Enabling & Empowering the Modern SOC to Efficiently Detect and Remediate Threats
All day - 4 April, 2019
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Enabling & Empowering the Modern SOC to Efficiently Detect and Remediate Threat
Driving your security approach from an “incident-driven” to “intelligence-driven”

Cyber threats continue to grow in both number and sophistication. The range and sophistication of bad actors is expanding. Digital transformation and new technologies are exposing organisations to new vulnerabilities. As digital transformation is becoming a reality, cybersecurity must be an enabling function rather than a stumbling block to innovation.

Year 2018 is in the past now, but it can easily be called the year of data breaches. From Marriott to Quora and much publicised Facebook, the magnitude of data breaches was mind boggling and worrying to say the least.

The question is, will this wave ever stop? Or is it like a tsunami ready to engulf all the unprepared ones in its wake?

Traditionally, the Security Operations Centre (SOC) has been entrusted to provide timely response for such threats, but it has been proven that they are currently being put to severe test. Thus, there is a need for security operations to evolve to meet the latest threats & future demands.

Modus operandi of cyber-criminals morph frequently. How ready is your SOC?

  • Response – Is your SOC equipped to optimise and respond effectively with advanced tools and strategies
  • Regulation – How aligned is your SOC to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines to maintain a secure banking environment for your customers
  • Security – How secured and well prepared is your SOC against the sophisticated and ever evolving cyber threats?
  • Strategy – Is your SOC leveraging technology to monitor entire information domain to help prevent, detect, respond and predict to attacks
  • Framework – Does your SOC team possess a formal vulnerability identification program, threat hunting, incident response, threat mitigation processes
  • Skill Enhancement: Is the SOC team trained adequately to respond to threats, discover breaches and go on a hunt for malicious actors & artefacts within the organisation?

Join the discussion and deliberate these questions and more.

OpenGov invites you to be part of a realistic gamification scenario of a cyber threat …yes, we find novel ways to inform, collaborate and educate.

Gamification is a dynamic awareness program based on “learning by doing”. The teamwork builds cooperation, competition fosters initiative & analysis skills and the game play develops understanding of cybersecurity measures.

This gamification session will equip you with practical and strong cybersecurity management skills. The objective is to make sure that the SOC team is always powered on and prepared to outsmart, withstand and remediate against cyberthreats.

This exclusive gamification session will focus on:

  • Learn the key aspects and building blocks of a modern Security Operations Centre
  • Leverage technology to make the security more robust and cyber defences more powerful
  • Empower the modern SOC to efficiently and effectively detect and remediate threats
  • Execute the vulnerability management life cycle in line with the local (MAS TRM , Cybersecurity Act 2018 ) and regional guidelines
  • Focus on timely detection of IT security incidents through correlating, analysing and threat hunting
  • Identify critical security operations metrics and implementing necessary improvements

 This is a closed-door invitation only to an interactive session with Singapore’s FSI sector and industry experts.

OpenGov makes a concerted effort to provide participants with ample opportunities to plan and develop strategies in the broad area of cybersecurity threat intelligence and risk prevention.


Interested in getting the Agenda for this event?

Request a copy from our staff (opengov@opengovasia.com)


• Chief Information Security Officers
• VP – IT Security Operations Centre
• Head of Cybersecurity
• Head of IT Operations
• Solution Architects


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