Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018

Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018

Le Meridien JakartaIndonesia01 January 1970

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01 January 1970
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Indonesia with a population of nearly 250 million requires substantial investments in domestic ICT infrastructure and international connectivity to meet the strong growing demand from the private and public sectors. 

Over the past decade the country has seen dramatic improvements in telecommunications availability; technology awareness and usage; investment in digital infrastructure by both the government and private sector players; regulatory oversight; and development planning. New technologies require an ICT infrastructure with sufficient capacity. 

In the Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development ( MP3EI), the Indonesian government aims to accelerate the realisation of becoming a developed country through the development of its vital infrastructure such as the construction of transportation routes, information and communication technology (ICT) for improved welfare, healthcare and education. 

Taking the right measures, considering the actual international development and best practice experiences in the global ICT sector, Indonesia has a realistic chance to strengthen its national ICT sector in the coming years and so play an equal role in the very competitive Asian and global markets. 

National Development Plans 

The Indonesian government is pushing to strengthen their national connectivity to balance economy and and infrastructure developments through their long-term and mid-term National Development Plans.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology recently laid out their ICT development targets in the National Mid Term plan from 2015 – 2019 to develop a well-connected ICT government network: 

2014-2019 Indonesia Broadband Plan

‍2014-2019 Indonesia Broadband Plan

Under the Indonesia Broadband Plan (IBP), the government is working to ensure high-speed fixed-line connectivity across the country, alongside the mobile data services offered by mobile operators.

The Indonesian government launched a high-speed internet initiative to boost economic growth and competitiveness throughout of the nation to support the improvement of human development and to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation. 

This plan defines broadband development in Indonesia and sets the strategy and major milestones for the coming years.

‍Palapa Ring Programme

Palapa Ring Programme

The ministry has launched the Palapa
Ring programme to deliver broadband services to all the regencies and
cities in Indonesia by 2019.

In our Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2017, we captured real-time on-screen responses from our carefully-designed polling questions to provide intelligence and insights on the current ICT landscape.

Here's what the Indonesian Government had to say:

The results are in line with the increasing concern on digital security among domestic ICT providers and end-users alike as levels of connectivity across Indonesia improves. 

These areas of challenges also resonate well with the federal government’s plans to  to spend more than US$420 billion on infrastructure projects including telecommunications to spur the growing momentum of digital city transformations and ensure long-term progress is maintained for smart city initiatives. 

The government needs to leverage on cutting-edge technologies for smart city investments.The government needs to leverage on cutting-edge technologies for smart city investments such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), cognitive computing and mobility solutions in building administration, energy grids, public safety, transportation, and healthcare sectors

Cities like JakartaDepok and Bekasi are adopting intelligent ICT tools to help in planning and development of these areas whilst bringing more transparency into the city management.

You will gain access to innovative case
studies and interactive discussions on Cyber SecurityBig
IoTMobility and Data Centers through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries, as well as, emerging and established organised.   

In order to provide our citizens and government agencies
with a securestreamlined and personalised digital experience, the Indonesia
OpenGov Leadership Forum
will focus on the tools and techniques that build on
your agency’s mission for an effective digital government strategy.

The 3rd Annual
Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum
 serving as a full
day of valuable insights
and networking opportunities plays
an integral role in keeping the digital professionals Connected, Educated, Engaged and Inspired.


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