Western Australia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2017

Western Australia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2017

Parmelia Hilton PerthAustralia01 January 1970

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01 January 1970
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12/7/17 8:00 am to 12/7/17 5:00 pm GMT+08:00

14 Mill Street, PERTH, WA 6000


Like their counterparts elsewhere around the world, Western Australians expect access to quality government services when and where it’s convenient to them. Public sector and local government employees need to be supported in their delivery of services with access to high quality, relevant data from any government agency. Local technology businesses expect to support, and be supported by, the government in developing innovative ways to improve services.

Western Australia's first whole of government ICT Strategy, Digital WA is to transform the way public services are designed, supported and delivered for a community living and working in a digital world.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving from mobile apps to smart technology, on-the-go citizens demand engaging, efficient and secure access with more turnkey solutions. In order to provide our citizens and government agencies with a secure, streamlined, and personalized digital experience, the Western Australia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2017 will focus on the tools and techniques that build on your agency’s mission for an effective digital government strategy.

Here, you will meet C-level government experts and industry professionals addressing the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government and the role of the public-sector CIO.

Based on our conversations with senior officials from Western Australia public sector,the Western Australia OpenGov Leadership Forum is streamed along several tracks representing the different key challenges.

  • Innovation
    ,Collaboration,Disruption and Transformation – Embracing it all and creating an
    environment to let it flourish
  • Cyber Security – What
    security challenges face the government sector during a period of consolidation
    and review and how can we prevent losing focus of our Cyber Security
  • Overcoming the cultural
    challenges of moving to As-a-Service
  • The role of emerging technologies
    in providing seamless Citizen Centric services, what can be done to prepare a
    solid platform to deliver digital services to the citizens
  • Creating a truly Open
    Government and what this means to our 
    data, systems and technology 
  • The Skills Framework for the
    Information Age – What can be done to develop and maintain skills of your
  • Moving Government to the Cloud – Best Practices

You will gain access to innovative case studies and interactive discussions on Cyber Security, Big Data, IoT, Mobility, Blockchain and Data Centers through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries, as well as, emerging and established organisations.

The 2nd Annual Western Australia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018 serving as a full day of valuable insights and networking opportunities plays an integral role in keeping the digital professionals Connected, Educated, Engaged and Inspired.


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