Artificial Intelligence: Industry 4.0 Summit

Shangri La Hotel
October 10, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: Industry 4.0 Summit

AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality, Predictive Analytics

Event Date:
October 10, 2018
October 11, 2018
Ellen Quek
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Industrial disruption is occuring at an unprecedented rate as the fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold. The Artificial Intelligence Summit is designed to help business and technology executives cut through the hype and learn how advanced intelligent technologies are being successfully deployed to build competitive advantage in a world where consumer and social expectations are driving global change.


Venue Location

Shangri La Hotel

27-A, Carmichael Rd, IT Colony, Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026, India
The Venue details have yet to be announced.

Agenda Information

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Who should attend?

If your role involves strategic and operational responsibilities involving the adoption and roll out of technology and innovation with the FMCG, banking and financial sector, or manufacturing sector, then you need to attend!

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers and Chief Security Officers
  • Innovation and Change Agents

Topics Covered

  • Find out why Industry 4.0 is a disruptive revolution, not an evolution
  • Learn from the Industry trend-setters, expert practitioners, top academia
  • Learn to avoid costly mistakes during initial stages of robotic process automation and attain the best practices for harnessing AI for greater gains
  • Prepare for success in your AI projects by learning the most efficient and secure strategies from industry forerunners
  • Network with industry leaders across industries
  • Discuss with industry experts how AI and big data analytics can drive new business opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation efforts
  • Demystify AI: what is it, how to explain it to decision makers, what you need to get started, what it takes to be successful
  • Stay informed on the AI debate: Threats and Opportunities

Event Summary

We are at the cusp of the 4th major industrial revolution, and no industry is  immune. Recent reports indicate that AI’s impact on Asia will be far-reaching over the next few decades, creating a regional economic value between USD 1.8trn and USD 3trn a year by 2030, compared to a negligible impact today.

Firms have begun using robotic process automation (RPA) to transform some of their day-to-day operations involving routine, repetitive, structured/rule-based tasks. Consumers are embracing more and more digital personal assistants such as Google Home, Siri, and Alexa. This current decade will test the existence of all firms.

The question is: In this rapidly changing world, how can you keep up-to-speed with the latest trends and embrace digital transformation using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?  Are you a Disruptor – or are you being Disrupted?

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