Canberra OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018

Canberra OpenGov Leadership Forum 2018

Old Parliament HouseAustralia05 September 2018

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05 September 2018
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Driving the Future of
Digital Government –  Collaborative,
Innovative, Trust Worthy, Citizen- Centric and Citizen-Driven


In our connected, customer-centric world, citizens have come to
expect that their needs will be met quickly and frictionlessly —  in much
the same way organisations like Uber, Air BnB, eBay, Spotify and Amazon use
them to broker relationships between people, services and goods.

To attain private-sector standards of engagement and conversion,
government organisations must also segment and target their audiences
— while also respecting citizens privacy.

Digital platforms promise greater
collaboration between government and the people. It changes the government-citizen
paradigm. Just as the digital age is transforming the way we live, work and
socialise, it is poised to significantly alter the traditional role of
governments throughout the world as well, effectively putting more power in the
hands of the people.

The days of authoritative governments in dealing with citizens and
businesses are gone ushering in an age of collaborative approach.The aim is to
develop “seamless and frictionless” public services making it easier
to deal with governments. This will not only help reduce bureaucratic red tape
but will also open the door to greater economic innovation and attain the goal
of providing citizen centric services.

Governments have assumed the role of moderators, connecting
businesses, citizens and civil society in more direct and flexible ways; they
will become leaner, more innovative and efficient and will be able to respond
more quickly to changing patterns of demand from the communities they serve.

Australian Government has announced that it will develop a national
Digital Economy Strategy. The
strategy will be developed in consultation with industry, thought-leaders,
small and medium sized businesses, government, community as well as the broader
private sector.

will set out a roadmap for government, the private sector and the community to
work together to: build on Australia’s competitive strengths and develop new
ones; develop world-leading digital business capability for globally engaged,
innovative, high-growth businesses of all sizes; drive a culture and mindset
that supports lifelong learning, a global outlook, and helps respond positively
to change; and address the ‘digital divide’ in skills and confidence to help
all Australians succeed in a digital economy.

government will launch the strategy in the first half of 2018, following an
open conversation with governments, businesses and the community. The strategy
will continue to evolve over time.

OpenGov Leadership Forum Canberra 2018 will focus on the tools and techniques necessary to accomplish government’s mission for an effective digital government strategy. Here, you will meet international digital leaders, C-level government experts and industry professionals addressing the most important policy, management and leadership issues surrounding the future of digital government and the role of the public-sector CIO.

You will gain access to innovative case studies and interactive discussions on Cloud, Cyber Security, Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries, and emerging and established organisations. OpenGov Leadership Forum Canberra 2018 provides a full day of valuable insights and networking opportunities, and plays an integral role in keeping the digital professional Connected, Educated, Engaged and Inspired.


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