Cloud Migration – What’s Next?
08:00AM to 01:30PM - 7 November, 2019
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From Migration to Transformation

Most organisations today are in the process of or have already completed their migration to the cloud. With systematic planning and careful preparation, cloud migration can be a smooth and painless experience. Assuming your organisation has a sound migration plan and all workloads are in the cloud now, does that mean your job is done?

Absolutely not!

There are many tasks that should immediately follow once your organisation has migrated to the cloud. Most importantly, you should be considering how to transform your applications once they are in the cloud to optimise workloads and best utilise the cloud hosting environment and service providers.

More than just a 'Lift and Shift'

After migrating to the cloud, the next stage involves managing and optimising the cloud. Managing the cloud can be understood as knowing what you use in the cloud. Proper cloud management gives you an awareness of application availability and performance, enabling you to optimise the cloud by rightsizing and prevent paying for underutilised capacity.

Transform and Scale Up

Small and manageable transformation to applications can be made over time to gain efficiencies in the cloud. Another option is to go cloud-native, where you build your applications from scratch.

Which is the best way for your organisation transform its applications?

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To discover what’s next after cloud migration, join us at the OpenGov Tech Day, where you will be part of a realistic scenario simulation of a cloud transformation journey. Through GAMIFICATION, this session will walk you through how an organisation can further transform their applications once they have migrated to the cloud.

We will be discussing:

  • Cloud Optimisation – optimising applications in the cloud to fully-utilise the cloud provider services
  • Cloud Native – optimising and rebuilding applications to stay agile
  • Identification of applications suitable for transformation
  • Creating a cloud transformation strategy
  • Considerations for cloud optimisation/cloud native
  • Operate newly-transformed applications in a secured cloud environment

Lee Chueng Andros

Senior Lead Consultant, Application, Business Application Services

Mohit Sagar

Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia



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