines Inc
The event was well organised, good delegation from government agencies and good open discussion table experience. I'm impressed most with the quality of attendees. OpenGov Client handling is very good. - Tagit Pte Ltd
I'm impressed most with the gamification theme, where we really enjoy the  discussion with the delegates. This event differ from other event by providing effective networking environment enjoyed by the delegates. Opengov client handling was excellent. - PDLT Alpha
I'm impressed with the program and the event ran smoothly. Well organised event and OpenGov Client handling was great.- Dell EMC
The event has on-time presentation and activities. I'm impressed with the speakers line-up and more organised. Opengov team has been very helpful and accommodating.- Dell EMC
Overall the event provided us new customer experience through new format for attendees. I'm impressed most with the event organisation and OpenGov client support is very good. This event differ from others in term of the ODT format.- Oracle
The event was very engaging and allowed open and interactive sharing from attendees and provide a very good opportunity to connect and network. I'm impressed most with the format of the event and the attendance of the  delegates. The support and attention extended by the OpenGov team was great.- Oracle
OpenGov event has good quality and the right level of attendees. The client handling was good, the team handle our account pretty well from the beginning till the actual event.- Schneider Electric Phils Inc
Liked the way how the event was navigated by Mohit. The event was a good opportunity to establish point of contact with some key government stakeholders.OpenGov event is different in a way of using polling questions to get feedbacks in real time. OpenGov Client Handling is good overall.- Mellanox Technologies
Compared to last year the quality of attendance who is interested to our products are improving. I'm impressed with the overall topics of discussion are very related to our business and the list of companies are suitable with our target audience. The organiser has been very proactive and communicative. Thanks for the great support.- Schneider Electric IT Indonesia
OpenGov has provided a contentful event with bold topics and good quality audience. I'm impressed with this forum.- Dell EMC
OpenGov has provided a good turn up with quality delegates.- Kaspersky Lab
I'm impressed most with the discussions of the forum- Fortinet
OpenGov has good material and informative small discussions. I'm impressed with the hotel facilities provided.- Virtus Technology Indonesia
I'm impressed most on the hotel facilities provided. OpenGov event is different from others in term of attendees are mostly from government. OpenGov client handling are good.-Virtus Technology Indonesia
Great Organisation and audience targeting. I'm impressed with the small group setting which allows for greater interaction. OpenGov Breakfast Insights differ from other event in providing exclusive networking opportunity and their client handling is good. - Kaspersky Lab
I'm impressed with the event management provided by OpenGov Team. - Kaspersky Lab
I had a very good experience with the OpenGov Breakfast Insights event. Delegates attended are relevant and participated well throughout the session. - Kaspersky Lab
Glad to see public service peers connecting and airing their shared challenges with the opportunity to build and leverage relationships forward. I'm impressed with the well scheduled event and excellent support from OpenGov. Compare to other events, this event drives traffic at booth due to limited vendors and focuses attendee's to collaborate internally.- ES2
WA OpenGov Leadership Forum is a well run and engaging event. I'm impressed with the good structure and organisation of the forum. ODT tables format was good and different from the other events. OpenGov client handling is good.- Sharperlight
OpenGov Client handling is excellent.- Sharperlight
I'm impressed and surprised by the engagement of delegates and interest expressed by them, probably due to the discussion topics of the event.- Sharperlight
I'm impressed with the quality of the attendees and OpenGov team's client handling is excellent- Corning
I enjoyed being a part of this event now for the second time.- Metronode Data Centres
I'm impressed with the quality of delegates attended the event.- Corning 
It was such an amazing event, with great turnout and lots of knowledge shared. With multiple situations posted to participants, I’m blown away by their response.- Tenable
OpenGov has provided excellent concept - Beats the hell out of death by powerpoint.- Tenable
OpenGov Secure Day is a very engaging and interactive event, more event should be run this way. Compared to other event, this event  has more interaction and engagement and impressed with the percentage of turnout. OpenGov Client Experience is awesome.- CyberArk Software Singapore Pte Ltd
I'm impressed on how audience is well engaged in this event and compared to other event i have attended OpenGov event is fun.- Tenable
A very interactive and engaging concept for delegates. This platform has created opportunity to hear from government perspective.- Tenable
OpenGov has provided interactive and good client experience platform. I'm impressed with the creativity of the event.- Splunk Inc
Our hard work panned out! Impressed with the Interactiveness, active discussion and lucrative ideas shared in this secure day platform.- Splunk Inc
OpenGov Breakfast Insight has provided a good platform for our sales team to network. I'm impressed with the discussion between the delegates. OpenGov Client handling was good- Schneider Electric IT
An Excellent event, quality of attendees was perfect with CIO and Head of Data Centre audience. I'm impressed with the planning/coordination of event follow-up, excellent! and the audience was the right target. OpenGov client handling was good.- Schneider Electric IT
Excellent content of facilitation. I''m impressed with the content and mode of delivery. Compared to other events, OpenGov is more lively and interactive.- Qlik
Great engagement and discussion amongst the attendees, very well facilitated. sharing of information from participants was impressive. OpenGov team's client experience was brilliant and cant find fault.- Qlik
It was very informative event and good to know what is the government stand on cloud. I'm impressed with the energy of conversation and discussion on the new latest development.- ACL
A very good all around experience and the event ran smoothly on time. I'm impressed with the people attended the event. OpenGov client experience is excellent.- ACL
I'm impressed with OpenGov for providing government focused platform.- ACL
OpenGov platform provided me high energy and interactive sessions. The people's commitment and energy of this event is impressive.- ACL
Quality Audience, Well Organised and Facilitated. My key takeaway is the understanding of the current AI research projects ongoing in multiple Government agencies and their challenges. I'm impressed by the turnaround of getting quality attendees in such a short runway and the facilitation of the interactive session.- Mellanox Technologies
OpenGov has the ability to put together a C level Government event in a short turnaround. This is a good platform for Mellanox to be introduced to key Government delegates. I'm impressed with the style and flow of the event, great moderation by Mohit.- Mellanox Technologies
Good event and well organised. My key takeaway is good open discussion with customers and understanding of their plans.- Schneider Electric
Comfortable and well organised. I'm impressed about everything.- Schneider Electric
Great insights from attendees. My key takeaway is the insights of Singapore universities and i'm impressed with Mohit's driving answers during the interaction. Excellent client handling services.- SAP
The audience was interactive and we had a good discussion with them.- Schneider Electric
We had a good interactive session.- Schneider Electric
As compared to the other events i have attended, this event has more active participation.- Schneider Electric
Great event with many insights. We were impressed by the openness in the discussion. It was a great professional support in their client handling services.- Schneider Electric
Good event organisation. We were impressed by how organised the event went given the last minute changes. The session is more interactive having a focus group.- Schneider Electric
Well-organised, more can be done to "open-up" participation. We were impressed by the ability to probe pain points in this event.- Schneider Electric
This event has differed from other events as it is more personalised. Very good client handling services.- Schneider Electric
There was an intimacy of the event and an opportunity to talk to a variety of people. We meet the right people.- Leidos Australia
The event was well run - staff efficiencies and helpful.- Kaspersky Lab
The ODT sessions were impressive. The executive were supportive and prompt.- Wipro
Fantastic. All good.- Wipro
The event organisers were very attentive and available. The venue was good and the group sessions were great.- Kaspersky Lab
We were most impressed by the energy vibe from the event facilitator. The format of the forum was very good.- Leidos Australia
The networking opportunities were excellent. - Mulesoft
There were good audiences. It was a great turnout and very informative. We were impressed by the audiences and their job titles- Kaspersky Lab
We were impressed by the turnout, since our biggest challenge is relationship building.  - Delaware Consulting Asia Pacific
The roundtable discussions are engaging anf innovative. We were impressed with the voting system.  - OpenText
It was a great event with an engaged audience that were truly looking to improve their organisation. We were impressed with the level of attendees and engagement. The personal coversations on individual problems faced by target customers made the event different from the others that we have attended. Everyone at OpenGov has been an absolute pleasure.          - Marklogic
We were impressed that the relevant topics were covered.        - Tech Mahindra
Sharing amongst close group encourage unimous agreement. The format of the event was different, it served as an excellent platform to influence key stakeholders.        - Gigamon
The quality of the delegates were impressive.      - Hitachi Data Systems
The event is good as always.   -  Dell EMC
The attendance level was impressive with interesting conversations along the way. Our key takeaway included understanding the challenges faced.  -  Riverbed Technology
The flow gets better each year! The audience mapping to the ODT is good.-  Splunk
Very Well organised and good profiles of delegates. I am very pleased and appreciate the opportunity to have met with them. We were impressed as we were given the access to desired profiles - The relationships with OpenGov Asia is real. -  Varonis
We appreciated the organising crew member's efforts to bring delegates to our booth. This event differed from others that I had attended as we were able to meet many decision makers in the public sector.                -  eG Innovations
Leads and opportunities generation was available. A good opportunity to expand network with public sector. It would be good if the free time is extended, to gain more networking opportunities. Suggest to have a special session for booth tour for all attendees. Overall, everything was perfect. We are very happy. Hope that you can keep up the quality for the next event.- Schneider Electric Indonesia
Good event, good crowd. The attendance was very qualified.- Fortinet
The format of the event is very good, but time management needs to be improved. All the person in-charge were very helpful, Brand awareness was increased, new opportunities and leads were generated. The right target audience was also present. Overall, it was worth it to invest in this event.- PT. Blue Power Technology
Excellent support from OpenGov.- eG Innovations
Good turnout, good networking opportunities as the right people were present. Interactive format.- Kaspersky Lab
This event is effective, because we are sharing knowledge about our IT solution to another company to get awareness and potential prospect client. The speakers, content / topics were impressive.- Telekomsigma
Effective because we are sharing knowledge about our IT solutions. It also provides us with networking opportunities, especially with delegates from different industries. Speakers and topics were impressive. However, it would be better to be able to invite speakers from ministers.- Telekomsigma
Interesting topic for discussion but there was a tendency to direct to other topics like having a digital strategy and ICT being as seen as a supportive and not a strategic function.- MAMPU Malaysia
The networking session is really fruitful- Red Hat Malaysia Sdn Bhd
This event had more focused groups with the right audiences. The contents offered in this event is rather relevant, user engagement was impressive- Gemalto Pte Ltd
It's a good session and I had gained lots of clients' contacts and opportunities- Cloud Vision Technology Sdn Bhd
Event has given me a good experience, with good quality of audience/ attendees. It made me realise that digital transformation is happening!- NetApp
Many high level personnels present in the forum- Schneider Electric
Contacts/ lead generation and networking opportunities were gained from the event- Cloud Vision Technology Sdn Bhd
Round table swapping is something new and interesting as customers and sponsors gets a chance to speak and listen- Macrovention Sdn Bhd
It is a good event with relevant customer list Solution Consultant- Dell EMC
The dialogue session was really impressive- Dell EMC
This forum is definitely more targeted to the audiences that we'd like to engage with- Hitachi Data Systems
The attendees belonged to senior management/ CIO/ CXO from IT and business field was really an eye-opener. The key learning point was the awareness created around the company's solution towards the Government's overall success delivery. This forum provided relevance to the Government's strategies interms of availability and service delivery- Veeam Software
New leads were gathered through this forum as there was enough crowd- Glocomp Systems (M) Sdn Bhd
A platform to meet with different people from different companies at the same time. Location is good, with nice set up- Fortinet
I was happy that I could meet new people- Fortinet Malaysia Sdn Bhd
This event has provided business opportunities through the correct client base- eG Innovations
A platform to talk about cyber security to leaders in the government department- Macrovention Sdn Bhd
This event provided me with new leads- Quandatics (M) Sdn Bhd
Very happy to be part of this event. Hope that we are able to participate in it for next year. Booth was visited by many delegates. This forum provides the opportunities to meet new and existing clients to talk about services/ products provided- PLDT Alpha
Excellent coordination of organisers and sponsors- Asus Technology Phils Inc
Great event! Good format. Impressed by the pool of attendees as there are many IT Department Heads and Chief Officers. The forum is a good place for forming new relationships- Lenovo Philippines
Impressed by the pool of attendees as there are many IT Department Heads and Chief Ocers. The forum is a good place for forming new relationships- Lenovo Philippines
This event allowed them to realise that organisations, especially the public sector, are getting more appreciative in the power of analytics when it comes to making decisions and policies.- SAS Institute Philippines
Responses received from the clients were encouraging. Hope to have such events like this for the coming years. The aspect which impressed them the most is the attendees- Schneider Electric Philippines
Brand exposure is enhanced through the Forum. Leads were also gained. The most impressive part of the event is the number of agencies which attended, which most of themdid- APC by Schneider Electric
Quality attendees were invited, OpenGov staffs were really hands-on in getting their work done- Dell EMC
Great experience, knowledge and challenge sharing event. Thought provoking event withmany opportunities. The overall client handling services were great.- OpenText Asia Pte Ltd
OpenGov differs from other events as it is not vendor driven. The focus is on transformationthrough collaboration. Excellent client handling services.- OpenText Asia Pte Ltd
Insight Sharing was the main point of the event and the use of polling questionsare impressive.- OpenText Asia Pte Ltd
This is a very well-organised event, with great target audience. The format of how the questions were done during the discussions was very different and impressive. We get to know the different perspectives on Data Usage and Analytics.-MarkLogic
This is a well organised event in a relaxing environment. It enables us to listen to the thoughts of what other delegates think, very different in a sense of a closer interaction and approach with the delegates.-MarkLogic
The quality of attendees and delegates is good, with the event flow and format being unique and good. I found the event flow very unique and polling questions very interesting.-Red Hat
The event is interesting and interactive, which helps to create a lot of brand awareness for us. The speaker and moderator impressed me most. You guys have nothing to improve on, its all good!-Red Hat
Professional and customer-oriented, not just to us, but to attendees as well. We learnt a lot about the delegates' initiatives.-Red Hat
The event is a vivid and open discussion among delegates, with great active participation from them.-Red Hat
Good event and got to learn about customers opinions!-Red Hat
Well executed, organised event and interactive session. The biggest takeaway was the lack of the general awareness about Open Source.-Red Hat
There was good interactive discussion, mostly coming from the polling questions which impressed me most. We get to know what their challenges are and what have they done. The number of government agencies that attended the event is good! -Red Hat
A great and well run event with senior attendees and lively discussion. The polling created a good structure and there was open discussion. -Optus
Fantastic event. An engaging group of attendees with great facilitation, dialogue and interaction. -Optus
The facilitation and degree of audience participation was impressive. -Cisco
Listening to customer thoughts in an open and non-sales environment was valuable.-Cisco
I found this forum a useful method of gaining/validating market intel within the gover​rnment​ sector through a collegiate style approach. The unique semi formal ap​proach​ during the round table discussions is an effective method of breaking down the vendor/customer barrier.-Leidos
The event was well organised.-Canberra Data Centres
A good representation from Federal Government, Universities and Local Government. The way it was ran was impressive and the client handling services were excellent.-Datacom
The quality of audience for this event is very impressive. Attendees trust the OpenGov brand, henceforth, getting good delegates-Fortinet
The event was simple and sweet. The concept of this event is different as normally we are very much focused on products-Fortinet
Very well managed and run event, getting introduced to the right people. OpenGov was very diligent about making sure we met people.-Fortinet
OpenGov was very impressive overall.-Cloudera
A creative format. OpenGov should broaden its focus to all Gov, not just NSW.-Sophos
There was greater understanding of end user's pain point and area of concern. The key takeaway for this event is compliance and need for change. The information shared was impressive and the dialogue was more focused and personalised.-Logicalis
It was a good experience to learn and understand what the healthcare sectors are looking for. I had a better understanding on the direction companies are moving/heading. There was open conversation and statistic capture. Communication was great and Mohit was excellent.-Schneider Electric
I am impressed by the facilitating of the event and the structure.-Schneider Electric
Great event to interact and share experience and knowledge. The key takeaway is getting the insights on how government personnel thinks. The organisation and preparation went into it was the most impressive part of the event.-Schneider Electric
I would have paid a lot of money to sit here and listen to the conversation. It was an open conversation and there were many decisions made. The client handling services was very good.-Forcepoint
Great and very organised. Speaker was great and drove the discussion. -Forcepoint
The dialogue had a great open exchange of ideas. I am impressed by the participant's willingness to speak out candidly. The tenants made this event different from the others.-Cisco Systems
The event was a great mechanism for gathering ideas. The platform provided great actionable insights. I am impressed by the open environment created. Overall rating, excellent.-Cisco Systems
The key take-away from this event is a non-threatening environment to drive discussion. I am impressed by the great participation and the informal speeches. The discussion was the main factor that differed this dialogue from others. I would rate the client handling high - excellent-Cisco Systems
I am impressed with the format of the event. It is interactive.-Checkpoint
This is a well run event which allowed me to understand the challenges of doing business in Singapore. The team has good, effective communication and interaction.-Lockheed Martin
The participants' engagement in the event impressed me.-Gigamon
Networking is the key takeaway from the event. Speed discussions were interesting and useful for meaningful engagement.-Adobe
I am impressed with the quality of the delegates.-Fortinet
Great turnout at the Dialogue Table sessions. The round tables were very well managed compared to other events such as IDC. The onsite service provided by Ellen was great.-GPJ
The organisers were very friendly and provided good service.-IBM
The speakers at the event were impressive.-Adobe
The quality of the leads and client handling service was impressive.-eG Innovations
The event was good. The event team impressed me with the customers they brought to the booth. The client handling service is very well done.-HDS
The event is great for meeting various agencies.-Arista
The event has very good turn out. ODT discussion was at a very high level. I am impressed with the people who attended the forum.-VMware
The event provide a good experience with access to new customers. The degree of openness and willingness of people to share really impressed me.-Lockheed Martin
This event has provided great networking opportunities to Cloudera. I am impressed with the host and panelists at the event.-Cloudera
I am impressed with the quality of the delegates.-Konica Minolta
The event is a great networking opportunity for me. I am able to reach out to the public sector and propose solutions to their big data challenges-Cloudera
The event is focused on the public sector and has provided me with more contacts.-Red Hat
This event has provided us the access to government database and a good crowd.-KS Network
The event created access for direct communication channels with end user.-KS Network
The event, together with formal and informal sessions, was informative.-Symantec
This is a well planned event with impressive polling technology and quality attendees.-Qlik
This event has provided us with networking capabilities.The event is government focused and the round table discussion impressed me.-HID Global
This event has introduced me to a few people, whom I had requested to meet before the event. This event has also provided me with more opportunities to meet with government personnel.-HID Global
The event provided us with a platform to engage with a list of people.-HID Global
The event had a good crowd with good round table session.-Dynatrace
The organizers did a good job on planning the event with quality delegates.-Red Hat
This event is well organised. The key takeaway from the event was knowing that the growing markets are still behind in regards to big data. The organisation was really impressive.-Informatica
The OpenGov event in Perth was a great success, thanks mainly to the exceptional customer focus provided by Leon, Ellen and the events team. I recommend this event to any organisation wishing to engage with government representatives for consultative dialogue.-Telstra
This event is very well run, and all topics was relevant with good speakers. The key takeaway for me is that events like this are invaluable for making and building relationship in government. The quality of speaker and attendance was really impressive.-Atos
This is an excellent engaging event. The key takeaway at the event was that next-gen digitization is happening in Western Australia. I was really impressed with the round table activity, and this makes it different from the others event I attended. The Client handling services was good.-Atos
My experience at this event was that it provided a good audience and I like the round table setup. The key takeaway at the event was having a good story to tell and share. The level of audience/participants was really impressive.-Atos
The key takeaway at the event is the diversity of engagement, range of adoption/maturity of attendees journey. The attendance at the event was impressive. Client handling services was good.-CA Technologies
This is a great event for networking and learning government ICT direction. The key takeaway was the relationship and government direction. I was impressed with the key note by Giles.-EMC
This event allowed me to meet and discuss ICT issues with relevant government agencies. The key takeaway from the event was able to have the contacts and company's supplying the public sector.-Huawei Technologies
The event was well organised and worthwhile. The key takeaway from the event was networking. I was impressed with the amount of key figures from Western Australia government in the IT and ICT area.-Huawei Technologies
This event was a great experience. The key takeaway at the event was being able to know the potential leads and feedback from vendors. I was really impressive with the staffs who manage to help with 1-1 sessions, to create opportunities with potential clients. Overall, the client handling services was very good.-Huawei Technologies
It was an excellent event. The key takeaway at the event was about the leads generation. I was really impressed with the 1-1 meeting. This event is different from others as it provide good assistant.-Huawei Technologies
This is a very useful event. The key takeaway was knowing that government is committed to change. The format of the dialogue table was impressive. The Client handing services was very good.-CA Technologies
This is an excellent networking event with key industry contacts. The key takeaway from the event was the direction on ICT. I was really impressed with the quality of presenters. The client handling services was excellent, very good.-Metronode
This event was well run, with good audience turns out. The key takeaway was the government in change mode. The turn out for the event was impressive.-Nextgen Group
The event had great customer engagement.-VMware
This event is an effective event for sponsors to promote their brand and interact with many users within a short window. This event is different from others, as it is a great platform for the sponsors to interact with the users at the revolving round table format. Impressed with the interaction coming from the users. Surprisingly, the turn out (attendance) is perfect despite the bad weather condition in the morning. Kudos to OpenGov organising team.-Arista Networks
Indonesia OpenGov Forum is a very good event. I like the Open Dialogue Tables format. I was impressed with the level of senior management attending the event. This event is interesting and different from others. The team handling the event was perfect.-Schneider Electric
I was impressed with the level of people attending the event and this event focus a lot on government sector.-Schneider Electric
This event achieved good attendance, and it is very interactive. Good quality turnouts and it is more effective than other events I have attended.-HDS
It is a very good event, very government centric. I was impressed with the delegates that attended, and they are all very committed to the format. This event is different, as there are more opportunities to talk and share with the audience.-HID Global
This event has great preparation and execution. The key takeaway from this event would be the ability to gather information on the challenges faced by governments. The attendance at the event was impressive. This event is different from the rest as it has no comparison.-SAP
This event has a good format for ODT, and it is a different experience. Good that Klaus Felsche is leading the ODT. Has a great experience at the event.-PT. Sinergi Wahana Gemilang
The team demonstrated fast response. The key takeaway at the event was getting to know about new technology and being able to get new technology for the community. This event is good, as it allows me to know about new things and ideas from government.-PT. Sinergi Wahana Gemilang
I was impressed by the good number of senior delegates, and good organisation provided by OpenGov team. This event is different from others with its roundtable format and the yield was greatly positive.-Lockheed Martin
This event was well organised by an experienced team. Polling devices used during the dialogue were useful.-Raytheon | Websense
The key takeaway for this event tells that the security challenges in Singapore are consistent with the rest of the world. I was very impressed by the very smart attendance. This event was different from others as getting input from the crowds during polling sessions was great.The service given by the team was fantastic.-Raytheon | Websense
The team was well organised and able to run the program smoothly. Mohit does an excellent job by making the audience speak out.-Raytheon | Websense 
My experience at this event was really great. The team was organised and able to provide quality attendees, thus able to drive the dialogue session.-Raytheon | Websense 
This event allows good engagement of participants. The key takeaway at the event was the thought process of the different agencies. The turn out of the various agencies management was impressive. This event was unique with its quality of attendees.-Raytheon | Websense
Very dynamic workshop with high ranking officers and decision makers has enabled us to grow adoption and utilization of collaboration solutions in the Indonesian market. Awareness of technology and of the Polycom brand is the biggest challenge faced in marketing to the public sector. We continue to be keen to grow the use of collaboration solutions in different public sector organisation, using effective platforms like dialogue breakfasts.-Polycom
It was an excellent event with seamless preparation, perfect time management and very constructive discussion.-Polycom
The biggest challenge for Polycom is to reach to the relevant decision-makers in the public sector. Only OpenGov can get an audience of this caliber. -Polycom
The key takeaway was being able to hear the issues, challenges, results and opportunities for follow up quality conversations. I was impressed by the quality of dialogue and clients. OpenGov event is unique and the service provided was excellent.-CA Technologies
A great platform to hear challenges and best practices from various agencies. Participants were open to sharing.- Akamai
The wonderful team made both days successful with satisfactory outcome or the participants. Great experience as the quality of the event and service is excellent. The team is very professional and passionate.-Schneider Electric
This was a great event to meet the key shareholders in the Malaysia education sector during dialogue session, and we are able to learn about their top concerns. Good contacts through this event, allowing me to follow up with potential opportunities. The audience delivered to the event was generally high quality and impressive.-RM Results 
The turnout at the event was positive and impressive.-Schneider Electric
The crowds are relevant to our target group and we managed to get more contacts with the public sectors. Organizer team was friendly and supportive.-REDtone
It was a pleasant experience at the event. The key takeaway was about the Malaysia plan from 2016-2020. The attendance rate on 1 to 1 meeting was impressive. Organizers were very proactive and cooperative.-Micro Focus
The organizers were good and very co-operative.-Integrasi Erat
Able to build good networks from different agencies on site.-Fortinet
Good experience at the event and it allows us to build up a good networking session.-Peritech
The supporting team for this event was competent. Dialogue table sessions was very impressive.-AGA Group
Great turnout and calibre of delegates in terms of seniority and decision making authority. It was a very focused event. The whole team rocks!-D2L
The breakfast dialogue was a good sharing session between agencies with valuable insights. The audience level was impressive and the service given by the team was very good.-CA Technologies
The key takeaway from the event was the awareness level of IDA mandate for government agencies is quite high and there seems to be a ready market for Data Center assessments. Great moderation by Mohit and this event was based on a very focused format.-Schneider Electric
This event was a very good platform to capture executive and current state of environment and challenges. It is also a great opportunity to present CA current strategy to demonstrate relevance to current state of IT business challenges. The key takeaway from the event was understanding government sector's motivation towards digital transformation and knowing that they already embarked on the journey, uncovering challenges along the way. I was impressed by the level of engagement, participation and the amount of information, most importantly, the executives were willing to share. This event is different from others, as it has greater participation/discussion and less presentation from sponsor.-CA Technologies
Event was very well done. Good exposure and large number of delegates. We will be back.-Lockheed Martin
Good content sharing and event organisation with new leads generated.-Latize
The content, audience profile, the speakers and the panelists impressed me. It is interesting to listen to the speakers talk about the challenges that the governments face and at the same time, discuss ideas about building a smart nation.-Emerson Network Power
Very government focused event and I am impressed with roundtable discussions.-SAS Institute
My experience at the event is very good and I am impressed with roundtable discussions.- K2
Good support! Great event! Good speech.-Konica Minolta
The key takeaway for this event is realising our solutions are relevant for this market. I am impressed with the roundtable format. Very interactive!-VMware
Good Event and good quality delegates.-Anonymous
This event is good, as it provides the platform for different organisations to come together to understand and discuss issues faced in moving towards digital transformations. The key takeaway for the event was the content and discussions. The attendance for the breakfast dialogue were really impressive. This event is good as it provides the platform for different organisations to come together to understand and discuss about issues faced in moving towards digital transformations. The key takeaway for the event was the content and discussions. -Anonymous
This event has great organisation and preparation. I was really impressed with the attention given during the event by the organisation. Service was excellent.-Anonymous
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