Our Delegates love our events

An interesting discussion on challenges of major technological change in governments and organisation!

Senior Director Data Science
Australian Taxation Office

The key learning point was listening to other views around the room. The best feature was the event!

Thank you, fantastic event! Networking opportunities, new ideas and perspectives were the best features.

Director of Data Analytics 
National Health & Medical Research Council

It is a powerful benefit exploring these problems as a group. The key learning point was how we structure and communicate our problems has a big bearing on how we can solve them.

Good insight into development and implementation of complex system. Broad range of attendees, live polling, ability to ask questions.

Director General Health Capability 
Joint Health Command

Sharing of experience between queries was my key learning point. There was space to explore complex issues.

Excellent catering and room setup. The best feature was breakfast and interactive discussions with polling questions.

Head of Technical

The practitioner-led discussion is very important and impactful. The speaker's presentation resonated with me well.

Executive Director Corporate Operations & Information,CFO,CIO
National Health & Medical Research Council

It was a very engaging and informative event. Good to hear experiences of other agencies and share thoughts.

Director Information Governance
National Archives of Australia

Interesting speaker, relevant discussion, well organised event!

Group Head- Data Strategies & Information Technology Group 
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

A great opportunity to hear different perspective and challenges. Information sharing was the best feature!

Good discussion in a safe environment. Sharing of information was very useful. Allowed for exposure to peers and departments experiencing similar challenges.

Good solid discussions! Discussions was the best feature.

General Manager - Data Management and Analytics Branch
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

An open and frank conversation among leaders about the fundamental challenges that we face!

Director- Data and Analytics

Overall it was an enjoyable and insightful forum with some great examples of citizen-centric innovation using data and technology.

I enjoyed taking time out to spend time with peers thinking about some bigger picture things. Panel Discussions and Group Tables were the best features!

Director IT Applications
Victoria Unversity

I can easily relate the topics discussed to today's need in public sector governance digitally. Learnt new technical areas and agencies.Table group discussion. Facilitators are very specialised in trigerring the discussion and encouraging the delegates to share the knowledge of experience.

Very enjoyable and informative, high energy, event! Best feature was that it was fast-paced.

Chief Information Officer 
Department of Health & Human Services

Very relevant audience and subject matter. Great networking opportunities. Breadth and depth of the programme; relevance or the participants to my work

Head of Technology and Smart Cities Team Australia 
Department for International Trade  | British Consulate-General 

This was a vibrant session with a good way of gathering information and networks. Best feature was the style of roundtable!

Spot on! Topics hit the mark! There was a diversity of speakers and great presentations.

Knowledge Management Coordinator
Agriculture Victoria