Modern Data Experience – Simple, Seamless and Sustainable Management of Data
07:50 to 11:00 - 17 January, 2020
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Modern Data Experience - Simple, Seamless and Sustainable Management of Data
Incorporating modern data experience to reduce complexity and expenses of data management

A growing number of organisations are recognising the importance of big data and analytics in gaining business insights, understanding their consumers and sustaining their market position. Data, its storage and its analysis, naturally, take pre-eminence in the digital era. Cloud-based services are essential tools to deal with these vast amounts of data.

With the absolute necessity of cloud, multiple variants of cloud environment - such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud - have emerged to manage unstructured data. While traditional on-premises data storage remains, the use of cloud and cloud-based services is non-negotiable.

The massive amount and rapid growth of unstructured data surpass that of structured data, although the former potentially has untapped sources of insights.

Modern data experience helps with the problem organisations face. By using storage as-a-service (STaaS) approach, organisations can extract more value from their data with simple, secure and cost-effective infrastructure management.

Moreover, modern data experience leverages the agility and innovation of multiple clouds, delivering hybrid mobility and running hybrid applications seamlessly across clouds without compromising data protection and response times.

Toyota Financial Services New Zealand suffered from a sluggish storage system with complex management and costly scaling, which deeply impacted the organisational productivity. After opting for STaaS, data management has been considerably simplified along with faster performance and higher reliability, spurring the team to concentrate on key business intelligence initiatives.

Finally, being at the centre of AI revolution, big data needs a next-gen storage solution to accelerate time-to-insight. Modern data experience powers the AI data pipeline at every stage, scales performance if necessary, reduces deployment risk and adapts without rearchitecting.

OpenGov is pleased to invite you to our exclusive Breakfast Insight to equip you with the information to catch up with this soaring phenomenon.

This unique session will present you the latest research and real-time case studies of modern data experience, from which you will understand:

  • the emergence of modern data experience in APAC
  • how the modern data experience can make business a data-centric organisation
  • ways the modern data experience can be used to lay a solid foundation for simple, seamless and sustainable data management
  • the opportunities to leverage storage as-a-service approach to build multi-hybrid cloud environment
  • the strategic value of embracing a multi-hybrid cloud environment

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