Tackling Cyberthreats for Government IT Ecosystem: How well prepared are you?

Tackling Cyberthreats for Government IT Ecosystem: How well prepared are you?

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, ThailandThailand01 January 1970

event date:
01 January 1970


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Cyberthreats are constantly
growing more challenging and sophisticated

(Air Chief Marshal Dr. Prajin JuntongDeputy
Prime Minister, Thailand at the inauguration of Thailand CyberSecurity Week

Thailand has become one of the prime targets in Southeast Asia for the advanced persistent threats (APTs) that
have been hitting computing networks around the world. APTs such as the Spring
Dragon attacks have become a growing cyber risk for countries aspiring to
develop a digital economy and society like Thailand, as exemplified by
initiatives under the Thailand 4.0 modernisation

According to
Electronics Transactions Development Agency (EDTA), there were more
than 4,000 cyber-attacks in the country in 2016, up 10% from 2015. 

To give boost to Thailand’s cybersecurity
measures, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha will soon chair a committee
for the preparation of cyber-security
policy and planning proposals
, following the Cabinet’s approval of a PM’s
Office regulatory draft.

Proposed by the Digital Economy and Society
Ministry, the draft regulation authorises the committee to make legal
suggestions, including drafting national
policy and plans on cyber-security
, for the cabinet’s consideration. The
panel will also set up an office for the national
cyber security committee
, information infrastructure as well as lining up
cooperation between private and governmental agencies.

The goal of the proposed Cybersecurity bill is to ensure that national security, economy,
public health, energy, military, and domestic order-keeping will not be
affected. The committee will function until a permanent law on cyber-security
is enacted

With cyber threats looming large, what would you do? How well
prepared are you?

As we all know, cyber-threats are becoming ever
more sophisticated. Without effective solutions to mitigate them, governments
are at the mercy of cyber-attacks that leave confidential data exposed
and cause reputational damage. And we are not even talking about draining
financial resources, and disrupting seamless service delivery levels to the

OpenGov invites you to
be part of a realistic scenario simulation of a cyber threat …yes, we
find novel ways to inform, collaborate and educate!

Equip you through GAMIFICATION, with practical and strong
cybersecurity management skills via a proven and effective KASPERSKY
make sure senior management teams are always powered on and prepared to
withstand and remediate against cyberthreats.

Since its inception in 2013, KIPS has been played by 3500 senior level
security professionals from 17 countries and has benefitted from it.

What does emerge from the exercise, though, is that some of the
first and most basic strategic decisions you take, will help enormously with
the incident responses you may have to make later on.”  (
Jenkins · ICT Qatar)

What is KIPS

The Simulation is an exercise that places senior management teams from
government departments into a realistic simulated environment facing a series
of unexpected cyber threats, while trying to protect classified information and
maintain confidence.

The idea is to build a cyber defence strategy by
making choices from amongst the best proactive and reactive controls available.

Every reaction made by the teams to the unfolding events changes the way
the scenario plays out, and ultimately shows how well prepared the agency is to
protect sensitive information or if it is not.

Why is it an effective simulation

The simulation is targeted at senior management officials and should
increase their awareness of the risks and security problems of running modern
computerised systems. Each of the competing teams of 4-6 people is tasked with
running operations in the most efficient way. This organisation consists of
some facilities and computers controlling it. During the rounds of the game,
the organisation generates public welfare / state outcomes.

However, the teams also have to face cyber-attacks potentially impacting
agency performance. To defend their agency, each team has to take strategic,
managerial and technical decisions while taking operational constraints into
account and maintaining a high level of citizen centric service delivery

It is going to be a fun-filled, highly
2 hour – 60 mins simulation followed by results declaration and interactive

At the end of it, you would know how to make the
security infrastructure more robust and cyber defences more powerful.

This simulation is a dynamic awareness program
based on “learning by doing”. The teamwork builds cooperation, competition fosters
initiative & analysis skills and the gameplay develops understanding of
cybersecurity measures.

Pictures of government officials participating and enjoying the Scenario Simulation 


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