Enable Smart Factories – Collecting and Connecting Data From the Shop Floor to The Top Floor
07:50AM to 11:00AM - 8 May, 2019
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Enable Smart Factories - Collecting and Connecting Data from Shop Floor to the Top Floor
Progress on the journey towards Industry 4.0 to achieve increased information transparency that translates into improved operational efficiencies and productivity

Advancement in technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics have accelerated the Industry 4.0 movement. This means that manufacturers are facing more pressure to transform their factories in “smart factories” which will enable them to reap benefits like:

• Productivity gains through optimisation
• Better quality control and reduced defect rate
• Improved uptime of equipment through intelligent maintenance and repair

While smart factories will help Singapore manufacturers reap these benefits, embarking on such a transformation entails multiple steps. The most logical starting point is data. Mining data from disparate data silos (IOT sensors, MES, SCM, ERP, SCADA, PLCs), and combining it to derive insights is critical. Of course, this will present challenges as oftentimes, we are dealing with legacy devices and factories in geographically dispersed areas.

Enabling Data Visibility – The First Step Towards a Smart Factory

Enabling data visibility for the smart factory will entail:

Data collection from the physical world – collection, extraction, and deliver data from physical systems on the shop floor
• Data transformation for business needs – blending of IoT data from physical assets with enterprise systems for a complete view of the factory

OpenGov invites you to be part of an exclusive breakfast insight where we discuss the key challenges and practical solutions to creating a smart factory to drive reductions in operational costs, productivity gains, and increased competitiveness.

This is a closed-door invitation only to an interactive session with Singapore’s manufacturing sector and industry experts.

you will hear expert presentation by Dr Tan Puay Siew, Deputy Director - Manufacturing Productivity Technology Centre (MPTC) and Programme Manager - Manufacturing Control Tower from Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech).

Presently, she is leading the Manufacturing Control TowerTM (MCTTM) as the Programme Manager and also the Deputy Director of MPTC. She was the Division Manager (Research) of Manufacturing System Division, Group Manager of Planning & Operations Management and also the technical lead in the Java Smart Services Lab (JSSL), an initiative funded by IDA (now IMDA) and Sun Microsystems.

Over the years, she has lead the implementation of many major projects for both research and industry, such as the Model Factory@SIMTech and the Web Services Reference Architecture for JSSL. She is also the key inventor in the highly successful WSQ Operations Management Innovation (OMNI) Programme and Digital Transformation and Innovation (DTI) Programme.


OpenGov makes a concerted effort to provide participants with ample opportunities to plan and develop strategies in the area of smart manufacturing.



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