Digital Disruption and The Age of Experience – Are you READY?
07:50 to 11:00 - 11 March, 2020

Digital Disruption and The Age of Experience – Are you READY?

Using next-gen technologies for reaching the pinnacle of providing the best customer and employee experiences whilst maintaining operational resilience

Financial institutions often have their focus on creating the best experiences for their customers. Attracting new customers while maintaining sustainable relationships with their present customers are often of priority.

Having said that, employee experiences are equally crucial to strengthening these relationships and customer-satisfaction. Customer experiences as an external result have direct implications on the internal processes or employee experiences within the organisation.

There are four main factors governing both customer and employee experiences.

1. Circle of trust: customer behaviours are changing

2. Prepare for security threats: prepare for and respond to disruptive events in a manner that demonstrates command and control of response, coordination and service continuity

3. AI and automation is changing the fabric of financial services

4. Meet evolving regulatory requirements: Recover and restore mission critical services

Operational Resilience is the Key:

Before ensuring that customers have a positive user experience, it is imperative that there is complete faith and trust in the reliability and ability of systems and business processes.

The security element of systems is one key in ensuring that information is managed in a secure manner and that business processes are operated surrounding secure structures of data management.

Financial institutions will need to identify and document the people, processes, technology, facilities, and information that support their important business services.

Additionally, by attaching an impact tolerance to a business service, financial institutions can provide a clear focus of efforts to enhance their operational resilience: this may include plans to conduct business continuity exercises, apply continuous monitoring and communication plans for example.

AI and Automation: Creating Valuable Customer Experiences

Having systems that can anticipate the needs of users using AI and data analytics capabilities is another key function to have for boosting the customer experience. It is also about taking the experience of customers and improving current business process.

Financial institutions are governed by traditional structures that are constantly being challenged by new players, such as online systems and digital banks, where competition is created in providing the best user experiences.

Today, the agenda has shifted towards enabling global banking as an experience where it is done anywhere at any time without the need of face to face interactions.

Digital Transformation, Innovation and Compliance: Core Pillars of Next-Gen Financial Services

Understanding the impact of the future FSI trends on current processes, the pain points within the financial industry and how to overcome them are key facets of focus of financial institutions.

OpenGov is pleased to bring an exclusive Breakfast Insight to equip you with the information to innovate and deliver amazing service experiences whilst reducing cost and risks.

This unique session will present you the latest research and real-time case studies of customer experience and banking processes, from which you will understand:

  • The importance of customer experience and trust
  • How data and systems are to be managed with secure infrastructures in place
  • How AI enables both automation of business activities and processes, and augmentation of human capabilities at scale
  • The importance of having agile and secure architectural systems in place
  • Ensure compliance by gaining visibility across the end to end business services
  • The value of strengthening both customer and employee experience


The unique proposition of this OpenGov Breakfast Insight is the integration of cutting-edge insights from our expert speakers and interactive discussion among the participants.


OpenGov Breakfast Insight sessions are conciseto the pointstrategic level discussions designed to bring learning within a short span of 3 hours!

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