Breakfast Insights: Tackling Cyberthreats for Critical Infrastructure Ecosystem

Breakfast Insights: Tackling Cyberthreats for Critical Infrastructure Ecosystem

Grand Hyatt SingaporeSingapore01 January 1970

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01 January 1970
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Singapore has seen its share of sophisticated cyber-attacks recently, being highly-connected and more exposed than other countries. 

This puts heightened responsibility on critical infrastructure sector to be ever more vigilant and protect their cyber defence architecture so as to prevent delivering their services to the nation. 

Singapore’s proposed Cyber Security Bill which was open to public consultation, outlines the importance of ensuring the cyber-security requirements expected of those responsible for critical infrastructure in Singapore. CSA has worked with the Industrial Control Systems community to develop a set of cyber security guidelines for industrial control systems such as those used in the energy, water, maritime and land transport sectors. 

With cyber threats looming large, what would you do? How well prepared are you?  As we all know, cyber-threats are becoming ever more sophisticated. Without effective solutions to mitigate them, governments are at the mercy of cyber-attacks that leave confidential data exposed, cause reputational damage and paralyses delivering critical services to the citizens. And we are not even talking about draining financial resources, and disrupting seamless service delivery levels to the citizens! 

OpenGov invites you to be part of a realistic scenario simulation of a cyber threat …yes, we find novel ways to INFORM, COLLABORATE and EDUCATE!

Equip you through GAMIFICATION, with practical and strong cybersecurity management skills via a proven and effective KASPERSKY INDUSTRIAL CYBERSECURITY SIMULATION .The goal is to make sure senior management teams are always powered on and prepared to withstand and remediate against cyberthreats.  

What is Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity

Kaspersky Industrial Cyber Security  is devised for Critical Infrastructure including Oil & Gas, Power generation & Utilities sector. It provides holistic approach to industrial cybersecurity – from predicting potential attack vectors, through specialized industrial prevention and detection technologies, to respond proactively to a cyber-incident for uninterrupted and safe functioning of critical infrastructure.   

The Simulation is an exercise that places senior management teams from government departments into a realistic simulated environment facing a series of unexpected cyber threats, while trying to protect classified information and maintain confidence.   

KICS is a portfolio of technologies and services designed to secure truly industrial layers and elements of organization – including ICS/SCADA servers, HMI panels, engineering workstations, PLCs, and network connections and even engineers – without impacting on operational continuity and consistency of the technological process.   

The idea is to build a cyber defense strategy by making choices from amongst the best proactive and reactive controls available.   

Every reaction made by the teams to the unfolding events changes the way the scenario plays out, and ultimately shows how well prepared the agency is to protect sensitive information or if it is not. 

Why is it an effective simulation  

The simulation is targeted at senior management officials and should increase their awareness of the risks and security problems of running modern computerised systems. Each of the competing teams of 4-6 people is tasked with running operations in the most efficient way. 

This organisation consists of some facilities and computers controlling it. During the rounds of the game, the organisation generates public welfare / state outcomes. However, the teams also have to face cyber-attacks potentially impacting agency performance. To defend their agency, each team has to take strategic, managerial and technical decisions while taking operational constraints into account and maintaining a high level of citizen-centric service delivery levels. 

It is going to be a fun-filled, highly engaging 2 hours - 60 mins simulation followed by results declaration and interactive discussions.  

At the end of it, you would know how to make the security infrastructure more robust and cyber defences more powerful.  

This simulation is a dynamic awareness program based on “learning by doing”. The teamwork builds cooperation, competition fosters initiative & analysis skills and the gameplay develops understanding of cybersecurity measures. 

Pictures of government officials participating and enjoying the Scenario Simulation  


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