Victoria OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park
June 7, 2018

Victoria OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018

Enabling Digital Transformation within the Victorian Government

Event Date:
June 7, 2018
Ellen Quek
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The Victorian Government is getting on with ensuring that government is making the best use of new digital technology to deliver modern services for the community. Accordingly, the Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings joined key stakeholders and launched the Victorian Government Information Technology Strategy 2016 – 2022! COLLABORATE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE each other on this most innovative platform.


Venue Location

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

65 Queens Rd, Albert Park VIC 3004, Australia
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Agenda Information

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Who should attend?

Executives involved in Government Business Transformation

Many government employees are under the misconception that “digital transformation” is an IT problem. “Digital transformation” is a change at a more fundamental level within government or business. “Change” is an adjustment – “transformation” happens at the foundations of an enterprise.

All public sector executives involved in government Business Transformation initiatives across federal, state and local governments, as well as their counterparts in education, social services and health services are welcome. 

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • IT Directors
  • Vice Chancellors

Topics Covered


We have an array of exciting ODT topics which cover the following key areas and many more: 

We brought in a brand-new track on FSI for the Open Dialogue Table sessions in the morning to expand on digital banking to gear up for success in a changing market. This track looks at the challenges that companies within the sector are experiencing as they face up to the need for digital transformation to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations in 2018.

Event Summary

The Victorian government is working on public sector reform, and this strategy sets out the information technology components of that journey.

Good government is more than good policy and direction for the State, it is also the sum of individual citizen interactions and creating an environment for better outcomes in the lives of citizens. This strategy kickstarts the process of digitising government services to ensure Victorians can better access everyday services anywhere, anytime - as well as giving frontline workers the tools they need to tackle challenges such as family violence and homelessness.

The new strategy sets out the government's direction across four areas to better use technology:

‍Source: Victorian Government website

In our Annual Victoria OpenGov Leadership Forums 2016 and 2017, we captured real-time on-screen responses from our carefully-designed polling questions to provide intelligence and insights on the current ICT landscape:

Here's what the Victorian government had to say:

Quick Analysis: The organisation's main challenges were on Analytic and Predictive Analytics followed by Mobility in 2016 however Cyber Security took the lead in 2017. There is a clear shift where there is more and more focus towards Cyber Security across the Victorian government
‍Quick Analysis: Similarly, Mobility was voted to be the area of focus for 2016 however Cyber Security was prioritised the most in 2017.  Cyber Security is gaining more and more spotlight in the Victorian public sector, followed by privacy and big data.

The major challenge and focus area clearly revolves around the Cyber Security space which resonates adequately with the current ongoing initiatives driven by the Victorian government.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving from mobile apps to smart technology, on-the-go citizens demand engaging, efficient and secure access with more turnkey solutions. In order to provide our citizens and government agencies with a secure, streamlined, and personalized digital experience, the Victoria OpenGov Leadership Forum will focus on the tools and techniques that build on your agency’s mission for an effective digital government strategy.

Here, you will meet C-level government experts and industry professionals addressing the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government and the role of the public-sector CIO.

Based on our conversations with senior officials from Victorian public sector, the Victoria OpenGov Forum Leadership is streamed along four tracks representing the different business challenges.

You will gain access to innovative case studies and interactive discussions on cyber security, big data, IoT, mobility and data centers through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries, as well as, emerging and established organisations.

Taking place on 7th June 2018, the Victoria OpenGov Leadership Forum serving as a full day of valuable insights and networking opportunities plays an integral role in keeping the Digital Professionals Connected, Educated, Engaged and Inspired.


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