Insurance Analytics Forum (IAF)

Insurance Analytics Forum (IAF)

One Farrer Hotel16 November 2018

event date:
16 November 2018
Ellen Quek
Event location:
One Farrer Hotel,

OpenGov, presents an exclusive Insurance Analytics Forum in Singapore on analytics in the Insurance landscape.

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Who should attend?

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Head of Data Analytics
  • Head of Customer Experience Management

Topics Covered

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Modernisation
  • Customer Experience Analytics
  • Claims Analysis
  • Fraud and Cyber Crime

Event Summary

As humans, it is natural for us to anticipate the near or far future based on our experience, character, hopes, dreams and even probability. Now, imagine that in the context of technology. We analyse current and historic data using algorithms and methods to predict the future. Especially the past years, data volume has increased exponentially resulting the trend of Big Data.

In the Insurance industry, technological trends are changing the way they approach underwriting, pricing and claims handling. These changes in the process lead to business and digital transformation.

Analytics generate insights for the consumer from the Big Data. These insights would give a better view of either the market, the customers and even the organisation’s worker. They display behaviours, trends and outcomes that could lead to a better decision making.

 How do we shift from informed decision making to data driven decision making? What is the importance of data driven decision making?

People tend to forget the power of data. However, Data Scientists are increasingly indulging with the possibilities of data. Massive amount of data can be formed and designed to fit each individual’s needs and job roles. Human Resource Managers will need different kinds of insights compared to a line manager, same as the Chief Information Officer will need different insights compared to Chief Executive Officers. With Data Analytics, it is much easier to curate those insights to focus on specific people, not merely a standard report.

The Insurance and Financial Services Industries deal with massive amount of data, to which they are also classified. These amounts of data contribute to the organisation’s competitive success as organisations that value the insights gathered from their data also have a better understanding of their customers.

With the rise of Financial Technology (FinTech), more data are being stored digitally. Although it is definitely better compared to physical storage of the “ancient times”, one person’s data is considered a grain of rice in the mountains of data. Therefore, proper analytics tools and methods are needed to make meaning out of it. There is a demand for Business Intelligence and Analytics modernisation, especially in this digital era.

This timely event is well poised to discuss and deliberate issues with top Singaporean Insurance and Financial Services organisations. The objective is to enhance your knowledge, learn from the experiences of your peers, and gain insights into the latest tools and practices available to develop cutting edge strategies to help your organisation use data analytics for better decision making.

We will be discussing topics on:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Modernisation – How do you bring together all the disparate data required to meet “C” Level information and analytical requirements? What is the loading time of your data into your current BI and Analytics systems?
  • Customer Experience Analytics – How digital data of customers can help your processes? Are YOU going to be one of the first insurers to put analytics into the hands of your customers?
  • Claims Analysis – How can the claim teams become more effective and efficient? How to optimise claim handling time?
  • Fraud and Cyber Crime – What are the identifiers portrayed by claim teams that displays the highest risk of committing internal fraud? What are the numbers of cyber attacks your company has faced this year?

This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Meet officials from other Insurance and Financial Services organisations and learn their best practices
  • Define the right tools needed to optimise your decisions through the data in your organisation
  • Strategise the best way to cultivate better decision making and services with Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Learn how Data Analytics and Visualisation could benefit you and your organisation

We are pleased to invite you to this closed door, invitation only insight session which will be a concise, focused and strategic discussion designed to enrich learning!


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