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Delegate Testimonials

Excellent event which gamification the key security concepts – Senior Manager, HSBC
It’s a very good event! – IT Director, UBS Group AG
Gamification very interesting and a lively event! – Senior Director, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company
Gamification was just great! - JETCO
I would like to attend such event in the future and do a similar exercise with my group companies- Information Security Manager,Swire Pacific
It is the best time to join a forum with games which relate to various market leading technologies. It is fun & enjoyable - Associate Director - Infrastructure and Operations, China Securities International Finance Holding
The key learning for me was to learn about new uses of Data, Blockchain & AI - Director, Digital Services IP Australia
Learnt about developments in government and technology -   Director, Commonwealth Information Policy , National Archives of Australia
Very good experience. Excellent mix of people - Director, Australian Digital Health Agency
The interactive approach is very effective approach & also the best practices and knowledge sharing - Chief Information Officer, National Electrification Administration
Excellent formula to generate dialogue and create awareness relative to emerging and existing issues - Senior Advisor, E-Learning IT, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University
Crowd representatives from various government agencies - Senior Manager, Duke-NUS Medical School
Interesting and Informative - Chief Information Officer, Supreme Court
Excellent platform of both Govt sector and private ICT vendors sharing experiences and technologies for the transformation of Singapore. The whole team is great - Head/Projects/Temasek SkillsFuture Academy, Temasek Polytechnic
OpenGov has the best interactivity among all conferences I have been to - Associate Director, Singapore Management University
A great opportunity to hear from colleagues about the state of analytics across the public sector - Manager - Enterprise Data Warehouse, Department of Corrections
Interesting conversation and cross agency views - Deputy Director Technology, NZ Police
I really like the focus on people, culture and focus on outcomes - Acting Director - Relationship Management, Department of Internal Affairs
I liked the approach to facilitate a discussion with peers as opposed to being talked at - General Manager - Service Innovation, Department of Internal Affairs
Really useful to hear experiences of others trying to create value with analytics. It is not about the tech, it is about the people and culture - Group Manager - Analysis, Research & Evaluation, Ministry of Education
As always, OpenGov organised an engaging and highly interactive event. Very worthwhile! - Deputy Government Chief Digital Officer, Department of Internal Affairs
Happy sharing knowledge & understanding - Technical Director, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, National Informatics Centre
Very contributory - Technical Director, National Informatics Centre
Dashboards for government - Sr. Technical Director, e-Taal, Digital Payments, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
It was good interactive event where good interaction happened among different participation - Additional Director, Office of Registrar General, India, Ministry of Home Affairs
Good - Joint General Manager, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism
The event was very well organized - Director, Computerisation & Information System, Ministry of Railways
Very interactive and evangelic session - Director, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
Case studies was the key learning feature of this event - Assistant Manager Management Information System, Management Development Institute of Singapore
Great event, good simulation.Game simulation was the best feature of this event - Information Security Officer, Singapore Health Services/IHiS
Very engaging gamification. Definitely a good approach we can bring back to our engineering OT folks. Key learning was that establishing audit right from start for gap analysis is the key.Best feature was engaging and interesting game simulation - Senior Manager IT Security, PSA Corporation Limited
Informative and fun - Lead Network & Security Specialist (Network and Security)
Quite an interactive experience. Key learning in this event was that the cybersecurity threat to all can cause tremendous impact. Interactive game simulation was best feature of this event - Manager, National University Hospital, Singapore
Different experience with the simulation. Key learning was that Malware is always occurring - Head, SGTech
Great simulation exercise that covers realistic scenario.Key learning was that the delay addressing root cause can cost more in the long run.Simulation game was the best feature of this event - IT Security Lead, Singapore University of Technology and Design
Good exposure with some realism to looking at inside and threats around to solve them. Understand the threats and prioritise the mistakes and prediction plans.Simulation game was the best feature of this event - Assistant Head, IT Security, Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Refreshing take on Cybersecurity. Planning and architecture design was key learning for me. Simulation game was the best feature of this event - Manager - School of Technology, Management Development Institute of Singapore
This is a good event and well planned with relevant content - Deputy Director (Security), Group Information Technology Division, GovTech
Game scenarios are fun. Key learning from this event was planning ahead and consider costs of remediation actions - Assistant Director, CIO Office
Great fun and instructive - Deputy Director, Information Systems Department, Singapore National Water Agency, PUB
Refreshing experience with simulation.Key learning was that cybersecurity is sophisticated and complex . Best feature is the interesting concept to raise cybersecurity measures - Deputy Director, Technology Department, Singapore Civil Defence Force
A good informative understanding of cyber physical security. Good networking was one of the best features of this event - Deputy Director, School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology, Singapore Polytechnic
The training was very informative and the case study group discussion was awesome . Key learning was about the cyber threat importance and the necessity to be a part of every one's responsibility. Group discussion and activity was the best feature of the event - Assistant Director Management Information System (MIS), E-Learning Department, Management Development Institute of Singapore
Very interesting games. Everyone at the table were engaged. The simulation game was the best feature of this event - Assistant Director Operations Management (MHA SOC), Ministry of Home Affairs
It was very interactive and informative. Provided an important aspect of awareness for cybersecurity. A minimum budget will go a long way to cyber security was one of the key learning.Wrap up discussion was one of the best features of this event - Senior Director, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Very interesting simulation from Kaspersky. Helps understand better how it work briefly and how action have direct impact to money - Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of Transport
Gained knowledge on challenges and strategies to benefit from Cloud and mobility networking - IT Engineer, Ministry of Transportation
Good experience and insights. Marlis was very helpful in the coordination. Learned on new technology trend and solutions - Assistant Vice President IT Operation and Support, PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) - Holding
Good event. Learned how to make movements for a better environment - Head of Data Center and Application, Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure
Learnt the best practices and other experiences - Group Head Data Processing, Corruption Eradication Commission
Event is very good for me and my organisation specially to know about new technology for education. Learned new Technology, new brand, and gained new knowledge - Head of IT Planning, Ministry of Education and Culture
Great meeting that gives opportunity to learn more new knowledge. Gained new ideas on e-Government - Head of IT Coordinator, Wantiknas
The event is excellent, bring new perspective and new idea. Mohit is a great speaker. Learned about solutions from another countries - Head of IT Planning and Gov coordinator, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia
Fruitful discussion and great sharing - Head of System Operation, Monitoringand Evaluation, Ministry of Home Affairs
Nice event. Learnt about new technologies and gained insights - Head of Data Center, Ministry of Home Affairs
The event gives us so much information about best practices on how technology can be implemented in our daily activities or in our job. My key learning point is that Innovation is really important, especially in technology because in the future it will make our life more effective and efficient. - Head of IT Programming and Evaluation, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing
Excellent as before. Sharing session was fantastic - Sub-Head of IT Division, The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia
Very good event, exchange experiences with other participants. My key learning point is the importance of using technology to support organisation's missio - Head of Security Assurance Division, Ministry of Defence
We must change our minset to improve. My key learning point is the importance of Smart Technology - Head of System and Application, Bapertarum (PNS)
Learning about new cutting-edge technology - Head of Information Technology and Communication, Geospatial Information Agency (BIG)
Many knowledge and experience from other participants which is very good. My key learning point is the importance of Cloud base knowledge and information. - Chief of Operational Jakarta Smart City, Office of Communications Information and Statistics of Province DKI Jakarta
The ODT sessions are fun, some of it using interesting problems. My key learning point is the importance of Smart mobility and AI - Head of IT Information and Datawarehouse, Bank Muamalat Indonesia
Good event. My key learning point is the importance of sharing ideas and challenges - Head of Business Development, PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) TBK
Broadened knowledge of IT Development. Government policies should align with the startup issues. I learnt the importance of Digital Transformation - IT Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture
It's interesting, good job. My key learning point is Digital Improvement - IT Analyst, Ministry of Agriculture
Awesome. Got many information and experiences from other agencies and organisations - Sub-Head of IT Management, Corruption Eradication Commission
Learning journey and very interesting - Head of ICT Research, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta
Delivering seamless services. I learnt how digitalised we are - Head of IT, PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero) - Holding
Interesting. My key learning point was the sharing knowledge, strategies - Chief of Budget and Finance Application Maintenance Division, Indonesian Navy
Interactive and lovely - SVP - Enterprise Solutions Head, PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia
Good. My key learning point is the importance of Cyber Security, Digital Technology and AI - Head of IT Infrastructure Management, PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia
It will be nice if we have more time, this should be a 2-day event. My key learning point is the importance of IT/Data Centre - Sub-Head of IT Data Centre, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing
Good to know the experience of other companies handling data and how to secure the data. My key learning point is the knowledge on how far the IT technology goes - Senior Manager of Engineering and Operations System, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)
The event was held in interactive and innovative way - Deputy Director, Bank Indonesia
The game and discussion are interesting. Meeting with other to share their experience - AVP - IT and Security Architecture, Bank Negara Indonesia
Good insights and discussion. My key learning point came from the cross-industry insights - Head of IT Governance, Bank Muamalat Indonesia
Improved my knowledge - Head of IT Infrastructure, Ministry of Religious Affairs
This is a good event to update knowledge and networking. We can find the right solution to overcome the problem that organisation faced - Head of Tech Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Great event. New idea, insight and information from the speakers - Head of Information Systems Department, Brawijaya University
Good event. My key learning point is that we need to improve our capability and knowledge also sharing - Head of Cyber Operations Division, Ministry of Defence
This is a good event. Gained new insight and experience for us. My key learning point is the importance of AI Technology - AVP - IT Core Banking & Satellite Head, PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia, TBK
Learned the importance of integrated data. My key learning point is the importance of Big Data - Head of Information Technology, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
It was nice topics from Singapore and Estonia on implementing digital solution for public and private services. I learned the importance of leadership and policies to enable digital implementation - Head of Data and Information, Coordinating Ministry For Maritime Affairs
Good, new method for better seminar. Informative, active event - Head of Program Section and Implementation of Technology, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology
Very good. I know what government should do according to digital "disruptive" transformation that is coming now - Head of IT System, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
This is an excellent event for knowledge and networking sharing. My key learning point is the importance of Cyber Security - Head of Industry Application and Content, Mastel
Sharing knowledge of cyber security practical implementation - Sub-Head of IT Network, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology
Great. My key learning point is the importance of the usage of Big Data - Director of Information Technology Development, National Civil Service Agency
Interesting, gained lots of experience. My key learning point is the interactive discussion - Head of Division System and IT, Ministry of Social Affairs
This event is a very good forum for stakeholders from diverse fields to engage in conversations about AI and its impact - Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University
It provided me insights into the challenge and use cases of AI - Deputy Director - School of Engineering, Republic Polytechnic
This is a great event which brings lots of different field/industry/government/research institute, good mix of participants will make event more comprehensive - Senior Manager, Temasek Laboratories, Singapore University of Technology & Design
Good that the organisers are putting together people of different background to share and debate over this - Advisor, Smart City and Digital Government, Singapore Cooperation Enterprise
Great pool of attendees, representative of SG government agencies. Good conversations - Assistant Director, Investment, SGInnovate
Pretty insightful - Associate Director, Infrastructure, National University of Singapore
It is a well curated and facilitated discussion - Head, Services & Digital Economy/Innovation & Enterprise, National Research Foundation - Services & Digital Economy
Good overview of the landscape in this area - Assistant Head, Strategy Services & Digital Economy, National Research Foundation
Usual enjoyment - Director, E-Learning and IT Services, Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Engaging and fruitful event - Deputy Director, E-Learning and IT Services, Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
It is a very good opportunity for people for different agencies/organisations to exchange ideas/information together - Senior Research Manager, Centre Manager, Nanyang Technological University
Good to hear sharing from other organisations on the uses cases for AI - Director, Defence Technology Collaboration Office, Ministry of Defence
Good networking place with like-minded people in government - Senior Consultant, Intelligent Computing Labs Technology Solutions, Info-communications Media Development Authority
The EO is very persistent in following up. The facilitation is very good. The learning is good and efficient - Vice President, Digital Technologies Cluster, Commercialization Division, Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd, A*STAR
The opportunity to connect with technology leaders in the AI space as well as other professionals who are looking to leverage those emerging technologies was invaluable - Head, AI Applications, AI Singapore
Interesting to know how other agencies are leveraging AI with respect to their work/solving their problems - Deputy Director, Information Technology Shared Services, Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Thank you Karen for inviting me to attend such a wonderful workshop. This workshop really allow maximum audience participation and we learn a lot thru both your experts and from fellow practitioners in Government space. Keep it up! - Technical Services Consultant - National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office Singapore
Very educational, challenging scenarios and experienced/knowledgeable facilitators - Deputy Director Cyber Security Operations, Ministry of Home Affairs
The interactive nature is very engaging - Deputy Director, E-Learning and IT Services, Nanyang Technological University
Awesome ! - Senior Infocomm Specialist, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
The gamification approach provided a refreshing way for participants to interact and learn from one another - Deputy Director Enterprise Architecture, Ministry of Defence
Refreshing scenario plays, I enjoyed the participation and the whole set-up, I would strongly recommend future participants, thanks for the fruitful experience - Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources
Good event ! - IT Security Manager, Building and Construction Authority
Excellent table top exercise and very interactive - Senior Manager Cyber Security, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Another excellent event hosted by OpenGov with sharing and learning among participants and facilitators - Technical Services Consultant, National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office
Good experience - Assistant Director Technical Services, People's Association
Eye-opening experience - Systems Engineer, Temasek Polytechnic
Unique and different from other events - Infocomm Officer, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
The event was very interactive and provided a very high-level concept on security in today's IT environment - Assistant Manager, Business Systems, JTC Corporation
Very good gamification, bonds the team and gets people working.  Awesome effort by the 3 vendors and OpenGov - Systems Analyst, Cyber Security, PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
Very enjoyable and entertaining gamification event - Senior Manager Business Systems Department, JTC Corporation
Fun and interesting way to bring message across - Senior Manager (Application Services), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
Interesting way of delivering the security message to audience - Manager Databases, Land Transport Authority
Very interesting way to run the seminar via games - Senior Manager, Solutions Integrator, Land Transport Authority
A new and refreshing way to conduct an event - Assistant Director, Operations Management, Ministry of Home Affairs
It is very enriching and love the way how this workshop is being organised - Senior Manager (IT Control & Governance), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
Games session provided a different experience for all and participants to share their ideas and experience - Information Technology Consultant, Singapore Labour Foundation
Best of Cyber workshops/seminar I have ever attended! - Head of Division, Cyber Security, PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
The group discussion was engaging, allowing us to have an appreciation of the other members perspective relating to their organisation - Head of Information Technology, Duke-NUS Medical School
Eye-opening experience - Systems Engineer, Temasek Polytechnic
The security game is good to participate in - Director,Information Technology Ministry of Human Resources
Very good and engaging session especially the security board games - Assistant Director Information Technology - Data Centre Management and Systerms Unit, Department of Immigration
Good Session  - Chief Assistant Director, Department of Immigration
Learnt basic development in Cyber Security - Assistant Director General, Department of Labour
An eye opening especially during the simulation - Senior Assistant Director Information Technology, Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia
Interesting and very enlightening - Senior Assistant Director Information Technology, Accountant General's Department
Good activity to expose and educate staff about threats & action to be taken in handling with cyber security - Head of Data Centre, Ministry of Defence
Very good event to collaborate within industry and government - Deputy Director of System Management, MARA University of Technology (UiTM)
It is a fun and engaging simulation - Director of Cyber Security,National Defence University of Malaysia
Interactive & Good knowledge sharing - Head of IT Security, Employee Provident Fund
Very resourceful and good scenario exposure and explanation - Head of IT Network and Security, Kuala Lumpur General Hospital
Very good, sharing experience with participant - Good knowledge gaining in the games - Head of IT Security, MARA University of Technology (UiTM)
Good knowledge sharing session. Thank you for organising - Senior ICT Officer, National Clinical Research Centre
Learnt about Security and data centre - Head of Information Technology, National Defence University of Malaysia
It's a good session - Head of Information Technology Section, Department of Town and Country Planning Malaysia
Fun and stimulating. Strategise the action based on the attacks   - Head of IT Security, KPJ Healthcare Berhad
My background is on Application Development; Very informative and fun to learn more about Cyber attacks and needs for preventions - Head of IT Application, Department of Town and Country Planning
Fun and educating like nowhere else   - Director - Information Technology Division, Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia
Good networking, meeting the peers   - Head of ICT Security, KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhd
Simulation game is very interesting - General Manager, Sirim Berhad
Great information sharing and game challenge - Principal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Health
Great workshop focusing on interaction and sharing realistic case studies - National Research Foundation
Excellent knowledge sharing from participants and speakers - Building and Construction Authority 
Good to learn of latest features in DCIM - Info-Communications Media Development Authority 
Able to know more about DCIM and tools available - Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
Simple and informative event - National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC) Singapore
Great info discussed throughout the event - People's Association
Gained more information regarding DC - Building and Construction Authority 
It is a good introduction to what DCIM is about - Ministry of Manpower
DCIM presentation was very informative and interesting - Land Transport Authority
The event was well organised. Perhaps contents can be improved. Speakers were great in their presentations - Info-Communications Media Development Authority 
Informative workshop, presentations by speakers are excellent – Building and Construction Authority 
Interactive - Info-Communications Media Development Authority 
Pretty good workshop session - good domain knowledge on DCIM & DCLs - Land Transport Authority
Interesting to learn about the different concerns from various government agencies and academics - National Supercomputing Centre Singapore
Good to understand the concerns and interests of the participants and see how NSCC & AI Singapore can be an enabler - National Supercomputing Centre Singapore
Useful facilitator of open cross-industry / sector discussion on AI 2.0 - Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd (IHIS)
Great dialogue session to learn the status of AI, adoption progress in the public sector - Temasek International Pte Ltd
Was interesting to meet the other participants and get their views as the importance of AI Technology - Agency For Science, Technology and Research (Computational Resource Centre)
Interesting to understand the perspectives of different organisations in AI - Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
Good Event. Learnt a lot of things - Institute of Systems Science, NUS
It was very insightful - Agency For Science, Technology and Research 
It's a wonderful event to exchange ideas and hear different applications of AI in different domain - LILY Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University
It has opened my mind to ideas about AI - Singapore Health Services
Informative and Interactive session - Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Thought Provoking - Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Very informative and interesting discussion on the challenges faced in implementing AI in the various organisations - Ministry of Defence
Good job! Well organised event with participants encouraged to share their views Participants come from different organisation which gave me a good sensing of different perspectives and views - Ministry of Defence
Well organised and thoughtful line-up of speakers and participants excellent insights shared - National Research Foundation Prime Minister's Office 
It's a useful sharing of experience and understanding of the level of adoption especially amongst government agencies - Economic Development Board
Mixed views on AI - Agency For Science, Technology and Research Agency
Good sharing & insights from good representation of education institutions in Singapore - Ngee Ann Polytechnic
An excellent platform for interaction on Future Education using Digital Education - Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
A good mix of educators and practitioners engaged in a meaningful conversation. The set of questions to probe and challenge our thinking was useful - Singapore Polytechnic
Reasonable sharing of opinions on various issues - Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
Good sharing and discussion within Education community - Institute of Technical Education 
Great sharing and learning from all the high-level executives at the event - Management Development Institute of Singapore
OpenGov organised the event well. Mohit is a very strong facilitator to drive engagement and good input in every session - Singapore Management University
A different and refreshing format involving interactivity - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Excellent - putting it simply for people like me to understand better - Management Development Institute of Singapore
Thought provoking - gave me some ideas - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Very informative discussion - Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
I like the format, very interactive, allows for more in-depth sharing - Republic Polytechnic
Continues to focus participants on the larger 'hard problems' related to the educational narrative - Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Diversity of ideas shared - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
The response from various participants were interesting - Singapore Management University
Excellent open sharing - Temasek Polytechnic
Insightful & Talk and a great interaction session - Nanyang Polytechnic
It provides a lot of insights on students & university - Nanyang Technological University
It was insightful and great networking opportunity - Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)
Great and impressive meeting, get us sharing idea - Taksin Hospital
How to improve patient satisfaction - Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital
Good contribution from everybody - Chulabhorn Royal Academy
Many opportunities to express yourself - Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital
The topic is too direct to the event sponsor. It benefits the event sponsor more than the hospital participants needs in general. The conference should gear towards to participants needs. So I will not recommend other attendees to this event in the future - Bangkok Dusit Medical Services
Interactive, open new ideas - Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
Disruptive, provocative - Bangkok Dusit Medical Services
A very comfortable well organised event. Lots of experiences sharing from other organisation & service provider - Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital
Very informative and thought provoking - Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital
Excellent sharing of ideas & experiences which made it very productive session - Max Healthcare
A good discussion related to digital transformation (cloud policy) - Department of Agrarian Reform
It was a great learning experience. I hope I'll be able to attend next event of OpenGov - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Not happy that my associate was the only person seated at the back row. Given the number of vacant seats - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Very informative and collaborative - Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG)
Good exchange of ideas - Home Guaranty Corporation
Fruitful discussion with different agencies including their perceptions and plans on how to mitigate risk - PAGCOR
Good discussion, Mohit got everyone to talk - Government Service Insurance System
The time for this has finally come. I got useful info for our senior managers to use - Cultural Center of the Philippines
Better appreciation of cloud based technology - Home Guaranty Corporation
Transformation is not an individual journey. It's a collaborative effort and the event perfectly matched to it  - Department of Budget and Management
The event gave new better perspective on Data Transformation by using the cloud being a tool for data analysis, and have increased application of the data to innovate government processes - Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG)
It is very enlightening. It should be offered to all heads of agencies - PAGCOR
The discussions enlightened me on the state of OpenGov, the readiness of implementations, and the need to change to cloud-centric data platform - Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Insightful - Department of Education
I like the case, actual experience on how technology aids the organisation such as IUUM - National Irrigation Administration
More information was acquired regarding cloud and security - Data Privacy and Information dissemination
Good sharing and many insights on initiatives across the industry - Accountant-General's Department - Ministry of Finance
Interesting to learn about the data analytics experience of other agencies and the challenges faced by them - Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore 
Insightful, useful platform for sharing - Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore 
Listening to what different agencies are doing was insightful.  Would have loved to learn what existing tool are out there - Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore 
Good mix of audience, everyone is candid about their experience, definitely fruitful session - Economic Development Board
Engaging, good sharing by participants throughout - Government Technology Agency (GovTech)
Rich insights from all participants - Ministry of Finance
Good sharing of success cases and warehouse concepts - Ministry of Health
A good exchange of issues and challenges on embarking data analytics in the public sector - Ministry of Home Affairs
Very good info - Ministry of Manpower
Happy to have heard different perspectives from participants - Ministry of Social and Family Development
An interesting event for agencies to come together to share and discuss on their existing plans for analytics - PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
Good for different agencies to come together to share different perspectives about embarking data analytics journey - PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
Great Q & A session, interactive - PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency
Insightful to know what the other agencies are doing with data - VITAL - Ministry of Finance
I would like to thank you for your excellent coordination and super-efficient handling of all arrangements. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you. I look forward to remaining in touch.
- The World Bank, Singapore
The peer discussions was the best feature of the event.
- Court Services Victoria
It was an opportunity to hear about current issues.
- Public Record Office Victoria
Informative and validated my organisation strategies.
- Wodonga Institute of  Tafe
Well organised and relevant topics for discussion. The format was engaging and it was great that it had an international flair and good mix of Government vendors and University authors.. The best feature was the good balance between listening/talking. Loved the table features.
- State Revenue Office Victoria
Very interesting and engaging event with useful information was shared with good networking opportunities. The best feature of the event was the presentation of topics and content.
- Land Use Victoria
I really enjoyed the round table discussion, great format to learn and share. The best feature of this event was the good flowing format.
- Sustainability Victoria
The event provided an opportunity to think creatively and connect with other ideas.
- Australian Taxation Office
Fast paced and interactive event.
- Latrobe City Council
Great event with so many interesting project stories.
- City of Whittlesea
The forum provides a welcome opportunity to network with peers and learn from their experiences and predictions.
- City of Casey
It was very insightful and interesting. The table rotations was the best feature of the event.
- State Revenue Office Victoria
This is the fourth time I attended the conference and it is one of the most important event I choose to attend, mainly because it is focused on government sector and well run. The dialogue format is very good. The dialogue sessions were very useful for sharing information, moderated panel sessions were also great.
- Mitchell Shire Council
I think that you have delivered a really good forum. The speakers were really interesting and shared a lot of useful information. A lot was learnt through the dialogue session. This is a good approach. It was a great Day, Very valuable.
- Public Record Office Victoria
The best feature of the event were the group discussions and presentations.
- City of Casey
The event was informative and facilitated interaction, covered the contemporary topics relevant to the broad audience. The round table discussions was the best feature of the event.
- Mitchell Shire Council
The breakout discussions were the best feature. 
- Health Purchasing Victoria
The event is well organised and gives government staff the opportunity to network and hear engaging presentations. The best feature of the event was that people from a wide range of public sector organisations were brought together.
- Public Record Office Victoria
Great work, very informative-excellent networking opportunity and thought provoking event.
- Goulburn Valley Water
Enjoyed the format, interaction and use of surveys. We were able to share experiences with attendees and learn from them, along with the keynote speakers.
- Agriculture Victoria
The mediator discussions were very impressive. The mediator discussions were very impressive. Topics were good enough to trigger interesting discussions on my table. The best feature of the event was the comparison with the technology and data availability between Singapore and Victoria, and also the speakers from Overseas and vendors. 
- Victorian Auditor-General's Office
Great experience in expanding my professional network amd realise challenges from other organisation. The best feature of this event were the engaging speakers and interesting topics.
- Taxi Services Commission
Well organised, innovative delivery. Terrific materials and speakers. The best feature of this event were the table discussions.
- Department of Health and Human Services
Great Event, I enjoyed the maturity of the discussions and the speakers were excellent. 
- Department of Premier and Cabinet
Good diverse group of participants, good discussion. The best feature of the event is the diversity.
- Government Technology Agency of Singapore
Great event and organisation! The key learning points are user experience and security. The best feature of the event is the ODT format (better than how others have done it)
- Department of Statistics - Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore
I enjoyed the dialogues and exchanges during the roundtable discussions. My key learning point is understanding the problem prior to implementation of data strategy is important. The best features of the event are the presentations and roundtable discussion.
- Monetary Authority of Singapore - Fintech & Innovation Group, Singapore
The technology updates on options available, very relevant areas of immediate concern were successfully presented in an easy to understand manner. My key takeaways include getting future ready and deal with Cyber Threats. The best features of the event are the table discussions and interactions with other participants.
- National Environment Agency, Singapore
Interesting speakers and discussions at the tables. The key learning points from the event is focus on security and HR. The best feature of the event are the discussion tables with presentations.
- Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore
An awesome event with higher energy level, current content and good insights. Minister's speech was very informative in terms of priority areas going forward. The best feature of the event include the energy and participation.
- Info-Communications Media Development Authority - Development Group, Singapore
Well organised, with relevant content to current issues and possible opportunities in today's context. The key learning point is NEA is not alone in facing some of the issues as well as Singapore is also not alone. The best feature of the event is the fun element in each table discussion is great!
- Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A-STAR) , Singapore
This event is fantastic and covered all important areas of IT required for Smart Nation. The key learning points include IOT, security, mobility, big data and analytics. The best feature of the event are the Dialogue sessions.
- National Environment Agency, Singapore
Good sharing of information which beneficial to us. The dialogue session is the best feature of this event. My key learning point is that Digital transformation is a journey. The best feature of the event is the Dialogue session.
- LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
Excellent eye-opening and lots of information sharing. The key learning point is data security. The event is well organised and the best feature of the event are the groupings.
- Singapore Eye Research Institute
Interactive, information and experience sharing is good. The key learning point is the Info sharing. The best feature of the event is how all the institutions are sharing.
- Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE)
Good interactions. The key learning point is the knowledge sharing.   The best feature of the event is the interactive sessions.
- Health Sciences Authority, Singapore
Excellent exchange of information concerning digital transformation. The best feature of the event is the presentations and the exhibitions.
- Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
Great insights, very interactive. The best feature of the event are the rotations among the tables, short and sharp presentation, varied experience.
- Workforce Singapore (WSG)
Informative, interesting, nice to learn, what others are doing. The best feature of the event is the roundtable discussion.
- Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Great content, vendors and delegates packed into a day! Great job and excellent energy!
- Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
Good table discussion and lots of innovative ideas.
- Info-Communications Media Development Authority - Development Group, Singapore
Well organised and excellent sharing and learning opportunities. The table discussion, professionalism and politeness of OpenGov staffs is the best feature of the event.
- People's Association, Singapore
Useful learning. The key learning point from the event is that data management and analytics is key.
- Home Team Academy, Singapore
Well organised, relevant sharing.
- Ministry of National Development, Singapore
Excellent event to gain knowledge about digital government. The polling is the best feature of the event.
- Ministry of Transportation, Indonesia
Mind opener event. The best part of the event is the expert sharing. I also how to use technology to solve problems.
- Directorate General of Taxation, Indonesia
The event is very useful for me, especially during the dialogue session that we can share best practices and experiences.
- National Civil Service Agency, Indonesia
I learn a lot on Green data centre and Security from the dialogue tables.
-  Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Indonesia
I gain more knowledge and build new networks. The best feature of the event is the dialogue session.
- Ministry of State Secretariat, Indonesia
Very active seminar.
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
Very good. There is a lot of networking.
- Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Nice event concept presentation by expert, good forms of discussion. I learn about innovation of technology for government to being satisfied by citizen.
- Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Indonesia
It is a new experience. An innovate way to organise an event. The sharing knowledge is very useful. I also learn about open government approaches.
- Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Indonesia
Good nice discussion. I learn more about Big Data.
- Ministry of Religious Affairs, Indonesia
Blockchain is new approach to digitalisation for better services.
- Coordinating Ministry For Maritime Affairs, Indonesia
The discussion & information are very useful.
- PT Pertamina (Persero), Indonesia
This is a good event to upgrade my skills and knowledge yet to make new networking opportunities. The best part of the event is the dialogue table.
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
Very efficient and effective Discussion forum. The polling is the best feature.
- Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
A nice forum to discussion to share on how government institution in Indonesia in implementing open data and data analytics. I learn a lot from the sharing session from the dialogue tables.
- Corruption Eradication Commission, Indonesia
Inspiring experience.
- The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia
What I know, everything in this event is very good. Please do more.
- Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia
This is a good event give me new experience in new technology.
- Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Indonesia
- Telkom, Indonesia
Good format to source updates, info and insight. Learning new things from the delegate.
- World Resources Institute (WRI), Indonesia
Digital transformation need a plan and stay committed, we got clues, ideas to make it true from OGLF.
- DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Great event, the best feature of the event is the roundtable. All is perfect!
- Mandiri Capital, Indonesia
A very attractive communication session.
- DBS Indonesia
It helps public sector/ government staff to discover the mystery of IT.
- Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Learning and sharing experiences. I learned how government like Singapore uses digitisation to provide better services to their citizens.
- DRB-HICOM Berhad, Malaysia
Very good exposure to new technology and offers experience in using the current technology. The best part of the forum is the technology sharing.
- Ministry of Education, Malaysia
Amazing and excellent!
- Department of Personal Data Protection Malaysia
The discussion that was assigned in each table was the best feature of the event. More information/ knowledge/ experience being showed together.
- National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Malaysia
 Great knowledge sharing with peers.
Data Centre MAMPU, Malaysia
Awesome! It is really an eye opener to new technologies and knowledge sharing in various experiences and best practices.
- State Office Secretary Information Management Division Perak State Office, Malaysia
 Very interesting and good platform to share knowledge and experiences. The best feature is the roundtable discussion
- Accountant General's Department of Malaysia
Great platform to update new trends of technology and concepts in IT in one setting
- Division Ministry of Health, Malaysia
New exposure, good input and knowledge sharing
- Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government, Malaysia
Information update on ICT technology, data and technicality
- Malaysia Civil Defence Force
This forum provides insights and information for us to drive digital transformation in our agency. The roundtable format is the best feature of this forum
- Malaysia Airlines Berhad
Very good platform to obtain new insight on open government initiatives. Great speakers, Table migration of ideas and Themes are awesome
- Department of Statistics Malaysia
Well organised and participative. First-hand information from vendor and sharing of information and references. Case studies of successful implementation
- Economic Planning Unit Information, Malaysia
Update on ICT technology, data and technicality. My key learning point at the event is I learned more about IT Security
- Malaysia Civil Defence Force
Great! There was a lot of information. The voting session was the best feature
- Valuation and Property Services Department, Malaysia
Excellent. Lots of information gathered. I love how the event was conducted
- Pahang State Secretary Office, Malaysia
Good topic and speakers
- Permai Hospital, Malaysia
Exposure on the digital technology enabler. Networking with various people in government
- Telekom Malaysia Berhad
A session of good knowledge gained. I get to understand how we can move towards cloud computing
- Hospital Serdang, Malaysia
The event demonstrated the importance of collecting and building data and assessing/ analysing data so that policy makers can make sound policies, present and activate projects to improve the delivery of public services and increase concentrating things together
- Department of Budget and Management, Philippines
Actual sharing provided an insight and an affirmation of experiences in data analytics and Cloud. Best practices in Big Data management/ data analytics
- National Electrification Administration (NEA),Philippines
It is a great venue for government, industry and academic to discuss, learn, and network with a common goal to improve our services through technology
- Commission on Higher Education, Philippines
I learnt a lot from the experiences shared by participants of ODT. I gained new insights and drivers of a successful digital transformation of an agency
- Department of Education, Philippines
It is an opportunity to share with other government agencies to share experiences and probably develop allies where we can streamline the services for effectiveness
- Commission on Election, Philippines
ODT is amazing! The best feature of this event is the conduct of ODT
- Securities and Exchange Commission, Philippines
It was an eye-opener especially on cloud, cybersecurity, digital disruption. The mindset has to be changed due to the Government's decision to go digital
- Philippine Commission on Women
Excellent knowledge sharing from participants and technical entity(ies)
- Bureau of the Treasury, Philippines
A good venue to learn from the experience of the government, business and other sectors, which provide insights on how we should transform from traditional to more efficient solutions
- Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Philippines
Great time for government CIOs to discuss ICT concerns and share knowledge. Table discussions is the best feature of this event
- Social Security System, Philippines
Knowing the good and bad experience of other government agencies can be used as a guide in embracing digital information. Sharing and collaboration is the best feature of this event
- Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philippines
It was very interesting to hear different thoughts and experiences from other agencies
- Department of Energy, Philippines
Very informative and timely
- Philippine Economic Zone Authority
It is an enlightening event that expands my knowledge and awareness. Dialogue sessions are the best feature of this event
 - Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA-DOST)
The event is good. I was able to share and learnt about the strengths and weakness of other agencies. And also, the issues faced, concerns and recommendations for other agencies
- Bureau of Workers with Special concerns (DOLE), Philippines
Preparing the delegate through constant texting to the day of the forum loaded with good presentations and good facilities, OPENGOV is amazing! Thank you
- Philippine Economic Zone Authority
I have gained a lot of information on things that I need to establish in our organisation
- Department of Agrarian Reform, Philippines
Very nice format and grand venue for government leaders to hear from each other
- Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC)
The event facilitates learning through experience and knowledge sharing
- Social Security System, Philippines
The event provides a learning experience
- Department of Budget and Management, Philippines
It's a very exciting and interactive experience getting on board information from multi-sectoral delegates who are IT officers/ experts in their respective office. Polling and survey are the best features of this event
- Department of Budget and Management, Philippines
Very informative session. Allowing delegates to interact with each other is the best feature of this event
- Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC)
We are learning something, not just from speakers as well as with the co-delegates who shared their experiences from the respective offices
- Civil Aeronautics Board, Philippines
Interactive dialogues - panels worked pretty well.
- Department of Health and Human Services, Australia
Gaining different viewpoints is always interesting. The format is the best feature of this event.- La Trobe University, Australia
I was impressed about the maturity of IT services and strategy in Victorian government.- Australian National Audit Office
Good fun, good to make connections.- Victoria Police - Department of Justice and Regulation, Australia
Format + opportunity for discussion.- VicRoads, Australia
Lively, informative, collaborative.- Victorian Government Purchasing Board, Australia
Quite good and interactive sessions which kept the audience engaged.- Emergency Services and State Super, Australia
Varied & interesting table discussions because of international nature of participants.- Visit Victoria, Australia
Great to share opportunities, challenges and journeys with colleagues across departments.- Department of Environment & Water Planning, Australia
Enjoyed the discussions with fellow participants as opportunity to learn from their experiences and share my insights.- Victoria Police - Department of Justice and Regulation, Australia
Dialogue sessions is the best feature of this event.- Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria, Australia
I found this to be one of the most informational events tuned specifically to government and the associated IT challenges. The table-to-table format was great to hear what other govt entities are doing.- County Court Victoria, Australia
Very informative, the collaboration and sharing of knowledge was excellent.- Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection, Australia
Very relevant to what I have observed in the government.- Victorian Government Solicitor's Office, Australia
Informative and good to talk about cost cutting issues with other delegates and hear from some inspirational and experienced speakers. Couple of very good vendors at our tables. The best feature of the event is the networking opportunity.- Public Record Office Victoria, Australia
Excellent Format and Roundtables, Excellent Presenters.- Victorian Public Sector Commission, Australia
Congratulations, another good event! I have attended few events- Today's the best experience. Panel sessions on the afternoon were really interesting, informative.- Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority - DET, Australia
Good to keep knowledge up to date of what is happening in other organisations.- Department of Environment, Land and Water Planning, Australia
An inspiring and well organised event. Listening to ideas around service innovation. Networking with others in the Victorian Government community.- National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
Very entertaining and informative.- Department of Health and Human Services, Australia
Good speakers.- State Library Victoria, Australia
The data analysis panel was interesting.- National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
The roundtable discussions are the best part of the event.- VicHealth, Australia
First time attendee and enjoyed the day. Format is brilliant, no chance not to engage in discussion.- Transport Safety Victoria, Australia
Great facilitator.- Department of Health & Human Services, Australia
Relevant topics to stimulate thinking!- VicRoads, Australia
Fast-moving, eventful, energetic discussion of contemporary challenges.- Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Australia
Great event with great content and unique format.- City of Whittlesea, Australia
Great experience. - Agency for Science, Technology and Research
Polling of Issues and group discussion on the issues- very enlightening.- Jurong Health 
Good networking and exchange of ideas.- Government Technology Agency (GovTech), Singapore  
A good sharing among professionals.- Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore 
The best feature is the level of interactivity and you walk away with many ideas.- Nanyang Technological University - Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Singapore 
Good opportunity to learn and understand difficulties that other are facing and how they solve them.- Public Service Division – Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore 
The sharing session, great inputs from some CIOs.- Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore  
Very useful discussion forum to discuss practical and operational issues and get ideas from the others.- Public Service Division - Prime Minister's Office, Singapore 
Interesting use cases shared and even more interesting discussion and thoughts shared by the leaders in the government.- Ministry of Health, Singapore  
Insightful discussion on data management and the challenges when sharing data across agencies.- National Environment Agency, Singapore 
It is an informative session. The speakers are informative and knowledgeable.  - NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, Singapore 
Insightful and relevant sharing on analytics projects/ challenges across government agencies- Ministry of Manpower, Singapore
Great experience.-Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore 
Interesting topic and meeting style by using technology.-Ministry of Industry, Thailand
This is a great event to give the people more understanding about Open Source.-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
Quality time to think out of the box.-National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand
Great and very organised.-Office of Permanent Secretary, Thailand
It's very good information and make personal contacts.-The Office of Vocational Education Commission, Thailand
Enjoyed the breakfast and  very good.-Ministry of Transport, Thailand
Have an opportunity to have more knowledge on Open Source. Have a better perspective about Open Source.-MThe Radiological Society of Thailand
Excellent. Very informative.-The Secretariat of Prime Minister, Thailand
Good Session.-King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabung, Thailand
Very Good.-Department of Rural Roads, Thailand
I am very enthused by the participation and openness of the many Thai delegates, I am also greatly encouraged by the perception and  value of Open Source Technology within Thailand. As an advisor to a Thai Organisation, it definitely makes my job easier.-Banphaeo Hospital
At this event we can discuss and open the idea of Open Source.-Electronic Government Agency (EGA), Thailand
This event gave me more information about Open Source technologies and we can share and benchmark with our fellow departments and neighbouring countries.-Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia
It is a fruitful breakfast for learning the experience of other government agencies in improving their IT activities.-Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia
A good and enlightening event.-Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Indonesia
Great. We can know about the recent information about IT.-Ministry of Social Service, Indonesia
This event is good for sharing knowledge about Open Source.-Office of Electronic Data, Indonesia
It is very informative. We have clearer understanding related with the digital transformation.-National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Indonesia
This is the first time for me, but I often heard about OpenGov Breakfast. I think this breakfast is interesting for me.-Ministry of Health, Indonesia
It was a great event. We can share with each other our experiences on how to implement a good IT policy, especially regarding the Open Source.-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
This is a great event to give the people more understanding about Open Source.-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
Meeting great great people..-Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Very formidable event.-Ministry of Education, Indonesia
Sharing experience on how Open Source is implemented in other institutions.-Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Council, Indonesia
Fast data growth has to be managed by a good team using cheap, fast, efficient technology.-Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Indonesia
Great mind opener.-Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Indonesia
Good discussion with sharing experience.-Finance and Development Supervisory Agency, Indonesia
It is a good forum to exchange & share the experience with governments and private institutions related to IT management.-BNPB National Disaster Management Authority, Indonesia
I learn a lot from the speaker & audience regarding Open Source technology.-BNPB National Disaster Management Authority, Indonesia
Good Sharing of Information.-Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia
The best event that I have ever attended. Best practices and experiences sharing forum in discussing of digital transformation.-National Civil Service Agency, Indonesia
A very good methodology of conducting effective knowledge sharing and discussion.-Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia
Great platform for sharing.-Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn Bhd
Very enlightening sharing session.-Companies Commission of Malaysia
Knowledge and experience sharing.-Ministry of Home Affairs
The event is an eye opener for me. Civil service has a long way to go for transformation.-Ministry of Education, Malaysia
Very good experience from all the participants' view.-Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia
Good and structured sharing session.-Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malaysia
Eye opening, great sharing experience.-Department of Survey and Mapping, Malaysia
Excellent style of sharing presentation and learning.-Malaysia Investment Development Authority
Great sharing program.-Malaysian Institute of Road Safety
Informative session, a good platform for social networking and sharing information.-Immigration Department of Malaysia
The session was very good with great discussion and inputs from a great range of attendees.-Transport Canberra and City Services, ACT Government
OpenGov Asia is a powerful platform for peer agencies to come together and discuss the common issues.-CSIRO
A great discussion forum with my peers with directed questions that were on topic and relevant.-Australian National Audit Office
Very well run, good interactions.-ACT Government
Well Done.-Fair Work Ombudsman, Australia
Well Run Event.-CSIRO
Great open conversation highlighting shared challenges across government.-CSIRO
It is great to get together with other agencies for a common discussion.-National Library of Australia
Very interesting and sharing with others their experiences with cloud.-Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
A brilliant opportunity to network with like-minded visionaries.-Digital Transformation Office
Excellent Initiative.-Geoscience Australia, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
Well Run.-Australian Financial Security Authority
I just wanted to thank you personally for the tickets to the OpenGov conference. Peter and I had a wonderful experience. We love the format of the round-table discussions. It really gave us some insights into what others are trying, where they are experiencing problems, and some of the exciting things that are in the pipeline. I especially like the fact that we forge some deep connections through the process.-Healthdirect Australia
It was a good knowledge sharing session.-POS Malaysia
Just awesome.-National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Malaysia
Great Knowledge sharing.-Universiti Putra Malaysia
A very eye-opening event-Economic Planning Unit - Prime Minister's Department, Malaysia
Good dialogue - share the idea/testimonial.-Tekun Nasional Berhad
It's a good event and we're sharing knowledge among audience.-National Registration Department, Malaysia
The discussion was very informative.-Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
A great event where everybody share their opinion and experience about cyber security.-Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
This is the most related event with the job scope of mine.-Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Very informative.-Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Malaysia
Great to see momentum behind digital transformation.-Geoscience Australia
Very informative and great networking.-Australian Taxation Office
The event has great speakers and the table concept worked very well.-Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
This has been one of the best conferences I have been to - Great format, great emcee and great presenters.-Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Enjoyed the format and smooth organisation. Speakers were very good.-ACT Government, Shared Services ICT
Excellent sharing of knowledge, experience of IT and innovation approaches for different organisations-Department of Health
Very interactive and relative - able to relate many of the experiences to our workplace-Department of Human Services
Brillant! The Open Dialogue Tables (ODTs) provoked some great discussion and a broad range of perspectives. It was really useful.-National Museum of Australia
This event provided a valuable and thought provoking range of challenges and experiences to consider for my organisation.-Australian Federal Police
Really appreciative talking with like-minded individuals from different government sectors on common issues to aid in finding solutions-Macquarie University
How much fun and learning did I get! I enjoyed being given the opportunity to contribute and also learn from others. The round table dialogue session work very well.-Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
I came along today worrying that I know nothing about this topic but soon realised that all departments representative here are on the same pace and learning as we do. I am confident in our future.-Australian Taxation Office
Very insightful - great speeches informing the fundamentals of digital transformation. Great format to stimulate discussion.-Department of Industry, Innovation & Science
It was great to be reminded how central how central IT is to the success of any organisation.-Department of Social Services
I found the format challenging and inclusive. I felt compelled to participate and will take away more as a result-Australian Human Rights Commission 
Informative and enjoyable table discussions. Good networking opportunity.-IP Australia
Engaging, enlightening, and entertaining.-National Archives Australia
Very informative and loved the positive energy. Relevant topics and issues discussed in a collaborative environment.-Department of Health
Fascinating conversations with well informed articulate people - breadth of ideas and approaches-Australian Taxation Office
Great opportunity to interact-Office of State Revenue, NSW
I found the day informative. It was useful to discuss issues with colleagues and across agencies.-Department of Finance Services and Innovation
Learning, listening - transfer of knowledge.-State Records, NSW
Excellent networking, good to see big picture, notable commonality of the issues.-Roads and Maritime Services, NSW
Good relevant content, good participation.-NSW Police Force
Interesting discussions and good networking opportunities-Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW
First visit and great experience. Helps us to re-tune our focus, and to take time to stay back and think again.-Department of Finance Services and Innovation, NSW
Round table discussions provided opportunity to exchange/share ideas.-NSW Food Authority
Great cross section of representation, input and open conversations. Fantastic subject matter experts.-TAFE Illawarra Wollongong West
It has been a fantastic learning opportunity and the networking has been invaluable.-Office of State Revenue, NSW
As a new member of NSW Public Service, this gave a great opportunity to understand common challenges and to network.-Sydney Living Museums
Once again thorough,stimulating and highly relevant.-NSW Police
An excellent event.-NSW Department of Justice
Really good event, got a lot out of the discussion.-Transport for NSW
Excellent discussions and networking. Challenging thoughts.-ACT Health
Engaging.-NSW Department of Justice
Awesome event.-State Insurance Regulatory Authority
Great interactive sessions.-NSW Department of Industry
Awesome event.-NSW Health Pathology
This has been an eye-opener and enlightening experience being to communicate towards a common cause of data centre efficiency and sustainability.-Ministry of Education, Malaysia
This is a good experience and knowledge to know how IT is important to my organistion.-Cooperative College of Malaysia
This is a good event for all agencies to share their views.-Royal Malaysian Navy
It was a group and exciting knowledge sharing session.-Hospital Serdang, Malaysia
The session was beneficial and very informative.-Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management Planning Unit (MAMPU)
The event gave us more insights on data centre optimisation.-The National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Malaysia
I gathered a lot of knowledge from the event.-Ministry of Works, Malaysia
Forum has provided useful tips when planning in operating a data centre.-Ministry of Health, Singapore
Extremely well-organised event.-Singapore Tourism Board
A great learning and networking forum. Thank you OpenGov.-Housing & Development Board, Singapore
It is a good networking and info sharing platform.-Cyber Security Agency of Singapore
Good networking means, get to understand some pain points of other agencies.-Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore
I have attended this event year after year, I can see the growth in data centre energy and etc. Definitely want to continue to come and attend this event.-Economic Development Board, Singapore 
Use questions and voting to facilitate discussion and sharing is new and spurs my thinking.-Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies, Singapore
There was good sharing and discussion.-National Climate Change Secretariat, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore
Very open and thought provoking conversation.-Chisholm Institute Of TAFE
The event was well run and informative.-The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
Very informative to hear from experts from the VIC health care facilities.-Health Information, Eastern Health
Eye opening confirming of similar issues in other organisations.-Epworth Healthcare
A very productive conversation starter into Cyber Security issues today.-Epworth Healthcare
Valuable discussion regarding organisational management of cyber security.-Alfred Health
The session was invaluable, as it provided insights into healthcare as a whole and confirmed that our pain points are not ours alone.-Primary Healthcare
Great discussion, good perspectives from participants-NSW Health Pathology
Very useful to learn from the peer group.-HCF Insurance
Forums like this help CIOs understand and build awareness on security + data leakage concerns, that need to be brought to the corporate consciousness. -St Vincent's Health Australia
Very productive morning to discuss challenges around cyber security with my CIO peers.-NSW Health Infrastructure
The organising team has been fantastic, The workshop has been going smooth.-HammondCare
I am honoured to have a collective of proactive minds working towards solutions to better my city.-City of Palmerston
Good experience, found it enlightening.-Local Government Association of the Northern Territory
The event was very well coordinated, excellent speakers and great interaction between the participants - a great opportunity for the exchange of information.-City of Palmerston
Fascinating discourse among attendees from various backgrounds-Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries/ Department of Mines and Energy, Northern Territory Government
Very good open forum enabling good interaction and discussion.  -Department of Infrastructure, Darwin, Australia
Extremely informative. - City of Palmerston
Interesting cross government discussion, there are citizens looking to change to a smart city-Department of Infrastructure, Palmerston
Interesting diverse discussion.-Corporate Services, City of Darwin
A very useful, practical discussion that stimulated ideas. The insights from a room of very qualified people are fascinating.-Department of Lands, Planning and the Environment
The Breakfast dialogue provided a great environment for learning about smart cities.-Department of the Chief Minister, Northern Territory
Great interaction with global experience.-City of Palmerston
Excellent opportunities through stepping into a new digital age.-Charles Darwin University
Good discussion forum.- Jacana Energy
Very good experience, where I could give opinion and listen to others, understand their problems and receive recommended solutions from the speakers.-City Council of Penang Island, Malaysia
The event is very interesting and I enjoyed attending it.-KDN, Malaysia
I have enjoyed the forum, where we get to mingle, network, meet old friends, gain knowledge and get better informed about the technological evolution.-LPPKN, Malaysia
Good and very fruitful forum, many solutions to be heard and seen.-Ministry of Federal Territories, Malaysia
Good for information sharing-Cyber Security Malaysia, Malaysia
Facilitator had wide experience in the areas of discussion.-MOE, Malaysia
Round table discussion was so fulfilling.-Ministry of Federal Territories, Malaysia
I was shocked to hear that 11,000 government services are online!-Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Malaysia
Something different and I liked the rotation of tables and topics, and direct interaction with moderators on each table.-Affin Holdings, Malaysia
Networking among public and private sectors was my favourite part.-KDDNKK, Malaysia
Great experience with great topics delivered and engaging discussions.-ARSM, Malaysia
Very informative event-SSM, Malaysia
Key learnings relevant to enhancing public services delivery-EPU, Malaysia
Fun and engaging forum-INTAN, Malaysia
I enjoyed knowledge sharing and direct interface with principal problem solution providers.-MAMPU, Malaysia
First time attending. It was interesting and there was a lot of knowledge sharing.-National Heart Institute, Malaysia
Excellent forum-INTAN, Malaysia
Great, interesting topics discussed-Iskandar Regional Development Authority, Malaysia
Good and informative event-Public Complaints Bureau - Prime Minister's Department, Malaysia
Interesting and interactive event, new IT knowledge achieved here-Department of Survey & Mapping, Malaysia
Round table discussion is fruitful-Lands and Survey Sabah, Malaysia
Very professional in coordinating the event-MAMPU, Malaysia
Good opportunity to hear and share information-Office of the Auditor General, Western Australia
Well organised, well run and good format with a lot of useful collective sharing of experiences-Landgate, Western Australia
The opportunities to connect with industry leaders and government peers was very beneficial-Western Australia Police
The event was actually quite good. Really enjoyed the topics, format, and presentations-Department of Premier and Cabinet, Western Australia
Very Informative - pushed the topic of Cloud. Would need to look out WHY there is need for changes, transformation not just WHAT & HOW.-Shire of Mundaring, Western Australia
Good mix of speakers and balance between presentations and round-table discussions- Department of Finance, Western Australia
Rewarding as always-Parliamentary Counsels Office, Western Australia
Good speakers, good topics, good networking-WA Country Health Service, Western Australia
Very well done-WACHS, Western Australia
Learning IT trends-Disability Services Commission, Western Australia
Excellent to share different experiences and business practice-Department of Health, Western Australia
Was well planned, very interesting- Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
Very informative and at a time of need to our department- Department of Finance, Western Australia
Very positive-OAG, Western Australia
Hearing the challenges and planned innovations from other government agencies is interesting-State Records Office, Western Australia
Very good and very informative- Department of Mines & Petroleum, Western Australia
OpenGov was a great opportunity to get a deeper understanding of government challenges in training, security, sharing and innovating with data-Curtin University, Western Australia
The leadership forum was an immersion into sharing and networking with peers and colleagues, without the feeling of being “sold to” by the partner vendors. Practical strategic and tactical ideas were presented in a positive environment and time allowed for further discussion and collaboration, resulting in plenty of take home messages that can be adopted fairly quickly, excited to get back and start to explore and innovate…-Department for Child Protection and Family Support, Western Australia
The event was large scale with wide agency representation and the agenda included international countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. It was an impressive venue and good to have the live polling, which was impressive.-Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor, Western Australia
Interesting topics and enjoyed table discussions-ODPP, Western Australia
It was a very informative event-Anonymous
Good day, some great experiences imparted-OIC, Western Australia
The day was a solid day of thought leadership, thank you-ACS, Western Australia
As usual a great event with excellent speakers and interesting table discussions-Office of Auditor General, Western Australia
Very good event overall-State Solicitor's Office, Western Australia
Interesting event covering many relevant topics-Disability Services Commission, Western Australia
Interesting and engaging discussions-Department of Planning, Western Australia
This is the first time I participated in a forum which prompted their participants to speak and add to the discussion. It's good, as we learn by sharing.-Education & Training Agency for Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia
Nice event with new experience because of the format of the event with table rotation and polling mechanisms-Ministry of PUPR, Indonesia
Great event, met many interesting people-University of Indonesia
Sharing knowledge, discussion in round table, and moving to other table topics is very good-PT. BNI, Indonesia
Speakers were good. I felt enlightened!-Ministry of Industry, Indonesia
Interesting meeting with people experienced in their areas-Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia
Great format of seminar/forum mixed method makes the attendees more engaged-PERTAMINA, Indonesia
Well organised event with great speakers-DG of Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Improved my knowledge in IT development-Open University, Indonesia
Great event to update and share information & experience about open government-Directorate General of Taxation, Indonesia
Very Good-Ministry of Public Works & Housing, Indonesia
Good experience-Atma Jaya Jakarta, Indonesia
Great experience to trading knowledge especially with the expert from all around the globe-Ministry of Trade, Indonesia
Learned new intelligence & solutions, met great people-Ministry for Maritime and Resources, Indonesia
Trust, Policy, Data, Digital, Automation, Security were key areas of focus for me.-Ministry of Trade, Indonesia
Good event overall-Atma Jaya Jakarta, Indonesia
A unique event and very organized-POSINFO LANTA TNI, Indonesia
Good event that blend private & government nicely-Bank BPTN, Indonesia
Enlightening event-Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Indonesia
Enjoyed networking opportunities learn about data, security system and E-government, and product information-Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Indonesia
This event is very relevant to my job right now-General Election Commission, Indonesia
Information exchange is useful-MABES POLRI, Indonesia
Very good forum-Indonesian Institute of Science, Indonesia
This event was very good.-Ministry of Administrative Reform, Indonesia
Good event, very interesting-Ministry of PANRB, Indonesia
I learnt much in this event & knowing other people in IT areas-University of Indonesia
Networking opportunities, get more knowledge to get the job done-Ministry of Industry, Indonesia
It was a great experience to know all success stories about implementing open government in other countries /cities-Finance and Development Supervisory Agency, Indonesia
This event is great for sharing- Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Indonesia
This event is relevant to the needs of our government on how to ensure Cyber Security in my company-Bank Indonesia
It has broadened my knowledge through information sharing.-Directorate General Immigration, Indonesia
It was a very interesting event and made me realise that there is still room for improvement in our Ministry on data security, especially to ensure the awareness among our employees.-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia
Great theme, it must be a concern in the future, it's now or never.-Jakarta Capital City Government, Indonesia
Great event to meet with the participants from other organisations-PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) TBK, Indonesia
This event allows us to share with other agencies on the different views on Cyber Security issues-PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) TBK
It is a lively and good event to attend!-Bank BTPN, Indonesia
It was a very good dialogue with excellent networking opportunities!-Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure (Id-SIRTII), Indonesia
Good and practical content-PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) TBK
This is a good event for me to attend because it enhances my awareness of how important it is to secure our data-Directorate of General Tax / Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
The event is well organised and the topic for discussion is important to our organisation-BNPB National Disaster Management Authority, Indonesia
This event enhanced my knowledge on Cyber Security-Ministry of Health, Indonesia
Through sharing knowledge with each other, we are more aware of building the security of our data-Ministry of Home Affairs, Indonesia
Great sharing session among the participant and speakers from other countries-PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) TBK
Good discussion and sharing of experience on the topic of Cyber Security-Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia
I found the discussion very fruitful and relevant to my current scope of duties.-People's Association, Singapore
Great event, good networking opportunity with peers and practitioners-ASTAR, Singapore
Questions provide a basis for discussion and provide some insight on the topic.-JTC, Singapore
Very enlightening and yet an enjoyable conversation-Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore
Useful and interactive sharing on IT security-EMA, Singapore
It is an interesting event to learn about the various Smart Cities initiatives in different countries.-Jakarta Smart City, Indonesia
It is an interesting event to learn more about the experience and new initiatives of other ministries and speakers from other country.-PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) TBK, Indonesia
This is a very good and beneficial event as it allows sharing of knowledge and sharing of experiences among the participants.-Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
This event allowed me to have a new perspective on the technology implementation in different agencies and countries.-Anonymous
It provided me with many new ideas and useful information on possible implementation in my agency.-Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Very Interesting discussion among the participants and speakers-Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
The event is very good for sharing of information about IT development.-Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Indonesia
The event is conducted in a collaborative, interesting and light-hearted manner with an excellent moderator.-Ministry of Transportation, Indonesia, Indonesia
It is a great event for sharing of experiences.-Ministry of Finance, Indonesia, Indonesia
Excellent platform for learning about how to have accessible communication across different locations.-General Election Commission of Indonesia
This is a useful event as my ministry has just implemented video conferencing this year.-Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia
This event has widened my horizon on what we should prepare in the policy relating to Smart Community and Public Engagement.-Anonymous
Excellent discussion that provides us with useful information and seeing things from another perspective-Ministry of Defence, Indonesia
From this event, I realised that everything can be changed through processes but we need to start having action for change and not just talk.-Judicial Commission, Indonesia
This has been an eye opening event concerning education on deoptimisation on which I have tremendously benefited from. Thank you!-Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Excellent event that provided a platform for the participants to share their experience.-National Library Board, Singapore
The event is well organised. Agenda is well structured and discussion is lively and well-facilitated.-National University of Singapore
Great network platform for private and public sector to discuss a topic..-Economic Development Board, Singapore
Informative and good sharing of insights. The best feature of the event is that it was a candid and free discussion.-Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
It raises the awareness of the challenge we faced in today's fast changing landscape. It also raises the awareness that there are possibilities and solutions to these issues.-Ministry of Home Affairs (National Service Directoriate), Singapore
Interesting sharing from various organisations and event speakers.-Anonymous
It is a very useful session to learn about the challenges faced by other organisations-Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Good exchange of views and experiences-National Library Board, Singapore
Good forum for sharing of challenges and perspectives from different organisations-Defence Science & Technology Agency, Singapore
The insights and sharing by some of the leaders were valuable insights on the IT problems and challenges-Anonymous
It is valuable to listen to the sharing and experiences.-Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
Views & opinions about IT issues, strategies and trends from various government agencies and statutory boards, and overseas representatives-Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) , Singapore
The forum allowed for representatives from a variety of agencies to voice common concerns and provide discussion on strategic thought.-Department for Child Protection and Family Support, Western Australia
A great event & opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with ICT industry users in the Public Sector.-A*STAR
A great event to gain knowledge on current issues and technology
-Cyber Security Malaysia
Good discussion-Christopher Chan, Assistant Director Technical Services Information Technology, People's Association, Singapore
Good networking and forum to understand similar challenges faced by the industry-Anonymous
Good sharing of knowledge with agencies-Singapore Civil Defence Force, Singapore
It was an enriching session to share openly the challenges and approaches to look at the existing real issues-Anonymous
It is a good forum to understand more about Data Centre efficiency and PUE-Anonymous
Good understanding on the ground challenges facing data centre certification implementation-Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore
A very good way to share concerns, experiences and ideas - open and candid-Anonymous
It is a good sharing platform-Defence Science & Technology Agency, Singapore
Interesting views from end users and operators-Anonymous
It was a good opportunity to hear opinions/issues/ situations on the ground-Anonymous
It is well organised. The sharing amongst participants is one aspect I valued most. The experts participants sharing is crucial for these events.-Anonymous
Interesting discussion to understand concerns of other agencies and how they allocate for DC.-Anonymous
Good sharing and learning session-National Environment Agency, Singapore
Good session. Good and varied views from the attendees.-Singapore Pools
I realised that in fact, there are a good deal of others having issues with PUE compliance. It is good to hear and share how others manage their DC power consumption.-Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth, Singapore
Interesting to hear that we are not the only institute facing concerns and challenges like ageing, infrastructure and monitoring.-Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Informative and a good opportunity to hear other peoples views on the topic of discussion-Anonymous
I have managed the set up of a new data centre with BCA Green Mark Standards.-Anonymous
Good opinions from everyone- Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
I found the meeting to be interesting, especially for discussion in learning analytics. New way to take polls on questions and issues.-Open University Malaysia
I always thoroughly enjoy the richness of the event; ie. it is always engaging and insightful.-Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Great event to network with peers from similar industry and sharing on the initiatives from each other.-National University of Singapore
This has been an eye opening event, concerning education on deoptimisation on which I have tremendously benefited from. Thank you! Very well organised, insightful information on the need of consolidation to save costs for Data Centres.-Prime Minister's Dept Malaysia
It provided me with true insights on what is the real data centre's role in driving the future plan of any institution or agency.-Anonymous
The event had provided a platform for the delegates in the same industry to share their implementation strategy and experience. The dialogue and panel session is the best feature of this event.-Singapore Management University
A one-stop shop for capability solution. The key takeaway is the structure of the presentation and learning.-Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore
Great Speeches and Presentation. One hour on Smart Nation " Builder"-SPRING Singapore
Informative with useful take-aways. Learn the various initiatives at work in other organisations. Great sharing of experience-PSB Academy, Singapore
Good networking opportunity and key feature is the table discussions-IHIS, Singapore
Table discussions were interesting and I was able to learn what other organisations were doing.-Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
Quite interesting. Good for networking. Love the panel-CENTRAL NARCOTICS BUREAU, Singapore
OpenGov facilitates knowledge exchange well among the delegates. There are diverse views, methods, exposure to different options & approaches to similar problems. New vendor products/services are also interesting. Love the table rotations and discussions.-SMU, Singapore
This event provides plenty of opportunities for networking and catching up with the on-goings of ICT developments within Government sector.-IDA, Singapore
OpenGov Singapore is a great event for local & international delegates to share and learn on the upcoming trends and technologies relating to Government infrastructures. The key takeaway is the International speakers.-SAF, Singapore
The sessions have been very interactive and informative. The voting process to the key questions allows us to have insights to what other organisations' concern and views on technology development..-MINDEF, Singapore
Good interactive style - learned much from group discussions-SIM, Singapore
This event provided a platform to hear the views from different participants and allow us to know the different perspective.-Anonymous
New experience, interactive.-ACRA, Singapore
Good engagement & sharing.-National Parks, Singapore
I enjoyed it very much, it was informative.-JCU Singapore
Interesting ideas from speakers & delegates.-Singapore Institute of Technology
Hearing best practices & opportunities to network.-Institute of Technical Education, Singapore
Good opportunity to network and to learn about what other institutions are doing to enhance learning experience.-JCU, Singapore
It was an interesting format as during the discussion we get to understand what other government agencies are doing with data.-Singapore Police Force
Interesting sharing and concept of discussion. -Singapore Police Force
Great fun. Lots of interesting talks. Meeting old friends.-NUS ISS, Singapore
Enhancing and educational event-Ministry of Defence, Malaysia
Good. Got new ideas and insight which could be used to improve my division-INCEIF, Malaysia
Very fruitful and a lot of eye-opening sessions for me-Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) , Malaysia
Learn a lot of new things, networking-Hospital Selayang, Malaysia
Very good updates and new areas of interests related to health sector-Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
The event provides insightful information on digitisation within the government sector/ agency-Telekom Malaysia
Mind-opening-UEM Ed genta Berhad, Malaysia
Good - informative and interesting. Impressive using electronic polling-Manipal International University, Malaysia
Opportunity for networking with people in the area of big data establishment-University Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia
Enlightening session on the digital world - its use, advantages and threats-Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang, Malaysia
Educative, interactive, good opportunity to interact with delegates and sponsors-Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
Get to meet and interact with other delegates and gather information about technologies/ experience and know how from others-Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia
Gives me an opportunity to get different perspectives of using and managing open data-Institute of Teacher Education, Malaysia
Great interactive way to understand different needs and levels of various government organisations in Asia Pacific- Macquarie University, Malaysia
Great to share our experiences within Australia with our counterparts in Malaysia and their universities-Macquarie University, Malaysia
Fantastic event, had great fun learning new trends and technologies, plus making new friends-MDEC, Malaysia
Very open and informative through good sharing-Royal Malaysian Police
I enjoyed the event and got a lot of information-Ministry of Transport, Malaysia
Great and impressive event-Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Malaysia
Great event-MAMPU, Malaysia
Fruitful and informative. Able to share experience with other delegates from same and other industries-University Malaya Medical Centre
The experience of knowledge sharing from various segments, speakers and delegates. The topics are focused to encourage delegates to participate-KPJ Healthcare Berhad, Malaysia
Great forum. Lots of new information.-MAMPU, JPM, Malaysia
Interesting event-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
Excellent event-KPJ Healthcare Berhad, Malaysia
Enlightening and also scary due to all the unknown-Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad
Renew my networking and gathering new information-Prime Minister's Department, Malaysia
Interactive and good opportunity to network-Malaysia UK Trade & Investment (British High Commission)
This event jolted me awake - I was taking security in a laid back manner.-Royal Malaysian Customs
Interesting meet of people from different backgrounds and experiences-Multimedia University Malaysia
A good platform to bring different parties together for conversations-Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
Great dialogue and particularly enjoyed the sharing by John Kan on the Singapore experience-MAMPU, Malaysia
So many insights, especially from Mr. John Kan from Singapore he has shared his valuable experience with facts and figures.-Anonymous
It has been a very good session with insights from MAMPU and the presentation from Dr.John Kan has been very informative.-Anonymous
An enriching and informative session.-Anonymous
Very well organised, insightful information on the need of consolidation to save costs for Data Centres.-Prime Minister's Dept, Malaysia
It provided me with true insights on what is the real data centres role in driving the future plan of any institution or agency-Anonymous
This event is a great event! Keep up the good work!-Cyber Security Malaysia
Loved the format of the Breakfast briefing!-Anonymous
This has been an eye opening event concerning learnings on deoptimisation on which I have tremendously benefitted from. Thank you!-Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Loved the discussion and knowledge sharing. Very insightful!-Anonymous
Well managed and motivated. Insightful education on importance of DC in core activities and function.-Anonymous
Our agency is embarking on a DC rebuilding within the next 2 years and the session was helpful in getting ideas on the direction to embark on.-Employees Provident fund, Malaysia
Loved insights on the hybrid data centre approach-Anonymous
Very good event and will be going for more!-Anonymous
New experience! New way of discussion.-Road Transport Department, Malaysia
Interesting event, and good use of the clicks to move the conversation along.-PEMANDU, Malaysia
Excellent knowledge sharing by the participants- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
A great event to gain knowledge on current issues and technology-Cyber Security Malaysia
A very brief, short and good event.-Inland Revenue Board, Malaysia
Efficient discussion with the polling and also the discussion on the polling result.-Cybersecurity Malaysia
Great understanding on the trend of Data Centers-Malaysian Investment Development Authority
Interesting event and about optimisation of data centres.-Anonymous
A great presentation by May, opening up possibilities for the future. It was short and focused.-Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
It was an interactive session and good to take note of the responses to the questions. Brightspace is a property application which will look at your university with them.-Asia e-learning University
It was a great platform to share experiences and viewpoints.-UCSI University, Malaysia
Good networking experience that enhanced my knowledge in learning analytics implementation.-Anonymous
Very good platform to discuss on technology that enables learning and data analytics is very powerful. Open discussion is the best feature of this event.-Multimedia University, Malaysia
It's interesting to hear the experiences and opinions of my peers.-Anonymous
I found this sharing session very valuable. Great product. Great insights. The dialogue and engagement was the best feature of this event.-INTI Education Group, Malaysia
Good experience on new tools. Good presentation full of information.-University Malaya
It was a very informative session. The best feature of the event was the hearing about the experiences and latest technology improvements.-Anonymous
Good forum to exchange thoughts with likeminded folks.-Anonymous
Valuable experience. It was quick and straight to the point.-APIIT School of Computing & Technology, Malaysia
My first time joining the event. Very glad that I was a part of it. The best feature was the sharing of knowledge and information-Universiti Selangor, Malaysia
Great arrangement and engagement.-Taylor's University, Malaysia
A very good introduction to something so essential to us.-Nilai University, Malaysia
Loved the polling concept of the event and the discussion that followed afterwards.-Unitar International University, Malaysia
Good sharing and discussion session. All the staff have been very helpful.-KDU Uiversity College, Malaysia
The discussion on LMS and the learning design was the best feature of this event.-Anonymous
I found the meeting to be interesting, especially for discussion in learning analytics.-Open University Malaysia
Thumbs up to the OpenGov team! The learning analytics and features in the solutions were the best part of this event.-Anonymous
Very fruitful discussion and presentation. The best feature of this event was the opportunity to share and discover.-University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dealing with university management and teaching and learning in the university. Meeting people for future collaboration was the best feature of this event.-Sunway University, Malaysia
The round-table discussion is the best feature of this event-Petronas, Malaysia
Love the Open discussion-MAMPU (Prime Minister's Department) , Malaysia
Good to hear experience from various organisations on cyber security-Anonymous
A platform to learn from peers and other agencies-University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia
Learn from the shared experience-Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Great platform for discussion and gaining information from other participants-Department of Irrigation & Drainage, Malaysia
Very good event and very focused-Ministry of Works, Malaysia
Eye opener and very beneficial to me-Marine Department Malaysia
Great experience for interactive and open discussion among the delegates-University Malaya Specialist Centre, Malaysia
This is a well organised event for information/ knowledge sharing. Coordination of the event by the event committee was excellent.-Anonymous
Good platform to discuss and get opinions from various agencies-Inland Revenue Board, Malaysia
Its a good event where we can share and get new information and get to know the current situation in Malaysia.-Hospital Ampang, Malaysia
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