Creating Digital Workspaces- How Do You Thrive in Them?
07:50 to 11:05 - 11 March, 2020

Creating Digital Workspaces- How Do You Thrive in Them?

Understanding the evolution of digital workspaces and how to leverage these for better service delivery and employee experiences  

A  new generation of workers is behind a massive push today for organisations to embrace digital workspaces. The convenience and ability of working from anywhere, at any time is the new focus of it.

Only recently has the development of technology reached a level of maturity that gives workers the ability to work remotely from any location. But in order for governments to provide this type of working environment, they must address some key challenges such as maintaining the trust that has been placed on them by protecting the data and privacy of its people and businesses.

There are also expectations for governments to provide satisfactory delivery of service to citizens. They have to be accurate, smart and timely, whilst ensuring that the needs of its employees are also being met.

Comparisons of the standard of government service delivery are made to that delivered by the best available from non-government providers. The bureaucratic structures within governments can present challenges for government bodies who want to change and are striving for agility.

IT platforms, governance processes and organisational culture do not easily support innovation and experimentation aimed at enhancing the employee work experience. Cumbersome and frequently stove piped and dated systems and processes are often unable to meet the employee’s needs and expectations.

Being an agile government requires the ability to rapidly transform. The culture within the government must enable calculated risk-taking. This creates an environment for government to be innovative.

Through experimentation and innovation, the workforce’s expectations of service delivery can be met more efficiently, and it will increase the reliability and dependability of government services too.

The concept of having a digital workspace is growing more prevalent, especially with the millennial generation being the next generation of workforce which embraces this new form of work environment. Employees should expect systems and processes based on their needs, not ones that are driven by internal departmental structures and inflexible IT systems.

 It has long been understood by leaders in the field that people should not need to have to decode internal departmental structures when accessing business services within government.

Developments in analytics and artificial intelligence, coupled with more powerful IT platforms support predicting what services employees might need and when – the focus is on the suite of services, not on the IT platforms.

This may require a change of skillsets and culture of the existing workforce to be able to adapt to the future workspace.

With the right tools and practices in place, governments can establish a digital workspace that will provide a better experience for employees, within their internal work environment.

OpenGov is pleased to bring an exclusive Breakfast Insight to equip you with the information to respond to this rapidly changing environment and the increasing demands of employees and citizens.

This unique session will present you the latest research and real-time case studies of how digital workspaces function and the benefits that organisations can experience by adopting them, from which you will understand:

  • the tools needed to drive successful digital workspaces
  • the key aspects for being an agile government
  • understanding how the workspace landscape is changing
  • how to drive innovation and experimentation
  • how to deliver accurate and timely employee-centric services

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